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zoe goodman

Nice guys, but not a great experience. Picked up in an old red car, (enentually after ringing 3 mobile phone numbers!) smelled of smoke, music loud, and drived like a complete idiot and boy racer! Nice enough guy, helped us with the bags etc. Same experience on our return, had to wait a while to be collected, when I rang (after again phoning 3 numbers and panicing as no one answered) we were picked up with another couple, when all put together with luggage, was very very squashed in the car. again driver, drove like an idiot, typical boy racer, braking very late, driving up peoples behinds very close.....not very comfortable for myself after having an operation!!! Sorry for the bad review, very good location but very 'unprofessional'. I was going to use you again in september when we are going away on our family holiday, but there is no way I could put my kids in that sort of danger in those cars.
March 2, 2010


The staff were friendly and efficient and the service first class.
March 1, 2010


The service was great, very reliable car park.
February 28, 2010

David Gray

Friendly and helpful. A bit slow picking me up on arrival.
February 25, 2010

David Gray

Friendly and helpful. A bit slow picking me up on arrival.
February 25, 2010

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Huw Thomas

Great, very friendly and prompt service. Will use again!
February 21, 2010

Alan Thomas

Parking was fine, as soon we arrived we were taken to the airport, on the return I phoned when we left departures and only had to wait arround 10mins for them to pick us up. The price was good and I sure I will use it in the future and recommend it to others.
February 16, 2010

Jessica Beel

Immediate drop-off at the airport, and they were waiting to pick us up by the time we had collected out bags. Very good service. The only negative I have is the transport vehicle used to and from the airport did not present a professional image on any level. It was a clapped out Vauxhall astra, which was very dirty, with only one working passenger door!
February 15, 2010

Michael Bourne

The directions from the M5 south were not very clear and it is about three or fourmiles from the airport. On arrival at 7.00am the place was in darkness so slighly disconcerting. The driver that met us was very helpful with our luggage and made sure we were at the airport without any delay. On our return we rang and the driver was with us before we were at the designated meeting point. Our car was ready to go with the heating on and pointing in the right direction and again the driver and his assistant were polite and very helpful. All in all for the cost we were very pleased with the service.
February 12, 2010