The Gatwick Valet Parking Company


Follow signs to Gatwick Airport from all major roads and follow the arrival procedure below.

Arrival procedure

On your way to the airport we ask that you call 10-15 minutes prior to arrival to confirm the meeting point.

Please follow signs for Short Stay (multi storey) car park, enter it and take a ticket at the barrier. The ticket needs to be handed to the driver. The exact meeting location will be confirmed when you call 15 min prior your arrival.

Return procedure

On your return we ask that you call to confirm your return once you have collected your baggage from the carousel and the driver will advise you about the exact meeting point at Short Stay car park. Your car will be delivered there in about 10-15 min.
You will be given an exit ticket but please note it is only valid for 10min so you will be required to pay for any overstay.

Please note: You would need to pay Short Stay car park £3.00 exit fee on your return.


Your car is stored in a fully secure, fully insured car park.

Additional information

You would need to pay Short Stay car park 3.50 EXIT fee on your return.

Hours of operation

24/7. Closed on Christmas Day.

Park Mark award

This car park does not hold a Park Mark award.

Where are the cars parked

Little Park Enterprises
Charlwood Road
RH11 0JZ

Total number of spaces at this car park


Motorbike parking

Not available.

Drivers working for this car park

Average driver age


Driver training

All drivers are vetted and trained by managers.

Are all drivers police checked


Driver uniform

All drivers wear black trousers and white shirts.

A typical driver will be

According to company representatives, their drivers are always polite and always put the customers first. All drivers speak good English.

How the workflow is managed

The company aims to never overbook work.

Does the car park use self-employed drivers

Yes. However, the same drivers are not on duty for multiple companies at any time.

How can a customer be assured their vehicle won't be used for unauthorised purposes

The drivers do a vehicle check when picking cars up and note down the mileage. The cars are then taken straight to the secure compound.

Driver insurance

All drivers have full comprehensive insurance.

Other services

Valeting service available.

The Gatwick Valet Parking Company reviews

Our average review score for The Gatwick Valet Parking Company is 4.5 from 491 reviews.
Lindsey Knight

Prompt collection and delivery of my car. Good value for money even though the car mat needed a good vacuum afterwards
September 29, 2019


Very simple. Met at both ends very quickly so no waiting at all.
September 10, 2019


Very good service
September 2, 2019

Shaun Knowles

Everyone on time, friendly and efficient.
August 18, 2019

Theresa Wheeler

Simple and quick - just what you want! Perfect
July 6, 2019

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