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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Heathrow Drive Fly Park and Ride

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""This is the second time we've used Drivefly and are very pleased with the service, everything went to plan, when we arrived back we were reunited with our vehicle with in 10 minutes, we felt it was excellent service at the right price."

December 2014"

December 29, 2014

"Service was responsive to my delays due to traffic and the car was picked up from the terminal. Pick-up was quick at the short stay car park, too. Unfortunately I have tried to book again and there is an extra charge for the Hoppa-bus of £4.50 per pax each way. This has removed the USP of this product offer."

January 1, 2014

"Generally this went well. It would have been useful to know we were to use the normal airport collection bus (National Express) that runs to the hotels. The collection was good also. We were told to go to a specific level and row in the car park at T5. It would have been helpful if we could have been advised which lift to take to reduce the amount of walking in the car park. All in all a good service which with some minor tweaks could be an excellent service. Staff were helpful at all times."

December 28, 2013

"Drop off was relatively simple but the bus to the airport took a while as it stopped at several other hotels on the way.

Collection took too long - I waited in the carpark for 30 mins before my car was delivered."

November 5, 2013

"We dropped off the car and picked it up from Terminal 4, so in effect we had a meet and greet service. On neither occasion did we have to wait long. Our only problem was getting a response on the telephone numbers provided. On our return, it took 4 attempts before someone answered the phone, by wich time we had got to the meeting point at Terminal 4, and we couldn't leave a message as voicemail was full."

November 1, 2013

"It was the first time I have used this service and I was impressed. No waiting for the car to be collected and they were on the ball when we returned as they phoned me after the flight had landed far earlier than I had informed them. Was a great service and I will use them again."

October 21, 2013

"Great service. Loved being met at the airport with car when returning."

October 13, 2013

"I was very pleased with the service received, shuttle bus was only 10mins from terminal and car was there when we got to the pickup point on my return, no waiting around :-)"

April 6, 2013

"Excellent service, would not hesitate to use again"

January 6, 2013

"First of all our car was properly looked after and returned intact, which is most important.
However, there were many aspects of the serice that suggests an amateurish set up that woulod mean we would not use this wservice again.
We are used to booking at a properly organised site with courtesy transfer or on airport territory.
On this occasion, we were expected to arrive at a hotel where there was no clear indication of chek-in - fortunately the hotel staff knew the set up.
We were also used to a full car load having free transfer to airport, not only two tickets. This was in the small print, but irregular and not to be expected.
Thirdly, we were expecting to be transferred on return, but when we rang up, we were told of Plan B. They were tom deliver the car, but it seemed to be an unofficial place in the airport and we made three calls before the car arrived well after the time told. We paid the going rate so we expected hassle free swervice - this we did not get
This did not spoil our holiday, but the service was below par."

August 20, 2012

"The service was good and they were really quick to meet us on our return. Unfortunately I got our return day wrong and was charged £15 for an extra day."

July 3, 2012

"Excellent service,something works as advertised in britain!"

May 25, 2012

"A very good service. Did not have to wait long for my car to be delivered to the terminal.
I shall use it again."

April 16, 2012

"The service was really good, had to wait 5 minutes at the hotel too be met by a rep, but this was by no means too much. The collection was very well organised, and arrived after just 10mins of waiting, compared to a friend who had to wait an hour!"

February 18, 2012

"The service and value for money was particularly good - especially considering having our car brought to the terminal after our arrival back from holiday. No hassle getting back to a car park."

January 13, 2012

"This was the first time I used Park and Go. The directions were fine..parking at the Radisson hotel worked out Ok, and I was taken to the airport by the shuttle bus.
I returned earlier than expected, and my car was delivered to the airport within 30 mins of me arriving in the baggage hall which I thought was excellent, given the lack of advance warning."

January 2, 2012

"We were very pleased with the service, everything went to plan, when we arrived back we were reunited with our vehicle with in 10 minutes, we felt it was excellent service at the right price."

September 30, 2011

"Excellent Service"

September 9, 2011

"This was a very efficient and value for money service. I will definitely be using this company again!"

August 28, 2011

"It was good, with an extra unexpected touch - they delivered my car to the terminal upon return. Drop off was smooth.
Tiny niggle - difficulty making myself understood when ringing upon return to Heathrow, and me understanding the heavily accented operative.
Otherwise, I would recommend the Raddison car park service."

August 20, 2011

"Very good service, had to wait a bit once bags were reclaimed. I would suggest phone call is made once through passport control in future."

June 7, 2011

"The hotel where I parked the car was very easy to find. I spoke to the receptionist who contacted the rep for Drive and Fly and he appeared very promptly. I gave my details and keys and within minutes I was riding the National Express service bus to my departure terminal at Heathrow - free of charge! Upon my return I contacted Drive and Fly who told me to wait within the short stay car park and again, within minutes my car appeared and I was able to drive away!? Brilliant, I could not have asked for a better service at such a great price! Thank you!! Will definitely use again and recommend to others."

June 6, 2011

"Knowing how expensive a flying can cost these days with all the add on charges particularly inside Heathrow airport grounds I decided to look for a price comparison for parking my car.
I found Drive Fly Park & Ride, liked their price and booked. I had to deliver my car to the Marriott Hotel in Bath Road where the concierge greeted me exceptionally well and even helped unload my suitcase from the car (£1 tip mind but worth it!) A call was placed for my car to be picked up. 10 mins later a very pleasant guy arrived at the hotel and collected my car. I was given a ticket for the hopper bus and within minutes the bus arrived to take me to T3.
Upon my return at T3 some 9 days later I called when in the baggage hall and with a short wait my car was delivered, luggage loaded and off I drove home. No damage to the car, very courteous delivery driver and a good speedy service. Would recommend and use again."

June 5, 2011

"The initial greeting was excellent. Because somebody had driven into the back of my car the day before and dislidged the registration plate, the plate was displayed in the back window. The Drivefly employee told me that this would mean, for legal reasons, that they would not be able to drive the car to the terminal when I returned. I fully understood this, and agreed.
However, on my return to the car park, I discovered, to my horror, that the passenger window had been completely wound down and open to all the elements, and that there was a McDonald's milkshake carton on the drinks hold next to the driver's seat. Presumably, if they had been abble to drive the car to the terminal, this would have been cleared up, so my experience offered me an insight into the way this company looks after cars when the owners are out of sight.
I contacted them bu phone immediately, and was told to put the incident in writing to the manager. Three weeks later, and i have still not had a reply. This, despite the fact that I was told that I would get a refund of £4.50 for having to use the bus to return to the car park. I included the receipt for this with my letter. This has not been paid."

May 18, 2011

"The hotel arrangement was a very pleasant way to spend time before a long flight. Everything was organised very smoothly and I would definitely use this service again. Reasonably priced too."

May 13, 2011

"An excellent service, just as advertised. The Drive-Fly rep collected the keys and sorted out the paperwork within 15 minutes of arriving at the hotel. The shuttle bus arrived soon afterwards and we were at the airport in good time.

On our return, one quick phone call and the car was delivered to the airport within 10 minutes. I was amazed at how efficient they were. We were on our way home without any hassle at all.

I would have no hesitation in using Drive-Fly again."

April 29, 2011

"Bad points:
When arriving at the Hotel the entrance had been blocked for a function. A sign giving directions to the car park were innacurate and not knowing the Hotel geography it was confusing to find our way in.

The person booking arrivals did not have our name and this caused some delay while he established our validity. We missed the first bus and had to wait for the next which caused concern as you start to worry about booking in times.

On return we were told ( by telephone)to go to the Departures exit, the contact had a strong accent that for us was difficult to understand and he did not explain that we had to cross the road and go down to the further lower level where our car was parked. Having not been to this area before we were confused as to where we were susposed to be looking. An attempt to telephone our contact failed twice before wandering around and recognising our vehicle.

Good points:
were that the staff were pleasent and helpful once we found them
We felt the exercise was fair value for money.
Now we know how it all works the next time it will be easier.
Our rating this time will be mediocre but it could easily be a 4 and if the vehicles could be dropped off at the airport it would rate a 5.
We shall hopefully use the service again and would recommend there is clearer written guidence as to arrivals procedures at the hotel and airport."

April 23, 2011

waited 10mins in a queue at reception, then 20 mins for the company rep to turn up, then 20 mins for a bus which went to various other hotels before T4 and finally T5. So took 1hr15mins from arriving at car park to get to the terminal.
On return was told 20mins for car and took 34mins.
No receipt given for car, yet I'm expected to hand over the keys to my own car. quite waht would happen if the car was damaged and I had to claim on my insurance I'm not sure."

April 18, 2011

"Was sufficient, the information about the drop off location was correct. Bus into the terminal was swift. On arrival we had to wait 20mins - I would suggest that people call once they are waiting for there baggage to ensure prompt arrival of your returning car"

January 20, 2011

"Dropping the car at the hotel could have been made easier if there was some sort of direction at the hotel as there are two car parks to park at, this really is not the biggest problem as on return I phoned one of the phone numbers given to me by the company. As I use a mobile I phoned to the mobile number, there was no answer at this number so I had to use the free phone number; witch is at a cost using a mobile phone. Once I had established communications I was informed my car was on the ground level, I presumed that this actually meant car park, fifteen minutes later I phoned back asking were is my car I was told that I would be phoned back right away this did not happen I then had to phone back my self to be told the driver will put the hazard lights on for me, thanks but I think I know my car. After walking all the floors on the car park I found my car with your driver on the fourth floor of the car park this took a whole thirty minutes to find my car. This is the worst car parking experience I have ever had, this should be a pleasant experience and trouble free, as your company can not even decide between them what floor of the car park they are on and don’t have the manners to phone back. I will assure you I will never use your company again or even recommend your company."

December 30, 2010