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Stephen Litt

Very close to airport. All staff very friendly and helpful. Quick pickup. Car battery was flat on return, fella in office got me started in minutes. Very helpful. No problem. All was much appreciated.
April 11, 2019

helen kelly

it was a very smooth and easy to use service the staff were very helpful and friendly
November 2, 2018

Paul Dickinson

From square one we struggled to find the car park. The postcode did not take you to the place. I phoned the number given and it was just ringing constantly. Eventually I found it after stopping to ask a member of staff from the airport for directions. Upon arrival it was unclear what to do. We parked our immaculate car in a space that was suitable to us. When we went to reception we were told that we did not have the correct code even though it was the only one we were given. Eventually they found our booking on their system. The car was there for two nights. When we returned we found the car had been moved and was now covered in dirt and wet soggy leaves were in all of the channels. It was covered in tree sap and parked very close to cars in the next spaces. When cleaning my immaculate car the following day I discovered a scratch and a dent the size of a 10p coin on the side of the car. After numerous emails and phone calls to the company and being passed from one person to another I am still waiting to hear back from them. The supervisor was supposed to be looking into the matter and contacting me but I feel this is almost certainly not going to happen! Be warned if you do use this car park they will move your car and have no respect for it. I will never recommend them to anyone!
October 27, 2018

Richard John Livingstone

Left my car there August 10th to come back on the 15th and find that my car was parked so close to another car we had to wait for the other driver to reverse out.. We then noticed scrapes along the sides and had to file a pointless report with them.. two weeks on and still no response! It’s a BRAND NEW CAR so I knew for a fact it was pristine!! Whoever was in my car even stole my daughters 50p’s that had Beatrice potter pictures on.. low life’s I 100% won’t use these again and will also be seeking legal advice.
August 31, 2018

Robin Pugh

We have used the Newcastle Park & Fly for many years. In the past it was excellent with very prompt drop offs and pickups. Unfortunately, over the last 2 or 3 years it seems to have gone downhill somewhat, perhaps victims of their own success. It is the airport return trip I find the most frustrating. In the early days, when returning from our holiday the transfer bus would often be waiting at the pickup point (and what a welcome sight it was after a long flight), in those days the longest you ever had to wait was a couple of minutes. Now I think they have installed CCTV cameras at the pickup point. My impression is they wait until there are a number of people before sending the bus. The last few times the queue has built up and it took 3 trips of the bus before we could get on (resulting in a 30 minute wait). There is no proper queuing system so you often get people trying to push in. On our last trip two guys at the front of the queue actually started fighting. We have decided to try the airports medium stay carpark for our next trip. It’s around £8 more but it’s only a 3 minute walk from the terminal building. Shame really because as I say we have used Park & Fly for years.
August 18, 2018

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Have just returned to collect our car which has been damaged whilst on this site. SCRATCHES on one side. Complained and got a stupid bit of paper. Staff very unhelpful and not interested. DONT PARK HERE.
July 27, 2018

Keith Hume

I have used this carpark (Bellair / Callerton) before with no issues, Arrived back this time, car was waiting to collect. Noticed scratches and indentations on drivers door, reported to Admin who took photo's and filed incident report. Received feedback 6 days later, supervisor claimed CCTV had monitored their operative marking the damage on their documentation. I asked to see the documentation but was refused. Supervisor said to come back and monitor the CCTV footage. The car was dropped off at 10:30am, the marks would have been clear to see if the damage had been caused prior to drop off. A No win situation I think...…...Will not be using their services again !!
June 13, 2018

Raymond Simpkins

Poor service yesterday returning to Newcastle late at night. No transfer bus even though flight had arrived at scheduled time, and had to ring to get one. Sign at bus stop said that site had CCTV monitoring, and when I pointed this out to the driver when he eventually arrived I was told that they were busy moving cars about for the morning. I reminded him that we, his customers, were standing in the freezing cold, to which I got no response. Unless you look after your customers you won't be very busy in future, because we'll just go somewhere else!
October 1, 2017

John Angus

Have used this VIP car park for about 4years now and no problem until our last visit turned up after or flight to collect our vehicle to find it was not parked in the usual place you collect it from to be told it was at the back of the car park then to find when we went to the vehicle it was not locked then to find the car had been damaged while been parked up at the airport to be told by a member of staff that as it's busy they have jockey staff in who don't care about customers vehicles my wife went into the office to complain the gentleman gave her a form to fill in he had what she thought was a job card with a picture of a car with our reg on and mileage and a circle on the door when she asked what the circle was she was told it was a mark on the car the car had no marks on it as we have only have the car two months and the circle on the card was not where the vehicle was damaged by the airport car park anyway my wife has rang to ask what is happening twice to be told the supervisor will look into when she asked to speak to a supervisor she was told they can't put her through to speak to him I am most disappointed as I have always been happy with the service
August 15, 2017

alan fisher

We have used park and fly for a lot of years now at Newcastle and we would not think of parking any where else, 5 star firm.
July 1, 2017