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Michael Stupiak

I had no problems with WCP. The reception was great and the driver was polite. I was the only person in the minibus, going and coming back from the airport was no trouble for them. From my experience, I would recommend WCP. I will continue using WCP in Bristol.
April 19, 2019

Nicola Laud

They left mud in my passenger side footwell. I have no idea how my car was used and I wouldn’t trust them again.
April 9, 2019

Bernard Jenkins

Unfortunately I have had a similar experience as many have had with this terrible company. My sincere advice is please avoid at all costs. If in any doubt after reading many poor reviews just look at their Terms and Conditions and that will tell you all you need to know that they are basically a bunch of irresponsible sharks who will damage your vehicle without giving you any reasonable recourse to the law. My vehicle was scratched in several places, one wing mirror bent back completely where they had hit something and the outside scratched and they zero'd the mileometer to prevent me seeing at a glance how many miles they had clocked up. (see other posts about them doing this to dash cam footage) The battery warning light came on when starting the ignition and it was clear to see why as the lights had been left fully on. They claim they take photos when you drop off but as you will see from their T and C's they will charge you to release these photos. I naturally complained at the time but was met with a barrage of verbal abuse and aggression from the female worker who became hysterical and shouted that I had racially abused her and attempted to stop me leaving by holding onto my door and then standing behind the vehicle. I remained calm at all times and did nothing to provoke this person who from the outset made her attitude very clear, she was confrontational, defensive to the point of aggressive and clearly had no idea how to deal with people.
March 18, 2019

Toria Rowe

Thought we’d try a different car park and they said it would take up to 20 mins for a bus to arrive when you phone from the airport. We phoned and were told it would be 20 minutes, it was actually nearly 30 and then they made us wait on the bus for 10 mins before leaving as they didn’t want to set off until the bus was full. Will be trying somebody else next time!
February 25, 2019

George Houghton

Avoid this company, we are a retired honest couple, who drove our car from Cornwall to WCP Bristol arriving in the early hours. no problems with the car at all, We handed our keys over and left for our holiday returning 12 days later to a car that we were reluctant to move let alone drive due to a loud grating noise coming from the front passenger wheel. We obviously went back into the office to ask what they had done to our car, were upon half a dozen people came out to have a look and listen and all with the company line that it was a technical issue or just wear and tear, not their problem, then they just walked back into the office, leaving us stranded with a damaged car they took no responsibility for the damage. The road upon which they park the cars is a very bumpy road and it is obvious they do not take enough care. When we did get the car to the garage the main spring had snapped, the mechanic said that there was a little bit of corrosion, but it had taken a right knock to snap it like that. According to WCP the contact we signed, does not cover any technical damage, so basically they can drive your car anyway they want as they take no responsibility at all.
February 15, 2019

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Nicole Pandia

Good price but found a very unfriendly lady when we did the check-in and also not very friendly staff at our return. The waiting time was also long enough and for whatever reasons we had to travel with an opened window. Not very happy so would not recommend.
January 16, 2019


Do not trust this company. Everything seemed to go OK, but after reviewing my dash cam, it appears they have deleted the footage during the time the car was with them. UNTRUSTWORTHY. AVOID.
November 28, 2018

Sharon Struminski

Do NOT use this car park if travelling from M5 southwest! We followed directions sent from Ryanair-30 mile extra journey & not correct. Hardly any difference in price to Silver parking. Sent complaint to Ryanair requesting refund - no chance!
November 6, 2018

Nicola Yeo

Landed at the airport in the evening and waited 35 minutes on hold for these con men to answer the phone. Myself and two other parties waited for over an hour in the cold for collection. One of the parties had a young child who was shivering, and we had a four hour drive ahead of us. Completely unacceptable. No apology or explanation offered, aside from a pitiful 'the phone didn't ring' excuse. Don't give me that crap, the FOUR of you in reception were clearly too busy p****** around playing video games to bother picking up. The buses of three of four other companies circled twice whilst we were on the phone. I'll be using one of those in future. Wish I had read the reviews in advance. Can only be thankful they didn't damage my car as they seem to have done to many others. STEER CLEAR!
October 10, 2018

Christopher Montenegro

Used WCP Bristol for our car 13th-24th August under my partners' name. We were advised the car was moved from reception to 200 yards away to the secure yard. Yet upon return our car had done 3 miles (I recorded the mileage). Left this comment on the WCP Facebook page, which was removed, and I'm now blocked from commenting on their page. Also got a scuff on rear bumper; can't prove it and expect nothing from them, but it wasn't there before. Wouldn't trust them as far as I can throw them tbh AVOID!!!
August 27, 2018