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Claire Hendon

DON'T PARK WITH THIS COMPANY - I parked at Heathrow T5 and the service was appalling, my husband had booked 2 weeks but it logged out when he went back in it had only booked 1 week. When we explained this they said its your problem so you have to pay �20 a day extra, the amount we paid we could have got a stretch limo to the airport and back. We live 10miles from Heathrow in Surrey. What a rip off and rude staff. We paid �236 for 2 weeks what a rip off.
April 11, 2019


Terrible. Brand new car came back to a scratch. Purple Parking refusing to accept fault. NEVER USE THIS COMPANY.
February 27, 2019

Larry Owers

Broke a spring and my windscreen. Guess what? Not their fault in their care 14 days. Please avoid like the plague; a very very bad company.
February 25, 2019

Paul Toner

My vehicle windscreen was damaged beyond repair whilst parked at Gatwick airport. Purple Parking completely denied any responsibility simply hiding behind their T&C�s of �parking at your own risk�. It looked to me like a shambolic operation on arrival and so it proved. My advice is to avoid.
February 18, 2019

Michelle Smith

Usually very impressed but two visits over 3 days and both very unimpressive. First one meant we missed our flight by only 5 minutes, which could have been avoided. On our return it took 10 minutes again, despite there being 2 other people sitting in or leaning against a car. Very disappointing.
February 17, 2019

Mr Richard Waddingham

Poor information was supplied on how to find the bus on return, wasting valuable time at the terminal. At the car I genuinely wondered if I had got the right car, at first, as all its information systems had been altered. From the date, time, clock type, and car performance information through to the sat nav settings such as voice prompts. Most of the changed items require searching for and a separate act is needed to save the new settings. The seat and mirrors being changed may be understandable, although why they were left on their most extreme settings is not. Nor can I think of any reasonable explanation for the other changes, as all that was required was to drive the car to its parking place and drive it back for collection. Returning late to Gatwick in bad weather, with a long drive ahead and finding your car information systems so messed up increases one's risk on the road. It also leaves a very uneasy feeling about what else has happened to your car whilst in their care. I have received no reply to my email, asking for an explanation, from Purple Parking customer services or sales
February 7, 2019

Un happy

Terrible customer services. Plus if you are unhappy with the service you have received and try to speak to someone else, you are shifted back to the same person you have been speaking to. I have tried 3 methods of communication (email, phone and Facebook) and every time I have been responded to by the same one person.
January 18, 2019

Farouk Kalafat

Very easy, practical.
January 8, 2019

Andrew Titcombe

Left home in plenty of time. Printed direction instructions were useless. Spent an hour driving in circles. Ended up at a large Tesco. Asked for directions there. They just laughed and said this happens all the time. Used google maps to direct us. That still never got us there. Had to admit defeat and use Gatwick long stay and only just made our flight. Will be seeking a refund on our return. Watch this space for the outcome
December 25, 2018

Sarah Girvan

Excellent and speedy service. I left my bag in my car and the driver radioed and they bought it on the next bus and I still made my flight. So thankful to them. Buses were very regular and efficient and quick service getting car keys.
December 6, 2018

Janina Iszatt

We have been using this parking company for a while now and every time we travel abroad. We�re used to it�s excellent service and the ease of having our car parked. We highly recommend this without hesitation.
October 27, 2018

Maureen Skipp

Was very pleasantly surprised with all aspects of Purple Parking. Very easy to use, staff very nice, can't find fault. Great service at a great price. Would use again and would recommend.
October 23, 2018

Simon Grey

Crashed my car into a bollard or curb at Gatwick and deny any knowledge of this happening disgraceful customer service do not use avoid like the plague.
October 10, 2018

Thomas Hill

You get what you pay for. And although the price of parking in the normal car park is criminal, this service is so bad it beggars belief. Literally no information at all the times you need it most. No help. Bad attitudes. It�s like Ryanair. Save money if you want - but don�t be surprised when the longest part of your journey home is getting from the terminal to your car.
September 28, 2018


very easy effective and simple service. No fuss or waiting around either on drop off or pick up. Just need to build in little extra time for the length of the bus ride, but good value.
September 19, 2018

ann knowlden

We left our home in Kent approx. 45 mins from purple parking site at Chorley Gatwick .We had not used this car park before and as we had left in the early hours of the morning our journey was in the dark the instructions we followed from holiday extras which we booked via Tui were completely misleading there were no visible signs at the junctions which led us to be running around for over one and half hours when we eventually arrived at purple parking the reception were very slow the bus driver made us wait for quite a while .other customers were also commenting about the bad signage and directions we subsequently missed boarding our flight having started out with plenty of time in hand . I have complained to holiday extras and Tui who along with purple parking do not give a jot I would warn anyone thinking of using this parking service to read reviews first I certainly wish we had .
August 29, 2018

Lottie Lambert

When I returned from my holiday - I received a parking ticket in post for my car which I had parked in Gatwick for Ealing. The ticket was issued at 11.49pm making a right turn down a road.....IN EALING. What on earth was my car doing there - while I was away and getting tickets. I am absolutely outraged by this. I have tried to make a complaint but I have to 'email' my issue. Who is going to pay the outstanding penalty charge of �130 what I received when I was in a different country. I trusted this company with my car. Never again - dishonest and disgusting to charge for my car to be 'safely' parked while I was away.
August 21, 2018

A Hilton

Great simple and super fast service, this is the one for us every time travelling from Gatwick.
August 13, 2018

G Hoekstra

Booked car in for 2 weeks. On day 2 let PurpleParking know via their "booking agent" via telephone that I will be coming back 4 days earlier. Arrived only to have to wait 45 minutes for them to retrieve my car from behind 12 other cars. No apologies and no price reduction for reduced stay, was just told the "booking agent" failed to communicate the issue through to Gatwick and that I should phone Gatwick directly next time. Phone booking agent, who had no record at all of the conversation I had with them.
August 4, 2018


Don�t even bother parking your car here god knows where they go or what they do with the cars as some aren�t even parked in the car park but outside on the grass side. My car was damaged and funny enough they won�t show me the photos. Told me I drove out the gate so now it�s tough. Cheap parking isn�t always worth it.
July 19, 2018

Adrianne Grimley

Fantastic service received at Purple Parking at Gatwick. The valet parking worked perfectly. Staff were friendly and efficient and made the start and end of the holiday stress free. Highly recommended.
July 6, 2018

Clive Buller

Sadly I didnt check my car before I left the car park and it had been damaged. I booked thru "Holiday Extras" who were brilliant when I raised this issue, sadly "Purple Parking" did not reply to any of my attempts to contact them though!! They claimed they had photos but they were not very useful as they were "inconclusive"! They claimed that the pictures were taken before my car was moved, they didn't! Funnily enough, they didn't want to send me a copy of the so-called pictures. I wonder why? I totally understand I should have read the T's and C's correctly but, even if I had reported it nothing would have happened as the photos were "inconclusive" even if they existed!
June 28, 2018

T Bowden

I could try to look for fault but it would be pointless. Really good customer service and all information given clearly to me regarding returning to collect car on way home. I would use this service again. Thankyou
June 13, 2018

Claire murdoch

So easy to drop off your car. The staff were very friendly and helpful. Pick up was very efficient as my car was ready and waiting for me. If I am to criticise anything, it would be that the pick up bus at the airport was very busy but the buses run every 15 minutes so it's not an issue. Would definitely use again.
June 7, 2018

lee parsons

arrived 30 mins early had to walk all of 50meters to reception handed keys over and then caught the bus 10 mins to terminal. arrived 1 hour late car 70 meters away from reception all this for �42.00 other airports charge more and you have to walk a fair way to get your car. many thanks for your hospitality
May 21, 2018

D Pollard

Staring with the rude, unpleasant and passive aggressive driver who dropped us off at the airport, who, even after was expressly told by his manager to drive the bus (and 8 passengers) to terminals 2 and 3, made every possible effort do delay doing so - needlessly talking to colleagues, blaming the late departure of the bus on the fact that "you are all hanging around outside [the bus] get on!" after he had expressly told everyone to not get on minutes (10 minutes before) in the came curt, rude manner. Arriving at the terminal 3 (after terminal 2 even though 5 of the 8 were going to terminal 3 and had all been waiting for some time longer than those going to terminal 2) - on asking we were told that the bus would pick us up from the same spot when we returned. When I returned from my business trip the following day, I walked over to the bus (where it had dropped me off) to be told (by another driver) that even though he was there and waiting he would not allow me on the bus and refused to allow me on board. He (inaccurately pointed me to an alternative location at the other side of the terminal where he would collect me from. I walked over there and minutes later he drove straight past me. I had to call your customer support to find out that we should wait at stop 22 - at no point was this rather simple instruction passed on. Aside from your unpleasant staff, which leave me at something of a loss for words, my only question is how dare they assume that their time ismore important than that of the customer when they are providing a service that has been paid for. thanks to your organisation I arrived home over an hour later than I should have, because of your staffs "cant be bothered" attitude. I would not consider using your company again in the future and will ensure it is removed from the list of suggested suppliers my company uses.
May 17, 2018

C Bishop

All okay, staff helpful.
May 17, 2018

Szara Bearman

Absolutely diabolical service from the second we picked up our car at Gatwick. We noticed damage on the vehicle and flagged it to the branch manager before we even unlocked our car. The branch manager then lied through his teeth and told us that the entire site was covered by CCTV and that it would be reviewed and we could view it if we wished, which we later found out is absolutely not the case. We then received an email stating that they aren�t liable for the damage as their is no evidence that they had caused it (our car was new without a scratch when we dropped it off and when it was returned to us it has clearly been reversed into something and it had caused substantial damage). Then I call the number I was provided with only to be told that a manager refuses to take phone calls and I had to send an email request for a call back, to which I got a response of �the manager has decided he stands by his decision and will not call you� therefore leaving us to have to pay a third party to try and even speak to the �people in charge�. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY AS THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS LIKE NOTHING I�VE EVER SEEN BEFORE.
May 15, 2018

Paul Brooks

Car suspension sustained �500 worth of damage and Purple Parking refused to accept any liability. AVOID
April 30, 2018

Deborah Charles

I arranged a late booking because I was trying to arrange for a lift to and from Gatwick. However on seeing the fantastic price for a weeks parking near Gatwick I was pleasantly surprised. A shuttle bus takes you to the airport from the car park drop off point(shuttles every 20 mins to and from airport) I left very little petrol in my car on drop off as one company I used before could not account for 50 miles used. I know the cars are moved and purple used 10 miles of fuel not sure what for but better than 50 miles. On drop off the staff were polite and on my return from a wonderful weeks holiday. I returned to Gatwick at 1am in the morning. After going through checks I arrived at the putple parking stop where a shuttle pulled up and we arrived at the purple office 15 mins later to to be met by warm friendly staff who returned my car key. Thank you for efficient service ! I will definitely recommend and will use again.
April 12, 2018