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The best dressed Christmas Airports

  • 16 Dec, 2021
  • Luc Horncastle
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Let's look at some of the best dressed Christmas Airports around the world

This is usually one of our favourite blogs of the year; marvelling at the creative genuis the airports come up with to make their passengers feel extra festive. 2020 may be a little different for obvious reasons, but we wanted to kepe the Christmas spirit alive so we are revisting the airports of last year and se what they’re doing this year…where they can!

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Our European neighbours have shown how it’s done with a great array of Christmas lights on show at the main terminal. The tree’s looking great again this year but we’re a little sad that Father Christmas isn’t wondering through the baggage reclaim hall with last minute prezzies this time!

Orlando International Airport

Across the pond this time to Orlando International Airport who has a stand out Christmas theme that’s certainly attracted the attention of its passengers! Many travellers are keen to snap a pic in front of the wonderful tree sitting in the terminal; their 40ft wonder has made a return for this year.

Changi Airport

Changi Airport is arguably the prettiest looking airport for Christmas lights in Asia. This year, they’ve opted for Changi Festival village for those travelling through the airport; this will an absolute dream for both kids and adults alike…

Atlanta Airport

Atlanta airport is full of festivity with its beautiful Christmas tree and people dressing up to sing along to various events taking place throughout the festive period!

Vancouver International Airport

If you thought the previous ones were cool, just wait to see what Vancouver International Airport have put on for their passengers to help bring them into the festive spirit.

They’ve a YVR cabin where they created an upside-down west coast chalet! So that’s a must-see if you’re going through this airport.

Heathrow Airport

Representing APS’ local airport, Heathrow yet again have put on a great display for their travellers in the month of December.

Charles de Gaulle Airport

n Paris, you can see absolutely fantastic arrangement of Christmas trees being displayed. Be sure to check this out if you’re travelling through this airport. 

Hong Kong International Airport

Back in Asia, in Hong Kong, they have a great display of a huge Christmas tree and a little Santa! It is a very cute display and we’re sure if you’re travelling with the little ones, they will enjoy this very much.

Zurich Airport

Over to Switzerland where Zurich Airport really treated their passengers to a great array of Christmas themes! In their airport park, they hosted the Zauberpark festival, this amazing festival had everything you could think of! What’s more, is that they even have a Christmas market within the airport!

Denver International Airport

Don’t underestimate the creative abilities of Denver International Airport. They’ve live piano being played in the centre of the terminal. This will certainly put you in the holiday spirit

We would love to know if you have seen any of these in person, or if we’ve missed an airport who’s done the Christmas fairies proud. Make sure to drop us a tweet letting us know @airportparkshop – Merry Christmas!

Christmas airport decorations

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