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Claire Hendon

DON'T PARK WITH THIS COMPANY - I parked at Heathrow T5 and the service was appalling, my husband had booked 2 weeks but it logged out when he went back in it had only booked 1 week. When we explained this they said its your problem so you have to pay £20 a day extra, the amount we paid we could have got a stretch limo to the airport and back. We live 10miles from Heathrow in Surrey. What a rip off and rude staff. We paid £236 for 2 weeks what a rip off.
April 11, 2019


Terrible. Brand new car came back to a scratch. Purple Parking refusing to accept fault. NEVER USE THIS COMPANY.
February 27, 2019

Larry Owers

Broke a spring and my windscreen. Guess what? Not their fault in their care 14 days. Please avoid like the plague; a very very bad company.
February 25, 2019

Paul Toner

My vehicle windscreen was damaged beyond repair whilst parked at Gatwick airport. Purple Parking completely denied any responsibility simply hiding behind their T&C’s of ‘parking at your own risk’. It looked to me like a shambolic operation on arrival and so it proved. My advice is to avoid.
February 18, 2019

Michelle Smith

Usually very impressed but two visits over 3 days and both very unimpressive. First one meant we missed our flight by only 5 minutes, which could have been avoided. On our return it took 10 minutes again, despite there being 2 other people sitting in or leaning against a car. Very disappointing.
February 17, 2019

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Mr Richard Waddingham

Poor information was supplied on how to find the bus on return, wasting valuable time at the terminal. At the car I genuinely wondered if I had got the right car, at first, as all its information systems had been altered. From the date, time, clock type, and car performance information through to the sat nav settings such as voice prompts. Most of the changed items require searching for and a separate act is needed to save the new settings. The seat and mirrors being changed may be understandable, although why they were left on their most extreme settings is not. Nor can I think of any reasonable explanation for the other changes, as all that was required was to drive the car to its parking place and drive it back for collection. Returning late to Gatwick in bad weather, with a long drive ahead and finding your car information systems so messed up increases one's risk on the road. It also leaves a very uneasy feeling about what else has happened to your car whilst in their care. I have received no reply to my email, asking for an explanation, from Purple Parking customer services or sales
February 7, 2019

Un happy

Terrible customer services. Plus if you are unhappy with the service you have received and try to speak to someone else, you are shifted back to the same person you have been speaking to. I have tried 3 methods of communication (email, phone and Facebook) and every time I have been responded to by the same one person.
January 18, 2019

Farouk Kalafat

Very easy, practical.
January 8, 2019

Andrew Titcombe

Left home in plenty of time. Printed direction instructions were useless. Spent an hour driving in circles. Ended up at a large Tesco. Asked for directions there. They just laughed and said this happens all the time. Used google maps to direct us. That still never got us there. Had to admit defeat and use Gatwick long stay and only just made our flight. Will be seeking a refund on our return. Watch this space for the outcome
December 25, 2018

Sarah Girvan

Excellent and speedy service. I left my bag in my car and the driver radioed and they bought it on the next bus and I still made my flight. So thankful to them. Buses were very regular and efficient and quick service getting car keys.
December 6, 2018