Heathrow Long Stay Terminals 2 and 3

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As the name suggests, this facility serves Terminals 2 and 3 at Heathrow. Shuttle buses take between 7 and 15 minutes and operate every 10 to 12 minutes. There are no buses leaving the car park between the hours of midnight and 4 a.m. and if you arrive back at Heathrow between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. you will have to phone the car park for a transfer. Disabled customers can use the normal bus which has low floors or order in advance the Airport Help Bus.


Please check your confirmation email as details may differ depending on the supplier.

Leave the M4 at junction 4 signposted Terminals 2 and 3. Take the third exit at the roundabout. Take the first exit at the next roundabout signposted Central London and A4. Follow the slip road past the Park Inn and merge with Bath Road. Turn right onto Hatton Road North, heading towards Terminal 4. Turn left onto the Northern Perimeter Road. Take the first left at the roundabout onto Eastern Perimeter Road, signposted Long Stay parking T1 to T4. The car park will be on your left.

Arrival procedure

Please check your confirmation email as details may differ depending on the supplier.

The car park has automatic number plate recognition, so make sure you give us your car registration number when you book.

Take a ticket at the barrier, which will lift automatically. Keep this ticket.

When you've found a space, make a note of the zone and row you've parked in on your ticket along with the nearest bus stop. Then just wait at the bus stop for the transfer bus.

Departure procedure

Please check your confirmation email as details may differ depending on the supplier.

You'll need to catch the transfer bus back from the terminal.

From Terminal 2: Bus stop 6.

From Terminal 3: Bus stop 16. Follow signs for bus stops 16-22 out of the terminal. Bus stop 16 will be in front of you.

Once you get to the car park, if your ticket says 'cashier' on it, you'll need to take it to the customer services office opposite bus stop 6, by the exit, so they can validate it for you. You'll need to leave your car where it is as there are no spaces outside the office.

Collect your car and, at the exit barrier, insert your ticket. The barrier will lift automatically. Turn right out of the car park to leave the airport.


Heathrow Long Stay Parking is manned 24 hours a day and is protected by CCTV, a fence and frequent patrols by high profile security vehicles. The car park holds the Park Mark security award accredited by the Association of Chief Police Officers.


Parking is at the owner's own risk and subject to the terms and conditions of Long Stay Terminal 2 and 3.

Disabled facilities

The buses have low floors and space to accommodate wheelchairs. The Airport Help Bus, a special bus designed for passengers with mobility problems or a lot of luggage, is also available but you need to request it in advance.

Additional information

Please make sure you give us the registration of the car you'll be parking before you leave or the car park will charge you a £10 administration fee.

If you overstay your booked parking, the car park will charge you for the extra days at its normal rate.

Long Stay was previously called Parking Express.

There are no height restrictions, although the largest vehicles the car park can accommodate are transit-type vans or 16-seater minibuses. If a vehicle takes more than one space the car park may charge for two spaces.

Previously known as

Heathrow Parking Express

Heathrow Long Stay Terminals 2 and 3 reviews

Our average review score for Heathrow Long Stay Terminals 2 and 3 is 4 from 275 reviews.
mark shickell

Outbound Friday 8th June 2018. Waited 40 minutes for bus which was supposed to run every 10 minutes. Used call point help line who promised bus was on its way. Bus eventually turned up but driver rudely announced drop off only to dismayed waiting crowd. Return Monday 12th June 10:00pm Same story. Buses running late caught up in traffic due to tunnel closure. Suspension on bus was non existent. Asked driver if stops were announced in advance. He rudely said no. Dark in car park so unable to see stops coming up. When level with our stop F3 we pressed the bell only for the driver to angrilly shout you're supposed to press the bell before the bloody stop not at it. Worst car park bus stop EVER. Not using Heathrow again after that shambles.
June 12, 2018


Terrible directions to differentiate between short stay and long stay car parks, which led me to park in short stay by mistake, resulting in a charge of £222 (knocked down from £494) on my return from holiday. (this was in addition to the £82 pre paid)
June 11, 2018


It never said they are close between 12midnate and 4am when you booking I got late for everything because busses came half 4 and I missed my flight rubbish
April 16, 2018

Scott Stuart Anderson

As a person with a disability, I find it disgusting that there are not enough disabled bays. Also valet parking and meet and greet are given priority. And at some terminals, such as terminal, are put closer than disabled bays. Heathrow should have some guts and rip up the companies contract, or fire those responsible.
January 31, 2018

Miguel Camus

It seems that someone has stolen inside my car meanwhile it was parked in the long stay car park. When I opened the car I saw all the papers that were inside the gloves compartment on the floor, and I didn´t remember to leave the car like that. Anyway after a 12 hours flight I just wanted to go home. Yesterday it was sunny, so I tried to take my sunglasses from the gloves compartment and are not there, what is strange because I always have the sunglasses in the car. Then I checked what else was missing and I´ve found that a power bank that I keep in the car in case I need to charge the phone, it is missing and also I had a bag with coins to pay car parks that is missing as well. How is possible that I pay to park my car there thinking that it is safe and this happens??? Next time I´ll park it anywhere else!!
December 17, 2017

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