Heathrow Long Stay Terminals 2 and 3 reviews

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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Heathrow Long Stay Terminals 2 and 3

mark shickell

Outbound Friday 8th June 2018. Waited 40 minutes for bus which was supposed to run every 10 minutes. Used call point help line who promised bus was on its way. Bus eventually turned up but driver rudely announced drop off only to dismayed waiting crowd. Return Monday 12th June 10:00pm Same story. Buses running late caught up in traffic due to tunnel closure. Suspension on bus was non existent. Asked driver if stops were announced in advance. He rudely said no. Dark in car park so unable to see stops coming up. When level with our stop F3 we pressed the bell only for the driver to angrilly shout you're supposed to press the bell before the bloody stop not at it. Worst car park bus stop EVER. Not using Heathrow again after that shambles.
June 12, 2018


Terrible directions to differentiate between short stay and long stay car parks, which led me to park in short stay by mistake, resulting in a charge of £222 (knocked down from £494) on my return from holiday. (this was in addition to the £82 pre paid)
June 11, 2018


It never said they are close between 12midnate and 4am when you booking I got late for everything because busses came half 4 and I missed my flight rubbish
April 16, 2018

Scott Stuart Anderson

As a person with a disability, I find it disgusting that there are not enough disabled bays. Also valet parking and meet and greet are given priority. And at some terminals, such as terminal, are put closer than disabled bays. Heathrow should have some guts and rip up the companies contract, or fire those responsible.
January 31, 2018

Miguel Camus

It seems that someone has stolen inside my car meanwhile it was parked in the long stay car park. When I opened the car I saw all the papers that were inside the gloves compartment on the floor, and I didn´t remember to leave the car like that. Anyway after a 12 hours flight I just wanted to go home. Yesterday it was sunny, so I tried to take my sunglasses from the gloves compartment and are not there, what is strange because I always have the sunglasses in the car. Then I checked what else was missing and I´ve found that a power bank that I keep in the car in case I need to charge the phone, it is missing and also I had a bag with coins to pay car parks that is missing as well. How is possible that I pay to park my car there thinking that it is safe and this happens??? Next time I´ll park it anywhere else!!
December 17, 2017

Marian Grasso

We used the bus service on Friday, 15th September from outside terminal 3 at Heathrow airport. The bus was just sitting there with the doors closed and the driver was talking on his mobile. We knocked on the door to attract his attention, just to check if it was the correct bus, or if not where we could pick it up from. He continued talking, turned his back to us and just ignored us. This continued for about 10 minutes, whilst I took a photo. In the meantime someone else informed us that the bus stop was 10 yards around the corner. The driver then drove off, did not stop at the proper bus stop, and we had to wait 20 minutes for the next bus. Unless the driver was finishing his shift, he drove off without any passengers because he realised he was in the wrong for ignoring us. This is an outrageous service and the driver could have at least spoken to us, even to say we were standing in the wrong place. It reflects terribly on the company he is representing and have his photo as well as I shall be escalating the complaint.
September 17, 2017

Mr J Smith

I was a bit shocked to be given a bill for over £670 when trying to leave the car park. This problem was rectified quickly by customer services noting I had submitted incorrect information.
February 21, 2017


Used the Meet & Greet as it was on offer for a business trip. Only noticed when I got home that bird mess has been superficially washed off (car is black) and because it was obviously on there for the 10 days has leached into the paintwork. Can't prove it so hey ho - I suspect it sat outside and had a cursory wash before return. You have been warned!
January 20, 2017

Miss S Robinson

excellent shuttle bus service and clear instructions on how to get there and re collect car afterwards
August 18, 2016

H Winkler

What an incredible rip-off! Went in on Thursday noon and left on Sunday evening, was charged £ 103.10. That can only be described as a total rip-off!
August 12, 2016

Miss E Platt

Although the roads around Heathrow are difficult to navigate, the instructions were clear and once in the car park everything was very efficient.
August 8, 2016

Ms J Warman

Starlight forward cheap parking. Transfers regular and friendly drivers what more could you want to start your holiday and end with a smile.
July 26, 2016

Ms B Metherell

It was so easy to park, the buses run frequently, when we arrived the bus was already at the busstop, I really recommend it.
June 5, 2016

Ms F Blackmore

Easy to find, park & use BUT make sure you read the fine print. When you park yourself there is NO cover if your car is damaged. Someone opened their door on mine & left an obvious dint & chipped the paintwork. The CS rep was unhelpful & said report it to the police. I've told FHR & they sent a copied & pasted email + T&Cs & said they would "forward my complaint to the provider" - I've heard nothing since.
May 8, 2016

Miss S Lowe

Signs for the car park itself need to be more illuminated as in the dark it wasn't that easy to find. No problems getting to Terminal with the bus service however coming back the bus service was confusing and the driver not too helpful. found myself at the wrong car park with no-one to assist. When I eventually got to my car the barrier didn't read my numberplate correctly and I had to go into customer services to have my ticket validated which was easy enough but I felt when tired after my trip and flight that it was a bit of a nuisance. However now I have used it once I would probably use it again as I felt my car was safe in the car park and it was a good price.
February 15, 2016


I wish to complain about the 'Courtesy' Bus Driver who was working today at Midday (12 February 2016) on the Long Stay T2 & T3 service. When he arrived at Bus Stop 16 at Terminal 3, he opened the doors for no more than five seconds. By the time I had gathered my bags and moved to board the bus, he had closed the doors and was moving off. After having to shout "STOP", the driver then applied the brakes and opened the doors. As I moved to board, he shouted and vented his anger at the fact that he had opened the doors and that we weren't quick enough and were therefore at fault !!! Usain Bolt wouldn't have gathered his bags and boarded in that time ! We pay for this supposed 'service'. Surely the bus is meant to be stationary for a minute or so at least ? That has been the usual timing from many previous occasions using your service. Then, having boarded, he shouted - "What Bus Stop" as if that mattered ?? His job was to drive us to the Long Term Car Park and then we tell him which Bus Stop we would like dropping at. I told him that was not important and to just drive as he was in such a hurry, He then drove via T2 like a frustrated Ferrari F1 driver, too fast and too hard on his brakes. He even ran through an 'amber' light in his rush. May be he needed the toilet or finish his shift early but it was not good enough. Shocking service today.
February 12, 2016

Robert Peake

I would use this parking service again as the car park was easy to find and parking was easy too. There was quiet a long wait for the bus after parking, around 20 minutes which whilst freezing cold seems much longer and there is no indication a bus is on the way the shelter. Unfortunately after a 28 hour journey home the machine would not accept our prepaid exit ticket and we had to mess around at the barrier for 20 mins to get out. Not really what I wanted to do after such a long flight home. Overall ok but the difficulty getting out has influenced my rating at this time.
February 7, 2016

Mr P So

Great service, fabulous experience from end to end.
January 2, 2016

Mr M Muncey

Good and bad! easy to use, find and pre pay. Bus on time and quick to the terminal 5. Not so impressed on my exit. When inserting my parking card at the exit barrier it flashed up with an additional £46.50 to pay. After prepaying a £43 fee naturally I refused and called on the assistance button. After providing my reference code, name and details I was informed that I was parking on the wrong dates. Clearly not the case as I had the reference correct dates and times as stipulated on my details. I do not know whether this is some sort of scam to attempt to get additional payments! but I was not impressed and demanded that the barrier be lifted and I could exit. This was duly done. So be aware, and definitely keep all paper work and reference details with you.
October 21, 2015

Ms G Ray

Great service, one comment being the pickup points at the terminals wa not very clear.
October 8, 2015