These hilarious airport search terms will have you crying with laughter!

  • 26 Nov, 2015
  • Alice Fowler
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We took a look at the on-site search on the Heathrow Airport Guide and found these search terms that will have you cracking up!

Award for the Best Brand Misspelling:

on-site search

Dokning Donuet” sounds more like an expletive!

Speaking of expletives…

Award for the Weirdest Search Term:

Help Airport

We aren’t sure what they needed help with, but we hope they found it!

Award for the Most Commonly Misspelt:

Emirates! Or emirats, or emrates, or emiratis… It goes on!

Award for the Rudest Misspelling of a Brand:

Airport Search terms

Yep, B*gger King. That’s a whole different kettle of fish!

Award for the Most Suspicious Search:

Airport search terms

Can you get any less subtle?!

Most Worrying Search:

“My friend arrive this morning from accra i have lost her since and am wondering if she is with customs.”

We hope you found your friend! I’m not sure asking an Airport Guide is the best way to do it though…

Award for the most unusual item with a lot of searches:

Knitting needles plane

Yep, “knitting needles“! And the answer is yes, yes you can take them on the plane!

Award for the Weirdest Food Craving:

Jelly Babies Airport

People had almighty needs for “Jelly Babies” and “fish and chips”! Well, why not?

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