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James Smyth

Excellent service and friendly staff. So good I have booked them again
April 24, 2020


Best choice in the Heathrow area. Dropping my car off and then being taken to Terminal 4 at Heathrow was very quick. I was a bit late due to motorway traffic thus I was prioritised. Upon arrival back to the airport the pick up was exactly timed . I followed staff advice to call them immediately after landing, well before leaving the terminal. Great price and service. Would use them again.
April 1, 2020


Very smooth service, would do again.
March 17, 2020

Bernard fearns

Fantastic service. Sami dropped us at terminal 4 and then picked us up on return. Instructions all very easy to follow, and Sami was very easy and pleasant to talk to. Definitely use again
March 6, 2020

Teejay Osman

Dropping my car off and then being taken to Terminal 3 at Heathrow was smooth and fairly quick. Communication in person and on the phone was straight forward and pretty easy to understand. I just had to call them 40 minutes before I arrived to drop my car off, and on my return, I called them after I had attained my baggage. I waited for about 30 minutes for them to arrive at Terminal 3 Heathrow to pick me up. Upon being acquainted with my car again and giving it a thorough check, my car was all fine, just how I left it. All in all, for the price, I think it was a great service and I would use again.
February 25, 2020

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Pete Gatenby

It was good, good service. Upon arrival back to the airport the pick up was a little slow. But this would not stop me booking again. Thanks
January 29, 2020

Adrian Badcock

Our instructions were to park on left and go to reception, there was no parking for new cars just loads of cars parked erratically, then there was no reception, just a building with most lights turned off. I spoke to several people who were all self employed none of them had heard of Aero park and ride. I tried ringing the telephone number - several times and got no reply. My impression from the people who I spoke to was that individual people used the yard then moved the vehicle offsite. Clearly not what I was paying for and frankly not something I could trust. By then time was getting tight so I took my business elsewhere.
November 2, 2019


It wasn’t made clear when we booked that we wouldn’t be collected from Terminal 4 in LHR. When we dropped the car off we were told that when we returned we would have to get the free train to terminal 2 or 3 to be collected as it cost the company too much to collect us from Terminal 4. We caught the free train but didn’t really know where we should wait to be collected. There was a substantial delay in us being collected due to this confusion. Communication was extremely poor. The parking itself is not organised in bays. It’s a jumble of vehicles. I was nervous about leaving the car there. However, the vehicle was not damaged in any way. We were offered a car cleaning service inside and out and paid for this in advance. On return we were told that the vehicle had been cleaned. It was slightly cleaner on the outside but the inside hadn’t been touched. I raised this before we left with the driver who had collected us from the airport. I was told that he was just a driver and there was nobody around (at 10:00 in the morning) that I could speak to about the problem. Total and utter fraud. He suggested I emailed the company I booked through about the issue. I did this and they never replied. I would never, ever use this parking facility again.
May 12, 2019


Damage to vehicles, parked bumper to bumper. If you have a white BMW or a red MINI I have photo evidence of their parking for you to claim
April 13, 2019

Andy G

I really liked this parking service. I'd used the NCP at T2 for ages, but it was full on this occasion, and these guys are just round the corner. It's not a service with a slick receptionist and a corporate image, but nevertheless professional, courteous and actually more personal. Being able to call when you arrive and get picked up from the same place you were dropped off is very very convenient and beats waiting for one of the scheduled minibuses from the larger providers. I will be back. Every time.
April 8, 2019