Gatwick Premier Parking

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Follow signs to Gatwick Airport from all major roads. On your way to the airport we ask that you call 10 minutes prior to your arrival.

Arrival procedure

Please check your booking confirmation for detailed instructions.

Please call 07786 858962 once you get onto the M23 and we will dispatch a driver to the terminal to meet you.

North Terminal: Proceed to the north terminal and stay on the lower level and in the right hand lane. Then pull up on the passenger drop off point where one of our uniformed drivers will be waiting for you.

South Terminal: Proceed to the south terminal and stay on the lower level, following signs for passenger drop off please pull up after the second set of traffic lights where one of our uniformed drivers will be waiting for you.

Return procedure

Please check your booking confirmation for detailed instructions.

Please call 07786 858962 once you have collected your luggage and a driver will be sent to the drop off point with your vehicle.


24 hour patrols and CCTV cameras. All chauffeurs are fully insured.

Disabled facilities

This service is ideal for disabled customers.

Additional information

Minimum stays/charges may apply.

Gatwick Premier Parking reviews

Our average review score for Gatwick Premier Parking is 4 from 111 reviews.
Dean Squires

Would have been 5 but car was damaged on returned and they are refusing to except responsibility as I did not report it before leaving the car park. Using their service is going to cost me hundreds of pounds. I'd avoid and use a taxi or park your own car. I only wish I seen all the other review of people reporting their cars damaged before I'd used the service.
October 11, 2018

Marc Edwards

If I had got my car back undamaged then I would have been happy with service. However as with most service providers of this type, it is only when there is an issue can they be properly judged. Premier Parking are completely unproffesional. Despite following their procedure on how to report an issue when picking up your car they have failed to respond to the fact that my car was damaged whilst in their possesion. I would not recommend using this service because if they damage your car they will not engage with you to rectify the damage so you will be left with the burden for the cost of repair.
August 20, 2018


Awful customer service - do not use! We travelled with a 7mth old and thought a meet and greet service would take the pressure off an early morning arrival and ended up waiting longer than 40mins for the car. When we dropped the car off we corrected our arrival time with a 'chauffeur' who said he would inform the office - this obviously didn't happen. We were told to phone on Wednesday and compensation would be arranged - 3 months later we are still waiting!!! The manager never responds to emails or calls.
June 28, 2018

Kathy raishbrook

On delivering our car they offered to collect from us at Hampton hotel. Was impressed with the service. On us collecting completely undone our good thoughts. We called 10 minutes before and was told they would deliver in 10 minutes. We heard of other people waiting for over 1 hour before us. After 6 calls to them they told lies and said 10 minutes, 15minutes, and 15minutes thereafter. Took over 1and half hours. Don’t need that or the stress after long flight. When arrived couldn’t give explanation so will never use again.
June 9, 2018

Elly Gibson

Awful service today. Waited more than an hour and a half for our car to be delivered. Dreadful customer service - we were told the car was coming in half an hour, then ten mins more, then that it was stuck in traffic. When the driver I arrived I asked him what time he left and he said 15 mins before so the company lied to us for well over an hour. Avoid.
June 4, 2018

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