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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Glasgow Short Stay 1

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"Easy to book, simple process on arrival with only a short walk into terminal and probably best of all no scramble for shuttle buses when you get back. Bit pricier but worth it for convenience and you keep your keys. "

August 23, 2018

"My car was not recognised on arrival thus the barrier wouldn't rise ....after a short call tho all was sorted and went well ."

March 26, 2018

"Everything was great.thank you"

January 15, 2018

"Everything excellent except didn't recognise my number on exit but easierly resolved on the intercom at the barrier. Would be pleased to use again."

January 8, 2018

"Very easy process would use again "

January 3, 2018

"Lack of parking for people with difficulties."

February 16, 2016

"I am glad you asked for a review as I was hoping to contact you. I booked this so that my sons would hopefully have no issues when parking at Glasgow. They parked the car no problem at short stay 1 and received the ticket at the barrier. However they were stuck for about an hour yesterday on their return. When they placed the ticket into the exit barrier there was a message saying STOP! To pay £187. They couldn't get out so had to re-park and try to find someone to help. They did eventually track someone down and it took some time to sort out. He had the printed booking with instructions but we don't know if there was something missing from the given instructions? There didn't seem to be an intercom at the exit barrier (which I found strange) so not sure if they missed it. Having paid £63.67 to park hopefully without any issues we were very disappointed. If there was something we missed then I would like to know what it is or I certainly won't be paying that kind of money again to park there. If you could look into this I would be grateful"

January 18, 2016

"Excellent hassle free service ... highly recommended"

November 3, 2015

"We found it really easy to use this car park, especially as it was so close to the terminals. The car was secure and it was all automatic which meant we never needed to wait on anything. Will definitely use it again in the future."

October 10, 2015

"excellent just drop the car and two minutes walk to main building great not having to phone to get a bus to collect your car "

September 23, 2015

"Have used long stay carpark at Glasgow before which was fine but as our flight back was landing at 1am and I was travelling with my 3 children I thought it was worth paying a little bit extra to save us waiting in the cold for buses etc. From parking up to checking in took 10 minutes and on way back we were on the road home in less. Only slight inconvenience is lack of lift but it was manageable as we only had one floor to go. Also wouldn't have used it at the usual 'advertised' price."

August 27, 2015

"No fuss entry and exit to the car park."

August 23, 2015

"superb - in and out in a minute with number plate recognition,easy walk to terminal."

August 17, 2015

"good service received."

August 15, 2015

"Great parking facility & only a short walk from the airport! Will definately use again.xx"

July 28, 2015

"Excellent trouble free parking arrangement. Efficient and economical. Would certainly use this again."

July 26, 2015

"Great location and easy to find. Didn't recognise my booking at first but that was easily sorted by the car park attendants"

June 21, 2015

"Was very pleased that it was so near the airport,but the only confusing part was on your instructions they state that I would need to enter my details of my booking on entry to the car park ,which I didn't ,or did I do something wrong? I only took my ticket and on returning I was aloud to exit, so easily brilliant !!"

June 11, 2015

"Easy and right at terminal"

May 29, 2015

"Great deal and good saving cheers"

December 22, 2014

"All went like clockwork. The lack of a lift when hauling luggage, however, is a serious disadvantage."

November 18, 2014

" Nothing on booking site to say there were no elevators, had we been advised we would not have booked her. Would not use again"

October 17, 2014

"From the ease of booking to the ease of parking everything was perfect. Would highly recommend."

September 19, 2014