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Stanley Berry

I would have been interested to see dash-cam video of the transfer of my car between the long and short term car parks. However, car park staff had unplugged my dash-cam so there was nothing to see. I strongly suspect that they were abusing my vehicle. Otherwise, there was no need for them to have unplugged my dash-cam.
May 23, 2019

Jonathan Arndell

We sent this complaint and have so far not received any satisfactory response: 'We returned from Madeira on Monday 15 April at 13.10 hours and proceeded to pick up our camper van from the Silver Zone. We were handed back our key but when I used the remote opening button I noticed that the lights did not flash as usual. However, the van was open when we got to it to so I started the engine and we headed home. On the way, I noticed that the clock was at 06.20 hours so I re-set it. Yesterday morning I tested both our car keys to see if the battery on mine needed replacing. The remote opening button was/is not working on either key. I consequently realised that the battery must have run down whilst we were away as this would explain why the clock had needed re-setting - it automatically goes back to zero if the battery is disconnected or has run down. I checked inside the bonnet and noticed that the cover to the battery had been replaced incorrectly and that a wire appeared to be loose. I rang you to see if you had had to bump start the car to move it on the Monday but was told that you had no record of this having happened. The remote opening device was working when we left the van with you on 30 March. This will need to be fixed. I think that one of your operatives must have bump started the van on Monday and must have somehow interfered with the wiring for the remote opening device. I feel that any costs incurred in rectifying this problem should be born by you.' Subsequently, we realised that the electric mirrors do not work now either and also that the handbrake has been yanked up and now needs adjusting. We are currently trying to get Silver Zone to acknowledge their action with little success. We intend to send the bills to them when the problems have been resolved.
April 30, 2019

Claire Richards

On our return to pick up our car a lady who did not speak very good English served my husband. We had not realised you needed a ticket to collect your keys we had our original receipt. There was a huge queue and the lady said very curtly you will have to wait until the end. We did this she found our keys (which evidently wasn’t that difficult) then gave wrong directions back to our car. When we went back to ask for further directions she tutted and pointed in another direction. This was at 1.00am and was unnecessary.
April 19, 2019

David Dawson

Arrival experience was brilliant, parked the car, dropped off the keys in the Arrivals Building and got on the bus - no issues. Cannot say the experience was the same on return from holiday to pick up the car - managed to retrieve the keys from the Collection Building easily enough but then was told that my vehicle was parked in row E, almost the furthest away from the building that it could be parked. This was not what I expected when I had left my vehicle parked in a disabled bay with a valid blue badge clearly showing on departure. I had to struggle with my luggage to find my vehicle and when I did I found that it was parked so close to the vehicle next to it that I struggled to get into my vehicle - not what I was expecting at midnight! My blue badge was still on display on the dashboard! Next time I will be parking with Park Farm, who are considerably cheaper and more user friendly!
April 7, 2019

Martina Cannings

Collected our car on 29th March 2019. As my friend, husband (who has dementia) and I approached the bus for the silver zone, we were struggling. A driver who had just gone off shift was talking to the drive saw we were struggling got off the bus helped me with the luggage, stayed on the bus to help us at the other end. What a gentleman! I can only give you a 5 star rating. Thank you
April 4, 2019

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Car dirty, automatic mirrors pushed in, parked so close couldn't get in, given wrong bay couldn't find car, this place is a joke and no one gives a s**t, avoid, expensive also.
March 18, 2019

Sienna Pelizzari

My vehicle was damaged in the Silver Car Park 2 months ago. The company's policy is that they are not responsible for any damage and they refuse to pay damages. It took me two months of perseverance, sending several emails and making several phone calls to get the damages paid for. Do not use this car park, if you have no other choice please make sure: - you take pictures of your vehicle and check it is in order when you park it in the carpark before your trip. - when you come back from your trip, you check your vehicle for any damage when you retrieve your vehicle from the carpark. - if there is any damage, take pictures and go to office immediately before moving your vehicle. - make sure they do a written report of the damages there and then. - make sure you report the damages on the website complaints page. - make sure you call them every other day to get updates on your case. - if they refuse to pay for the damages in full, pressure them to by argumenting your case in detail.
March 14, 2019

Kathleen McManus

Booked Silver Zone car park for son who is a student down South in order that he could pay a visit home to Scotland. Made the error of failing to forward booking confirmation to him and so he parked in Long stay rather than Silver Zone. Paid £54 online booking for Silver Zone but son was informed that he had to pay ‘at gate fee’ of £153 to exit the Long stay car park. They claimed excellent customer service by taking off the £54 already paid. So he had the ‘bargain’ price extra charge of £99 to exit. When I complained, I was quoted a section of terms & conditions and informed of their excellent customer service. Where exactly do they get this idea from - certainly not the customers. On checking the online booking price for the same period the quote was £82.99. Surely excellent customer service would be to pay the difference in online fee (I.e £28.99) and not the ‘at gate fee’. This is exploitation at its finest. On closer inspection of the reviews of this car park, this is not the first time this has happened. Avoid this car park at all costs unless you are willing to be ‘ripped off’. Nothing more than daylight robbery. As it turns out the price of my son leaving his car there for a week was equivalent to 2 return flights to Scotland.
February 13, 2019

Shasheer Sajahan

Came to collect the car at 13.00 and I have booked the car park till 17.00. They couldn’t find the keys and apparently they have parked in another park and I waited for 45 mins for them to get the car. Waste of time. Stay away from this car park.
February 9, 2019

Joe Lawlor

Used silver zone at Bristol - Dropping the car off no problem but a different story when getting back. The amount of people waiting was horrendous so we missed the first bus, no problem we thought as there were only about 15 people ahead of us in the queue so we can get the next one and as my wife is pregnant and travelling with two kids we may even get a seat. So the bus arrives and it is CHAOS!! People pushing, nudging at acting very medieval. There is no organisation of the queue and doors were open at the back of the bus so people pushed their way over there resulting in us not even getting on the bus. When we aired our concern with the driver, she was understanding, however her response was, it’s always like this, what can I do about it? She even mentioned that she often gets manhandled and pushed around. Surely if this is a known problem, you should be sorting it out with simple solutions like more buses at busier times? Barriers to organise a queue or someone to even supervise and support those that need it such as the elderly, young and pregnant ladies. Was not a nice way to end our holiday! - come on Bristol you must do better than this!
January 13, 2019