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Christmas Quiz – Guess these movies!

  • 15 Jan, 2020
  • Franki Napolitano
  • 1 Comment

Can you guess these Christmas themed movies quiz

Oh we do love a quiz here at APS and on today’s menu, we have Guess These Movies!

Let’s see how many of these 13 films you can guess, simply from an image from its airport scene..!

Don’t be too quick to click though, some of them aren’t as obvious as they seem…

Ok, let's start with an easy one

Can you guess the movie from this airport scene?
Correct! Wrong!

This poor guy just can't seem to catch a break

This guy does not look happy to be in the airport at Christmas after falling out with his in laws
Correct! Wrong!

Johnny Depp doing his best strut

Not many people can strut through an airport like Johnny Depp can...but can you guess the film?
Correct! Wrong!

This one may play with your mind a little...

Are you dreaming? Or have you seen this movie airport scene before?
Correct! Wrong!

This scene is hilarious! Poor Steve Martin!

He may be in the airport shouting at the clerk, but there other modes of transport available, Mr!
Correct! Wrong!

This is what happens when you leave kids with no supervision...

This is whay kids shouldn't be left alone in the airport
Correct! Wrong!

Again, this is what happens when you leave kids unattended...

Poor Kid, his parents went on holiday and forgot him, but what's the Christmas film?
Correct! Wrong!

George Clooney makes the airport life seem so effortless

George Clooney just loves to travel in this airport movie!
Correct! Wrong!

One of the best goodbyes of all time

This 1940s epic has got to be one of the most iconic movie scenes in an airport
Correct! Wrong!

This is just one of the stunts Leo DiCaprio pulls of in this film

This slippery character dons many disguises in the film.
Correct! Wrong!

This was the highest grossing movie of 1988

This smart fellow is causing his brother all kinds of grief in this airport movie scene
Correct! Wrong!

Would you live in an airport?!

This poor man is temporarily living in the airport!
Correct! Wrong!

Guess the film from the airport scene
You need a movie night

That wasn't a great score, You need a movie night

Well, you can't say you didn't try! We suggest spending some time this weekend getting up to scratch on your movie knowledge!
Not bad, you've seen a few things...

You didn't do too've either seen a fair few films or you blagged your way through!

...Or just blagged your way through with some good guesses! That's a pretty good score though, you have a fair bit of airport movie scene knowledge, nice work!
Well hi there, Steven Spielberg!

Top of the class for you, you did extremely well on our Airport movie quiz

Top of the class you go, your movie knowledge is brilliant!

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