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Directions information


Follow signs to Heathrow Airport from all major roads. On approach to the Airport, follow signs to your departure terminal. When you are close to the terminal, please follow the arrival procedure relevant to your terminal.

Arrival procedure information

Arrival procedure

Please call the car park 30 min prior to your arrival at the airport (unless the driver called you). Detailed instructions for each Terminal will be included in your voucher/confirmation email.

Please do not enter the car parks before your pre-booked time unless advised by a member of staff. If you do, then you will be asked to pay for the car park ticket.

Return procedure information

Return procedure

On your return please call the car park as soon as you can use a mobile to confirm your landing. Once you have collected your luggage, please call the driver on the number provided and follow the return instructions on your voucher/confirmation email relevant to your terminal.

Once you call to confirm you are on the way to the car park, the driver will pay for 15 minutes wait. You will have to pay extra for any overstay.

Security information


All drivers are fully insured to drive your vehicle. The compound has perimeter fencing, CCTV and is manned 24 hours a day with no public access. However, the cars are parked at owners own risk, subject to Terms and Conditions. It is also a Park Mark Safer Parking Award Holder.

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Departure information

Disabled facilities

This service is ideal for disabled access.

Please note that although drivers can help with the luggage for disabled passengers, they are not allowed to leave the car and therefore cannot accompany anyone to the building.

Departure information

Additional information

Please note cars cannot be collected before 4am. If you return after midnight, there will be a charge of £20.00 to be paid to the driver.

All vehicles are accepted as long as they can be driven on a standard license, have valid MOT and Road Tax.

Departure information

LHR Meet and Greet - Wash and Vac

This package also includes exterior wash and boot vacuum.

Carpark Map

Distance to airport

You will be met at the Terminal. The vehicle will remain in the secure compound while you are away.

Transfers from airport

Transfers do not apply for this service as you will be met at the Terminal.

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LHR Meet and Greet reviews

Our average review score for LHR Meet and Greet is 4 from 20 reviews.

Booking it was easy, but then again it had nothing to do with the company. Using it was more difficult. We called them 30 mins before arrival as told. They said to go to a different level than that detailed on the instructions. That was the first issue. On our return we called the “arrivals” number from the plane, as resqueshed in their instructions but the number is out of service. We called the “departures” number instead. He said to call again when we had the luggage. We did and made our way to the collection point. No car. 20 mins later it arrived. What was the point of calling from the plane? Over an hour before? They knew what plane we were on too. The car stank of cigarette smoke too. Horrible experience all round but the car was quite clean and only had about 17 miles added to the clock.

August 6, 2018

Outstanding service and very good value. The car came back from the wash and vac service thoroughly clean inside and out.

January 15, 2018

Clear instructions, smart drivers, car clean and valet perfect.

June 15, 2017

Very good service, have used on several occasions to date, no complaints.

May 11, 2017

Fantastic, will definitely use the service again... only grumble, and this is minor... we had a faster than expected run around the M25 so arrived 20 minutes early, a driver was not available to meet us, so we did a few laps of Heathrow until our allotted time. After this everything else spot on...

April 16, 2017