East Midlands Airport Meet & Greet reviews

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Here are some comments that our customers have made about East Midlands Airport Meet & Greet

Thomas Lane

Used meet and greet at several airports this the best by far
September 20, 2018

Clive Turner

Very pleased until looking at the price for this year gone up from £60 to £80 far to expensive on the e mailing list but never get the 25% that they say you get in offers looking to park some where else for the November Holiday ( its not worth £80 ) its priced me out of meet & great shame good value at £60 less your discount
July 16, 2018

James Stevenson

In June my wife and I returned from Greece and picked up our car from Meet and Greet. The following day I accessed my music system in the car to find that the USB memory stick had been removed. As I had booked through Holiday Extras I made contact and asked them to investigate. After a delay I did receive a response stating that nothing had been found and I should have reported the problem before departing the car park. Subsequently I have found that other items have been removed - a cap and a map. I have not reported this to Holiday Extras as I would anticipate the same reply.
July 12, 2018

L Lee

Brilliant service will definitely recommend
June 12, 2018

Natalie Herrick

I strongly advise not to park at meet and greet! Landed back to find my car was unlocked! Checked the car next to me to find it was unlocked too! So it wasn’t a one off. Didn’t even make it home before the tyre pressure light flashed up on my car! I’d only left it there a day for a business trip. If you value your car and belongings. Please park it on another secure car park where you take your keys with you!!!!
May 25, 2018

H Jones

Every thing was perfect thank you
May 22, 2018

Carole Moore

As always great service - clearer instructions this time, friendly and chatty staff, highly recommended
May 18, 2018

Mrs Woods

Very good service, would recommend.
January 5, 2018

M Clark

good service, but a little slow .
October 28, 2017

Craig Baker

I have only used this service once. And only used the airport for the first time last week. The airport was great. However the meet and great has been shocking. I arrived back into the country very late Monday night. Went to collect my key from the meet and great location. I then went over to my car which had been left unlocked. I then loaded my car with bags put the key in the ignition to find my car was dead. So I went back to the office to ask when was my car moved why was it unlocked and what have they done. They couldn’t tell me when the car had been moved or who had moved the car and didn’t really care about my situation. All they said was do u have breakdown cover ring them. In the end I had to get breakdown out to get my car going as the battery had been completely drained. Which has resulted in me having to buy a new battery for my car. The cost of the meet and great. Which you don’t really need to use as the rest of the car parks are very close as I found out was £90 the new battery £105 very expensive parking if you ask me and the customer service leaves a lot to be desired.
October 15, 2017

Joanne Owen

Fast efficient service seconds from terminal
October 14, 2017

David Foster

DON'T DO THIS, I'm a Disabled Wheelchair bound driver, Meet and greet?? you meet them, after struggling with suitcases bags etc no one helped us. After 10 wonderful days away in the sun upon my return at 02.20 we again struggled. Finally got the keys to my fairly new Astra GTC. My car I thought had been moved a few yards because if was in the bay above I left it. I started the car and it had 3 extra miles on the clock (which I have evidence of this) So Complained. This is what response I got. Thank you for contacting us regarding your recent visit to East Midlands Airport. I was sorry to learn that you had some concerns about the condition of your vehicle when you returned. Whilst I understand your concern, added mileage is an inevitable expectation of the Meet and Greet service, as we do move Meet and Greet vehicles to an on-site storage area. To clarify, East Midlands Airport’s official Meet & Greet storage car parks are located on various parts of the airport site. The airport site is vast but we wouldn't expect the operational mileage to ever exceed 10 miles. Please be assured that we never move vehicles off the East Midlands Airport Campus and that all vehicles are tracked using Automatic Number Plate Recognition and State-Of-The-Art Key movement tracking systems. I hope that this clarifies the matter. If I can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me again. Kind regard
October 9, 2017

Susan Merry

Landed at EMA today to pick car up..my partner was asked the make and model of his car and just for a moment the whole thing slipped his mind as only had the car 2 wks..the meet and greet assistant accusingly said "cant u remember? Have u been drinking? and "think ud better to a breathaliser test!!"...absolutely appalling comments!! Then he pointed in direction of car park and just said go over there your car should be somewhere!! I raced back to the office and shocked him by confronting him bout his comments..he looked as guilty as hell and said he was joking...he sure needs training in customer service asap..unfortunately I didnt get his name...this service is hardly meet and greet when u have to search for your own car
September 20, 2017

Craig Copley-Dunn

September 19, 2017

K Hall

Arriving was slow and cumbersome as the number plate recognition system did not work and we had to manually queue and slowly edge through barriers which were operated from the reception area after a verbal checking in. Not what the sales blurb promised and frustrating as it took over 15 minutes to queue. The return however was smooth and the number plate recognition system worked well. The location is great and easy to access the airport as within a three minute walk.
August 9, 2017

M Wootton

As usual excellent service, I've used other drop off organisations at other airports and have been very disappointed, leaving me waiting for up to 45 mins. I've used meet and greet at East Midlands airport a few times now and would highly recommend
July 10, 2017

Daphne Donkin

Thank you for your additional help when we discovered our batttery was flat on our return from holiday. N 93432
June 8, 2017

Mr Joseph Amsellem

Fantastic easy and very efficient will book this again as right next to departures.
June 6, 2017

A Allott

Great experience, east to follow guidelines and quick, friendly service. 46349
May 23, 2017

D Shale

Great service from start to finish. This was my first time using meet and greet and I will always choose this option from now on.
April 19, 2017