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Alexander Nuttgens

I parked my car for 12 days, and picked it up at night from their badly lit car park. Next day I noticed a dent in the back door. Gatwick Airport Parking refuse to acknowledge any liability. I cannot get it mended on my insurance because I gave my keys to an unknown person, who technically is an uninsured person. My advice is NEVER use this Summer Special service. Park in the Long Stay and keep your keys.
September 30, 2018

Nicola Sargood

***DO NOT USE THIS CARPARK*** Left the car for a week, returned to a 50cm crack across the windscreen which was definitely not there when it was dropped off. Carpark staff have refused to accept liability or even investigate it. Also... it is not clearly advertised that the car will be driven off site. By the time we realised this it was too late as we had to catch the flight. At first, I thought we had just been unlucky, but after reading other reviews, it is clear that the staff have no respect for people’s vehicles and are driving them like lunatics, causing damage on a regular basis. This has been a very costly lesson learned for us, definitely will not be returning!!!!! On a plus note, the carpark was clearly signed and the drop off was relatively painless.
September 2, 2018

Grzegorz Luty

I hope never use this parking again. to all: take all the electronic devices from the car like navigation, recording cameras charges cable. they stole the memory card from me when you are parking check with parking staff your cars before you live car at the parking and after returning, do it again before you leave the car park. someone broke the plastic cover of the ignition switch, and if there were no traces, they stole the memory card from the camera because they are recording the cabin inside
June 13, 2018


*Small stone mark and windsscreen cracked* Worst experience in a paid car park I have ever had, when i had parked my new Range rover. Left my car there for a week. when driving back home saw cracked windscreen. Also check your mileage before leaving the vehicle!!"they do not keep on the same space.
April 13, 2018


Booked this parking thinking it was on site parking, because that is what it is advertised as. But when you read the small print in their terms and conditions it states that someone will take your car and drive it somewhere else. Nowhere in their advert does it mention meet and great or valet parking. This is false advertising! They should be reported.
April 3, 2018

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Steve Gerrard

Arrived on a busy Friday afternoon. Just wait a few seconds at barrier and park in vacant lane, someone was directing us. Hand in keys in office and collect a tag. Get on bus just outside. We waited 5 minutes for bus which takes about 10 minutes to North terminal. On return, get on bus at 2 ( you are dropped off at 8). Quickly collect car, I didn’t notice any damage. I would use this service in the future.
October 17, 2017

Marek Baluch

On collection day we found our car with flat front tyre.The external part of valve was damaged .I changed the wheel and on my way home I stopped at my local tyre man to have it fixed.The fitter told me that the tyre is damaged because somebody drove the car on flat tyre so I had to buy a new one. So there is no respect somebody's property .Stay away if you can
October 1, 2017

Josh humphreys

DONT USE THIS CARPARK..... I left my BMW here in September for a week to come back to a completely burnt out clutch, please note this was in perfectly good condition when I left.. they let me and my 5 year daughter just sit and wait In reception to get our own way back 120 miles away... terrible service. Check mileage I didn't unfortunately.
September 25, 2017

Austin Power

The worst ever car park we lost the flight because we have to wait 50 minutes to drop the keys!!!! Never ever again better Pay £20/30 more be safe....
September 19, 2017

Ruth Johnson

Queued for 40mins in the rain. When we eventually caught the bus the queue was even longer & I'm sure some people would of only just made their flights.First & last time of using this service. Absolutely disgusted.
September 10, 2017