Bristol Official Long Stay Parking reviews

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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Bristol Official Long Stay Parking


The long stay car park is an absolute rip off, left my car for 30 hrs in long stay and it cost me £65. What an absolute rip off. The airport is now very chaotic with too many travellers, waited 10 mins to go through fast track security with only one lane open. Will be using Cardiff airport from now on where prices are less than half.
May 14, 2019

Kenneth Hodges

I have used the Sliver Zone Car Park about 16 times over the years when going to Copenhagen. The service has always been good and I have always booked in advance and paid under £50 for 5 days parking. I usually book as soon as I get back for our next time, as I fly out to Copenhagen twice a year. Yesterday I booked for this coming September (with 4 months to go) only to find that the cost for the same period of time had shot up to just under £80. I think this is exorbitant and that is why I have only given 3 stars as a rating. I think this is plain greed, so for the future, I am now considering an alternative parking venue.
May 10, 2019

Derek Long

Comment on new Multi-Storey Carpark. Booked an online supposedly special and checked into carpark found a space in first level. No lifts working so difficulty with sticks for elderly passengers. After 7 day holiday had to pay 134.99 to get out - again no lifts. Cost of cark park was 28 pounds more than a return flight with baggage for two persons to the South of France. This represents very poor value for the service received. An off airport parking service would take a disabled person to the departure entrance at a much lower rate.
May 2, 2019

Rob Cowdrey

Hideously expensive and hardly any of the car park even has a decent surface to trundle luggage across to the terminal, mostly rubble or poor tarmac. It's all about straight profiteering- a quote for 19 hours parking (i.e. 2 days) came in at £58 - or just over £3.05 per hour. A disgrace.
September 24, 2018

Paul Kerslake

Although it is opposite the airport ,it depends where you find a space to the distance you are from the actual terminal ,in my case it was over half a mile away with very little understandable directional signage, however the worst part of the car park was the diabolical state your car is actually in on arrival back from your holiday ,covered in all kinds of mess which even an automatic car wash failed to clean at a cost of £7 on top of which I had to pay another £4 for special cleaning material to clean it myself,I have used car parks at Cardiff-Birmingham-Heathrow and Gatwick and have never found my car to never be in the condition it was at Bristol -the only award you deserve is A filth award and will NEVER use this OnSite long stay car park again.
June 7, 2018

Alex Greenway

Easy on site parking. Close to terminal as advertised. Easy walk or bus available. Simple to get in and out. Repeat customer.
May 30, 2018

Michael Hutchinsom

I was disappointed with my experience today and would like to suggest improvements. I travel worldwide for business, often with many cases of luggage. I turned up on my own with just 5 cases on this occasion but still needed a trolley. I couldn't find any obvious place in the carpark to get one. Luckily i found one abandoned trolley someone had left. I think there should be obvious trolleys in the carpark. Some walkway kerbs are too high to roll a fully laden trolley over making it difficult to get to the terminal depending where you park. Finally the, the usual entrance was closed presumably for some work and the diversion to get into the carpark was convoluted. It would have been nice to be notified of this online at the booking stage.
April 25, 2018

Alan Martim

I’m probably one of the most frequent users of the car parking facilities - at least every 3 weeks for the past 6 years. You have almost no loyalty benefits - everyone already uses the 10% discount. Your charges are now becoming very uncompetitive as you have expanded and you have no flexibility when things go awry, as can happen with anyone who is a frequent traveller. I’m now thinking of using one of the other numerous parking services that are available near the airport. Yes, I overan by several days but paying out an additional £32 with the cursory comment that “ you should have been charged a lot more” does not sit well with me. Hugely disappointing in how your service has not evolved as you have expanded. As a business, you know that you need to keep your loyal customers but that will not happen if you provide Ryanair levels of customer care. However, I suspect that I’ll get no personal response to this constructive criticism. I do have several positive suggestions which might help to improve your service levels but I’m not convinced that this open and direct review will be appreciated or, indeed, replied to.
October 22, 2017

Michael Dearden

Another dreadful all round airport experience starting with extreme difficulty in finding a parking space - even worse than the same time last year (early October) - so time to look at other regional airports for a much better service.
October 21, 2017

Anthony George

1 star is to good. Long stay car park. Stayed for 1 week from 17/9/17. Came back to a paper Kmapkin on my dash with cake crumbs all over my dash. My rear door hinge hiding plastic bracket had been stolen. I may not have noticed if it wasn't for the kmapkin and cake crumbs. Doors were locked when we returned. Obviously quite professional as there is no key entry on my car. Car park has cameras everywhere, but they are all remote controlled so can/and no doubt will not see the perpetrators. Airport parking complaint person I spoke to was useless. Had to be done with help in my opinion. DONT PAY TOP PRICE TO HAVE YOUR CARS PARTS OR CONTENTS STOLEN FROM LONG STAY PARKING OPPOSITE THE AIRPORT
September 26, 2017

sarah Gill

Warning do not use Long stay car park at Bristol Better to use silver zone car park cheaper We parked there as we thought that by keeping your car key( as you do this using this car park ) that your car will not be moved We returned to find ou car had been moved but no one had informed us --- even though they had all our details . It had been moved by a removal truck !!! It was late at night and by the time two hours the car was located but very no apology made We travelled back our car had been damaged Weeks of emails with management and note they only reply late Friday evenings to you Achieved nothing Use external car parks or the silver zone where you do give your key in At least if they move it they will not be using a removal truck
August 5, 2017


Picked up my car after a week's parking at the silver zone parking to find my car covered in a sicky clear film.on all the bodywork and windows. The car had been moved and was packed under trees. I can only assume it is tree sap. At moment I am unable to remove it.even with t cut.or auto glem. Shal have to take to a garage. I am a noyed to say the least £70 to park and now the expense of trying to remove it.
April 16, 2017

Mr B Ballinger

It was the cheapest option. Its ok, always a bit difficult to find a parking space, but then you get what you pay for so i cant really complain.
December 22, 2016

Michael Lewis

No signs on which ,way to walk to terminal.On leaving terminal at night could not see a single sign to long stay.Eventually found a hole in fence where another frustrated motorist had kicked it down.Fell over in the mud and hurt my shoulder quite badly.Rough underfoot and very poor lighting.Spend some money and sort it out.22
December 21, 2016

Antonia Clausen

All worked well!
November 28, 2016

Gary Hillerby

Car park very dark. I assume it is under development?
November 15, 2016

Julie Hawkins

Everything went according to plan , but the same as other peoples comments there is limited parking space and you have to have a hunt around.
October 3, 2016

David Picton

Directions in the car park took us beyond empty bays closer to the terminal building. Will drive around more on next visit. Also some cross ways were blocked by parked cars reducing ability to find parking.
September 17, 2016

Valerie Hill

easy to access, easy to find parking space using a small car, quick to walk to airport terminal although we think another pedestrian walkway on the car park side would make transporting pull along luggage easier and road crossing safer. good price we will use your service again. Thank you
September 2, 2016

Susan Davies

Very good instructions and directions. Took a while to find a parking space but no real problems. Would use this company again.
August 29, 2016