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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Leeds Bradford Park2Travel


Great service transfer was spot on. Really great service. Will use again.
May 4, 2019

Stuart Martin

I used Park2 Travel in August 2018 and found everything about the experience very good. Prompt attention at the desk and mini bus waiting to drop us off at the airport. On coming home the mini bus was there within a few minutes and the car keys available immediately.
March 11, 2019

Kevin Jones

This is the first time I have used this service in the winter. The pickup and collection was spot on. There was no hanging around. On our return the driver was there immediately and he had our car keys with him. Michael even dropped us off at the rear of our car to load the cases. I will use this service again. Thanks
March 11, 2019

David Gill

Arrived back to Leeds to find damage on my car which occured whilst parked with Park 2 Travel in July 2018 after making 10 phone calls until end August still waiting for answers from Manager gave up on trying to get paid for damage to my car and paid myself. DO NOT USE THIS CREW
February 12, 2019

Jaafar Musa

I couldn't believe my ears when the driver on the 27th Dec 18 for flight from Dublin called me an arsehole in front of my 9yr old son. The reason for the outburst because I waited 45 minutes outside in the cold for driver to pick us up. I would broke his teeth in but my scared son was with me. Never again use this cowboy company.
December 28, 2018

Paul Reeves

The level of service and the staff we encountered couldn't have been any better. Staff were polite at all times and the transfer by minibus was prompt going out and on our return at 0230, a minibus was waiting at the airport to again promptly transfer us back to collect our car.
November 5, 2018

Emma Taylor

Not very organised, usually use sentinel. Where the mini bus stops to take you to the airport blocks the entire route around the car park so no one could get past. No spaces to park when you could get past. One person behind the desk with queue out of the door, this was September too wouldn't like to see it in August. I don't think it's big enough to cope with the amount of people they sold places to
September 23, 2018

Heather Sanders

First time we have used this parking facility. Very well organised, great staff.
September 11, 2018

O Dasaolu

You are good, no fault at all. Keep it up.
September 3, 2018

True reviewer

DON'T NOT USE!!!!!! DO NOT USE!!!!!! On arrival to my car which was stored under where birds nest & it was covered in a thick mass of bird muck which was a disaster as I had to drive another 1.5hrs to get home. Completely dangerous!!!!! Also money had been taken, sweets eaten & the whole interior smelt of cigarette smoke (I don’t allow smoking in my car & tell all passengers this) I feel very let down by this company.
September 1, 2018

E j m

Arrived to pick car up & no1 could find my car keys.....everyone drafted in to search Took 20/30 mins to locate as the paperwork hadn’t been completed at their end so no1 knew where it was When it was brought round to the front the lad drove like a loonie, window down smoking a cigarette which stunk when we got in All he could say was “I ad it out of the window the whole time” This isn’t the point!!!! It’s my car, I don’t smoke & now it smells of cigarettes Poor poor service Used once before with no problem but won’t use again
August 30, 2018

mark gatenby

Paid for INDOOR parking for late June 2018 break. Ten minutes after leaving the car they moved it to OUTSIDE parking for the whole stay. When I contacted them about this they asked 'how do you know this'? I said my dash cam told me....they were rather taken back. They checked their records and said they had made a mistake. Park2travel offered me my money back or a free park at some future date. Also my dash-cam tells me they 'moved' my car ready for my collection 20 hours before my return flight landed. That seems rather early to me! I've rated it poor because of this issue despite using park2travel several times previously without any issue. I've also used Sentinel too. My choice is always based on cost when booking. Contacted them for a 4th time 20 Aug about reimbursement. Manager said she would follow this through with head office and make payment. Allow 4 working days. Still not paid back by 28 August.
August 28, 2018

L Ashford

This was a great service - we commented on how friendly the staff were - both drop off and pick up - felt we left the car in a safe environment etc and would definately use this service again.
August 24, 2018

A Dean

everything spot on
July 21, 2018

Karen Wallace

When we dropped the car off was all easy,but when we came back off holiday,our car was parked next to a small building where there was a pipe coming out of the building,which I tripped over as it was dark when we got back,I went flying over the pipe,this should be painted yellow or boxes in I hurt my foot,also the space was totally covered in bird lol,which got all over my shoes which didn't smell very nice on the trip home
June 18, 2018

Susan clouston

Do not use this establishment! I returned from holiday to find my car hood had been taken down, the steering rack had all been adjusted (very low) and seat all adjusted. Upon querying this with the manager I was eventually told the guy who moved my car had had a problem with the windows going up and down which made him put the roof down. This was not reported to the manager or myself when picking the car up and I’ve never had any problems with windows going up and down. The petrol in my car was also low but as I didn’t note the mileage they would not look in to this for me. I strongly believe my car has been used by this company whilst I’ve been on holiday. I’ve requested cctv footage of the site which they are dragging their feet to provide to me some two months on. That in itself speaks volumes.
June 10, 2018

Ms J Hewison

Brilliant as always.
June 9, 2018

W Massey

Everything was as described and very easy right from the point of booking. All the information provided was very clear including the directions. The staff were extremely helpful and we did not have to wait for either transfer which only took a couple of minutes. Thank You
June 8, 2018

D Cooke

Very efficient operation but had to clean the car on my return (the only reason you didn't get a 5)
May 26, 2018

A Plant

Great all round service
May 24, 2018