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Claire Richards

On our return to pick up our car a lady who did not speak very good English served my husband. We had not realised you needed a ticket to collect your keys we had our original receipt. There was a huge queue and the lady said very curtly you will have to wait until the end. We did this she found our keys (which evidently wasn’t that difficult) then gave wrong directions back to our car. When we went back to ask for further directions she tutted and pointed in another direction. This was at 1.00am and was unnecessary.
April 19, 2019

David Dawson

Arrival experience was brilliant, parked the car, dropped off the keys in the Arrivals Building and got on the bus - no issues. Cannot say the experience was the same on return from holiday to pick up the car - managed to retrieve the keys from the Collection Building easily enough but then was told that my vehicle was parked in row E, almost the furthest away from the building that it could be parked. This was not what I expected when I had left my vehicle parked in a disabled bay with a valid blue badge clearly showing on departure. I had to struggle with my luggage to find my vehicle and when I did I found that it was parked so close to the vehicle next to it that I struggled to get into my vehicle - not what I was expecting at midnight! My blue badge was still on display on the dashboard! Next time I will be parking with Park Farm, who are considerably cheaper and more user friendly!
April 7, 2019

Martina Cannings

Collected our car on 29th March 2019. As my friend, husband (who has dementia) and I approached the bus for the silver zone, we were struggling. A driver who had just gone off shift was talking to the drive saw we were struggling got off the bus helped me with the luggage, stayed on the bus to help us at the other end. What a gentleman! I can only give you a 5 star rating. Thank you
April 4, 2019


Car dirty, automatic mirrors pushed in, parked so close couldn't get in, given wrong bay couldn't find car, this place is a joke and no one gives a s**t, avoid, expensive also.
March 18, 2019

Sienna Pelizzari

My vehicle was damaged in the Silver Car Park 2 months ago. The company's policy is that they are not responsible for any damage and they refuse to pay damages. It took me two months of perseverance, sending several emails and making several phone calls to get the damages paid for. Do not use this car park, if you have no other choice please make sure: - you take pictures of your vehicle and check it is in order when you park it in the carpark before your trip. - when you come back from your trip, you check your vehicle for any damage when you retrieve your vehicle from the carpark. - if there is any damage, take pictures and go to office immediately before moving your vehicle. - make sure they do a written report of the damages there and then. - make sure you report the damages on the website complaints page. - make sure you call them every other day to get updates on your case. - if they refuse to pay for the damages in full, pressure them to by argumenting your case in detail.
March 14, 2019

Kathleen McManus

Booked Silver Zone car park for son who is a student down South in order that he could pay a visit home to Scotland. Made the error of failing to forward booking confirmation to him and so he parked in Long stay rather than Silver Zone. Paid £54 online booking for Silver Zone but son was informed that he had to pay ‘at gate fee’ of £153 to exit the Long stay car park. They claimed excellent customer service by taking off the £54 already paid. So he had the ‘bargain’ price extra charge of £99 to exit. When I complained, I was quoted a section of terms & conditions and informed of their excellent customer service. Where exactly do they get this idea from - certainly not the customers. On checking the online booking price for the same period the quote was £82.99. Surely excellent customer service would be to pay the difference in online fee (I.e £28.99) and not the ‘at gate fee’. This is exploitation at its finest. On closer inspection of the reviews of this car park, this is not the first time this has happened. Avoid this car park at all costs unless you are willing to be ‘ripped off’. Nothing more than daylight robbery. As it turns out the price of my son leaving his car there for a week was equivalent to 2 return flights to Scotland.
February 13, 2019

Shasheer Sajahan

Came to collect the car at 13.00 and I have booked the car park till 17.00. They couldn’t find the keys and apparently they have parked in another park and I waited for 45 mins for them to get the car. Waste of time. Stay away from this car park.
February 9, 2019

Joe Lawlor

Used silver zone at Bristol - Dropping the car off no problem but a different story when getting back. The amount of people waiting was horrendous so we missed the first bus, no problem we thought as there were only about 15 people ahead of us in the queue so we can get the next one and as my wife is pregnant and travelling with two kids we may even get a seat. So the bus arrives and it is CHAOS!! People pushing, nudging at acting very medieval. There is no organisation of the queue and doors were open at the back of the bus so people pushed their way over there resulting in us not even getting on the bus. When we aired our concern with the driver, she was understanding, however her response was, it’s always like this, what can I do about it? She even mentioned that she often gets manhandled and pushed around. Surely if this is a known problem, you should be sorting it out with simple solutions like more buses at busier times? Barriers to organise a queue or someone to even supervise and support those that need it such as the elderly, young and pregnant ladies. Was not a nice way to end our holiday! - come on Bristol you must do better than this!
January 13, 2019

Judy Newberry

I cannot praise highly enough the customer services at Silver Zone. This is based on a very recent experience when due to Gatwick problems someone unexpectedly needed to take my car out of the car park during the middle of the booked in period. Every member of staff we dealt with was friendly and helpful at this tricky time and all was completed with a phone call and email with no problem. They couldn't have been better. Thank you again.
December 27, 2018

Christopher Jones

It’s Christmas Eve, picking my brother up from arrivals, decided I’d have a cup of coffee, 20 minutes I waited, got charged £50, totally wrong so unhappy.
December 24, 2018

Geoffrey Barrell

Very smooth and easy process. Booking in on arrival caused no trouble and equally on return; the collection even at 11.00pm was without any hiccup.
November 28, 2018

Stephen Bee

Excellent service, short wait for keys given that two flights arrived at the same time. We contacted the staff from abroad because we potentially had a problem with our car. We received immediate acknowledgement followed by the checks we had requested within less than an hour. We were very impressed with prompt action and pleasant demeanour of staff. Full marks and more! Would highly recommend it.
November 26, 2018


Silver Zone is first class service. Straightforward, fair priced and every member of staff helpful, efficient and so friendly. Wouldn't go anywhere else.
October 29, 2018

Gary Miller

Returned from holiday 27/09/18 to find our car rear bumper damaged and scratched badly. Also rear quarter nearside damaged. Some damage along side and front nearside wing as well. Certainly was not like this when left with the company on departure. Has been upsetting as the car has been with us for 13 years. We do our best to look after it but somehow someone always manages to damage it when left unattended. But when left at a so called secure managed car park at some expense, this was so unexpected. We are so disappointed.
October 1, 2018

Gordon Morgan

Changes at Silver Zone mean you can no longer park near the check-in desk unless you are very lucky. We got soaked walking a long way from where the nearest available parking spot was located. To boot, when we returned, we found that money placed in the glove box of the car ready for the Severn Crossing toll had been stolen - yes stolen. We did not realise this until we got close to the toll booths. Whilst website parking conditions say don't leave valuable in your vehicle, I do not expect those moving the vehicles to rummage through glove boxes. We will never use this service again.
September 26, 2018

Stephen West

We gave up on this service because of the chaos around no buses arriving. Massive queues. We gave it one last go. This time we were sent off on a fools errand the the wrong bay number in pouring rain. Staff on site laughed and said it happens every day they can’t read the handwriting of the idiots parking the car. We were soaked to the skin by time we eventually found the car. Never again and this time we mean it.
September 23, 2018

Caroline Jones

I have no complaints about service at desk and on the bus as very organized and super quick. When I got back to my car it was parked too closely to the car next to drivers side. There was enough space to open the door fully on the passenger side. I had to climb over seat to get into drivers side. Not what I needed.
September 22, 2018

Claire Milat

First time used this service. Fast efficient friendly, great pick up service and drop off. Will always use them now as we fly out of Bristol 2 or 3 times a year. GREAT
September 19, 2018

Mrs H Radford-Snell

I have used this car park about 6 times a year for many years and it has been good. However yesterday afternoon at 4pm I flew into Bristol and got the bus to collect my car. I was told it was in CE61, so I walked to the far side of the car park, only to find another car parked there. I returned back to reception asked them to check. I was told a mistake had been made it was actually CG61. Again I went to the far side of the car park only to find a different car parked in that space. It was by then raining quite hard and I had no coat. I spoke to one of the drivers moving cars around and asked for help. He made a call and said the manger would be out to look for my car. I stood in the pouring rain waiting for it to be found. Eventually the 'manager' arrived in a vehicle with a driver and said they had found it in CC61. Right across the far side of the car park, no apology, just that it was down to bad writing. He then left me in the rain to walk, yet again to the far side of the car park, very poor service. By then it was almost 5pm and I had to suffer sitting in wet clothes for my 3 hour drive in heavy traffic. Not amused!!!
September 12, 2018

Penny West

Having forgotten a holdall in the back of my car, which contained my grandson's kit for his wheelchair racing in Barcelona, very very important kit. The guys at the security section phoned Silver Zone Car Park and within 25 min got the bag from the car and delivered it safely to a very happy Nanny. Well done guys and Jamie Edwards got a silver in the 800 m wheelchair race.
August 20, 2018

Suzie Doe

My fears became true when leaving our car with the Silver Zone Parking team, ‘what is their security like?’.......Poor!!! On collection of our car I presented the cardboard ticket to the desk to have the key to our car practically thrown at me, I had my passport and drivers licence in hand ready to confirm my identity but was told I don’t need it! When I asked “how do you know I have not just found that cardboard swatch on the floor and you have not just given me the keys to someone’s pride and joy?” They answered “we don’t, we just work on trust!” I am staggered that I didn’t have to prove my identity to collect the keys to an expensive car!! To make matters worse my car had been parked miles away from the terminal, the seat had been moved as close as it would go to the steering wheel and it had been parked between two large cars that made it extremely difficult to get out of the space!!!! THANKS, we will not be giving you the keys to our Range Rover ever again!!! Poor security & poor service AVOID!!!!!
August 2, 2018

Catrin Harris

Awful service. Poor signposting led us to believe the Silver Zone was within the long stay car park. On leaving, hefty fine for parking in wrong bit of car park. No refund given for honest mistake. Instead sent to footnote of terms and conditions, what happened to good will and understanding? Poor show Bristol Airport :(
July 12, 2018


This was the first time I have used Bristol Silver Zone Parking. When I came back to collect my car there was a large dent in the front wing. I have put a complaint in but it’s been three days and nothing! No response by email or phone. Contacting by phone is almost impossible, it just rings on and on. This does not inspire confidence!
July 10, 2018

Judy H

I’ve used Silver Parking several times in the past and it has been great. Not so on Saturday. My car was not where I was told it would be. On returning to reception there was no system in place to recover my details other than staff having to go through a drawer full of receipts & key tags. It took ages to find my details. I was told that it wasn’t unusual for the guys who park the cars to record incorrect bay numbers. Still not sure how they found my car! This debacle added nearly an hour on to my journey home. Silver Parking......sort this problem!!
June 24, 2018

M Woolley

This was the first time we have flown from Bristol and from start to finish the experience was 10 out of 10. Our local airport is Birmingham and all I can say is they would learn a lot for the excellent service we experienced at Bristol from parking the car at the start, to collecting at the end. Passport control, baggage reclaim all was first class, prompt and may the journey stress free.
June 12, 2018

David Sutcliffe

The revamped Silver Zone makes things flow a lot better. Bays were clearly marked.
June 11, 2018

Carl Taylor

Worst ever airport car parking! Not convenient at all, from entering the car park to getting to the departure terminal at airport was an extra 30/40 minutes! You have to park, then walk miles to reception, queue for ages to book your car in and leave your key with them, then wait for a bus transfer who wont leave until full. We were close to missing our flight as didn't anticipate such hassle and time on top of journey. To make it worse, we landed at 3.40pm on our return flight, there were 5 bus loads of people all waiting for silver-zone transfer, then had to queue again to collect the car key and then walk even further than where we left it to collect it! We didn't get out of the car park until 5.15pm! wont use that car park again! dread Full!
June 5, 2018

Philip Thomas

Everything was great except when I got back to the car, the driver's seat was so far forward I had great difficulty getting into the car. It is an electric seat that will not operate until the engine is started. To start the engine I need to put my foot on the clutch. Even if the driver was very short, they should have put the seat back in a logical position. This was at the end of Whitsun week the hottest week of the year so far so why was the heated passenger seat turned on full. The radio had also been played with! Please do better next time. You are not the only parking company that does this type of thing. IT IS MOST ANNOYING!!!
June 3, 2018

Matt Holway

Nice and easy service
May 14, 2018

Samantha Freeman

Cheap, easy and simple
May 12, 2018