UK Premier Meet and Greet

This Meet and Greet service previously operated under the name Manchester MIA Premier Meet and Greet. It operates for all travellers, regardless of which terminal you are flying from. A driver will meet you at the Drop-Off zone and take your car off to be parked in a Park Mark car park with excellent security features. No long wheelbase vans are permitted. Instructions for the return leg will be given by your driver.


Please check your booking confirmation for details.

Arrival procedure

Please telephone us when you are approximately 15 minutes (or 15 miles) away from the airport on the day of your departure. To avoid delays please aim to arrive at the airport as close as possible to the Meet time that you have booked. One of our drivers will then arrange to meet you at the drop off zone outside the terminal which you are departing from. Our drivers are insured fully comprehensive to drive your vehicle. The driver will give you details for your return when we collect your car.

Return procedure

Full details of the returns procedure will be given by the driver when collecting your car.


CCTV, high perimeter fencing, barrier entrance/exit & 24 hour security. Awarded: Park Mark, Safer Parking Award.

Additional information

Previously known as MIA.

No long wheelbase vans are allowed at this car park. Any long wheelbase vans that arrive will be subject to further charges at the car park.

Previously known as

Manchester MIA Premier Meet and Greet

UK Premier Meet and Greet reviews

Our average review score for UK Premier Meet and Greet is 4.5 from 416 reviews.
Jack Sullivan

Do not use, they have lost my car and then recommended I just call the police and report it stolen. Absolutely shocking, still no car.
April 29, 2019

Jason grace

Great service HOWEVER. I've used it 4 times now and after the first two sowere I'd never use the service again but the girlfroend has insistedthe last two occasions. First use I had a dint left in my passenger door caused by another car opening at the side by the looks, second time my rear car mats went missing something I noticed 2 weeks after. Wrote to complain and never recieved any reply. Third occasion was trouble free. This recent visit is currently being investigated. I returned to the car to fine the brakes not performing with abit of a grinding noise. Knowing its just been stood almost 2 weeks I presued the problem would go away. But looking at the pads and disks this morning the disks are worn. Not an issue usually however I had both front disks and pads changed 2 yrs ago at a Honda garage. Pretty sure they would'nt wear so fast and definately know they were performing perfectly well before going on holiday. Wondering whether they've been replaced whilst in their care and just wondered if anyone else has had a similar concern. Like I said I'm taking the car in for further inspection. Really do hope there's no foul play!!! The car mats and the door dent should of given me more resolve.
March 24, 2018

Wayne Jagger

Dropped car off at 5am with no problem. Had to drop car off at station and walk over sky bridge due to issues outside terminal 2. No waiting around as pick up driver was waiting for us. Picked up at same point and car was waiting. Was told it is possible to pick up from outside terminal 2 but airport now charges �4 each time. Will definately use again.
November 18, 2017

Adrian wilkes

parked my car with this company. took photograph of mileage at drop off and on return my car was covered in mud both inside and out. also the car had accrued 70 plus miles. the company deny anyvwrong doing... not sure where my car has been or what has happened to it during this time. the company have basically told me it was safe. I will never use this service again. customer service
November 14, 2017

Geoff Burton

All seemed fine until 8.00pm the day before we flew, &.00am flight. Got a text to say mobile number to ring had changed,as they had to sub contract work out to other companies as they were very busy. Arrived at Airport ant 4.45am , and had to wait 15 mins before the "driver" arrived. On return rang original number ,only to be told we do not have you down to be picked up today(6pm on a friday night). Then after giving him booking ref was told we do not know where you;re car is, somebody else must have taken it!! The moron on the other end of the phone was rude and told us tough it is you're problem. Ithen rang the company landline and thankfully it was sorted out, delaying us about an hour. Not a great experience, and will not be using them again
September 29, 2017

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