Stansted S.V.S Meet and Greet

Book now from £ for 7 days parking.


From all directions follow signs to Stansted Airport.

Arrival procedure

Twenty minutes prior to your arrival please call the Driver to re-confirm your arrival time. Please note if you arrive more than 30 min either side of the time booked, the booking may be refused.

On arrival at Stansted you must enter the RED SHORT STAY CAR PARK, which is situated to the front of the main terminal, here a uniformed representative will meet you at the canopied walkway entrance to the terminal. They will inspect your vehicle for any damage and issue a numbered "return vehicle document". PLEASE KEEP THIS DOCUMENT SAFE UNTIL YOUR RETURN.

Return procedure

On your return and before you collect your baggage you must call S.V.S on the number given at the top of the "return vehicle document". A representative will then be waiting for you with your vehicle in the same RED SHORT STAY CAR PARK by the canopied walkway.

Please note 2.80 for car park exit ticket to be paid extra.


All S.V.S drivers are fully insured to drive your vehicle. When your car is collected, a driver will take it to a fully secure compound.


Please note: Bookings for this car park cannot be cancelled or amended.

Extra 2.80 to be paid for car park exit on your return.

If you arrive more than 30 minutes either side of the time stated on the voucher, the booking may be refused. This does not apply on your return i.e. if your return flight is delayed/early.

Stansted S.V.S Meet and Greet reviews

Our average review score for Stansted S.V.S Meet and Greet is 4 from 243 reviews.
Kim Woolf

Cannot even give them 1... AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS DAMAGE TO WINDOW SMASHED AND DENTS IN THE DOOR, TELL ME A STONE SMASHED THE WINDOW, AND THE DAMAGE ON DOOR ALREADY DONE, AND THAT I WAS TRYING TO PULL AN INSURANCE SCAM ON THEM...Man I spoke to STUART, VERY UNHELPFUL, SHOUTING AT ME,TELLING ME I WAS CALLING HIM A LIAR....WELL STUART, YOU ARE A LIE, AND NOW BY READING OTHER PEOPLE POSTS, YOU TOLD ME YOU HADN'T HAD A WINDOW SMASHED IN 8 years..SO YES YOU DEF A LIAR...OUR CAR HAD LOADS MUD IN IT, AND SEEMED TO HAVE USED A LOT OF PETROL....I booked this company from UK PARK AND FLY, Thought it a good company, let’s see what they do about it, in between best I go to police...Criminal damage, using my car without my knowledge tut tut you going down!!!...I won’t rest to this is sorted...
February 18, 2019

Georgina Mason

I wouldn’t even give this company 1 star; our brand new car 5 weeks old was returned with a hole punched into boot and scrapes along the bumper. They then have the front to say it was like that when received and that my husband signed docs to say so! Sorry to say the 3 other law abiding passengers would agree that there was no damage to car before it was taken nor were docs signed to say as such. This was clearly added after the event. To add insult to injury my husband's ray bans have also gone missing from car. The most dishonest company I’ve ever had the displeasure to deal with! Basically calling us liars. We will be involving the police. Unbelievable that a company thinks this is good practice.
August 29, 2018


Use this service if you want your car used as a taxi whilst you are away. They used 200 miles of fuel, left receipts of trip in my glovebox to show their stupidity and damaged my child's car seat. They still haven't responded to my complaint and the fact that finding their details is near on impossible says it all. AVOID SVS, ORANGE MEET & GREET and any other under their ownership.
August 20, 2018

Kevin Broe

To be honest the they were very friendly over the phone on arrival and return from my journey, however a week after using this service I received a parking ticket stating that my car was parked on Epping High street (40 mins drive from Stansted airport) roughly an hour after I dropped my car off with them. Mow I cannot get through to the company to sort this issue or have they replied to my emails. I will never be using their services again and I would warn anyone else from using them also. STAY AWAY from Stansted parking solutions - meet and greet or SVS abbreviated. I'm not sure why it is different but I believe they are the same company.
November 27, 2017

Jo Anderson

My car was returned with missing passenger side mirror which has clearly been ripped off. Also it was very dirty on the inside and outside (including cigarette butts on the floor), although it was thoroughly cleaned the day before dropping it off at the airport. The driver who returned the car did not mention any damage to the car and walked off immediately. When I called the provider I was told that they will review the photos of the car taken (when I pointed out no photos were taken in front of me when I dropped off the car I was told that the procedure is to photograph the car once it is driven to the parking lot), but they are sure that the car was dropped off damaged. The quote for repair is £800 as it requires a whole new automatic, heated mirror and disassembling the door to install it. I have been insistent and finally managed to contact a man named Paul who had been very rude and abusive over email, insisting I've damaged the car. He sent me a photo of the damage with no date and time it was taken (the refuses to provide the information) and claims the damage I'm claiming is not the same (which doesn't even make sense). I have filed a police report and working with a lawyer to take it further as this level of dishonesty and lack of any ethics should no go unpunished. The worst service ever, unacceptable avoidance, I will never book again and will make sure to post this negative review everywhere I can.
August 1, 2017

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