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Laura Jones

Staff were very helpful and pick up/drop off was smooth. Found the location very difficult to find following satnav
January 1, 2020

Poonam Varghese

Not good! Called them straight after baggage collection. Have to wait more then half an hour to be picked up.
August 25, 2019

Annabel Whitmore

All good. Parked car easily and had mini bus ride to correct terminal. On arrival the mini bus was already waiting at the stop to take us back to the car, very smooth and reasonably priced.
August 21, 2019


Very good service.
June 19, 2019

Steve Guest

AVOID. THEFT FROM VEHICLE AT THEIR SITE. Left money in car by accident, which I know is owners RISK, but stolen by an employee. God knows what types of people they employ - if they are stealing cash, what else are they doing with the car. Won't use AGAIN.
May 2, 2019

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John Knowles

Have used this site before. Convenient, safe and good value. Friendly staff. This time , one of the staff went out of his way to help us. There were roadworks on the M4- so he led us by another route to avoid them. Outstanding service- will use again.
April 16, 2019

Daniel Anderson

Dont use! They said allow 10-15min to get to airport. After a 20min wait we left the carpark and it took 50min of driving before arriving at the airport. The driver didnt look when pulling out the driveway and almost collided with an oncoming van. We found money had been stolen from our car when we returned to it. They wouldnt pay up because we hadnt stated anything of value in our car because they broke their protocol in not asking about valuables in the car when we arrived. (Everything we owned was in the car other than the bag we took on the plane). Dont use!
April 9, 2019

Julie Guest

DO NOT USE DO NOT USE We left our car with Drive Fly and the drop off service was adequate. The service became a problem when our spare wheel went missing whilst it was parked in the secure area. On our way home our warning light came on to indicate a spare wheel problem as this was held in a winch underneath the car. We checked on our arrival home and it was apparent the wheel had been taken. We didn’t stop in the way home so it was sometime whilst parked. On approaching Drive-fly they have shown total disinterest and will not cooperate to check the CCTV. I understand in the T&C this states they claim no liability for damage etc but this is a different case. I don’t believe they took this seriously as the first response from them was a standard letter about scratches damages etc so it indicated that they didn’t even respond accurately! I would recommend to anybody not to use DRIVE - FLY as it is clear they are not interested in any customer problems after they have taken your fee. This will now cost £1500 to replace as this was completely taken from the vehicle. DISGUSTED
March 24, 2019

Duncan Pittman

Easy to get to. My car was still in the same condition as I left it. The staff were helpful. Only down side is proximity to the airport, but that is reflected in the price. Will use again
March 22, 2019


When I picked the car up it was covered in mud both inside and outside, up to the level of the wing mirrors. It appeared from the mud splash type marks that it had been wheel spun in 4 wheel drive mode , in forward and reverse. Car climate control,headlight and wiper settings had all been adjusted. Small amount of car park change cash had been stolen from central console. I've complained, but as of yet have received no response.
March 10, 2019