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Valerie McCauley

We parked our car by the perimeter fence on 27th July. Three of us in the car and we all remembered exactly where we had parked it! On our return 10th of August no car. After an extensive search we contacted car park personnel who sent an employer in a van to help us locate it. We did find it but it was nowhere near where we had parked it. No explanation given.
August 15, 2018

john starling

I booked my car into the meet and greet at Birmingham Airport, valet parking flex plus, from 15/07/18 - 23/07/2018, total cost £120.59.As I can't always guarantee my return date, I called Birmingham Airport Customer Service to change the date to the 20th of July, to collect my car. To my horror it was answered by NCP Car Parks, I was advised there would be a £5 charge to talk to someone. I spoke to a representative and advised them of the early collection of my car, which they registered on their system. I collected my car on the rearranged date, ie 3 days early from my original booking. I therefore asked for a refund for 3 days as I had made the full payment up front. I was told there is no refund, read the terms and conditions, every time I questioned it all I was told was read the terms and conditions. However I was told if I had run over my original dates it would have cost me £15 per day extra. As knowing NCP from the past to my regret, I can now see why they advertise under Birmingham Airport umbrella. The robbing B-------.
July 21, 2018

paul binding

Went to leave the car and barrier would not lift. I rang the operator and was told that I had put the incorrect time on my booking which was my fault; I put 11 am not 23 pm. I Needed to pay a extra £7.00, which I did but then the machine stole my card and the operator said the payment had not been taken. I told him I needed the card to pay again. AN operator came out in a truck and unlocked the machine then went with me to another machine to pay. He rang control as the first machine also stole the ticket and told them to send a £7 payment to this machine which he did. No problem now I could go home that was until my next bank statement NCP had taken two payments.
July 8, 2018

Mr L Judge

Superb , automated easy to use and only a few mins walk to the terminal , would not even consider off site parking when this is so good
June 12, 2018

Mrs Hewitt

Great service, don't have to wait around long. Thanks
May 17, 2018

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Mrs Dhillon

Brilliant , well laid out , drove straight in , got a space , bus stops are all numbered , got straight in the bus . Car was safe all week . Excellent service .
May 16, 2018

Mrs Gordon

Exvellent stay
May 15, 2018

Mr Clark

Convenient & easy to arrange made arriving & departing a breeze
April 15, 2018

mark richardson

DRIVERS BEWARE – IF YOU VALUUE YOUR CAR AVOID NCP CARPARKS! Recently returned to Birmingham Airport to find car stolen from Carpark 5 Staff assured me the car had not left but call to police it showed as stolen/recovered 5 days before, also that there were problems with CCTV at the time. NCP deny any fault citing “we do not advertise and cannot guarantee that your car will be secure” despite a full “SECURITY” section on their website listing CCTV, ANPR, 24hr staffed, security fence, barrier controlled. They later claimed to have CCTV footage as“ the vehicle smashed through it with a staff member stood next to it at the time” – no signs of this when it was recovered. Seems the barrier is only to make sure genuine customers don’t leave without paying They also confirmed they were aware that the region “has recently been experiencing a spate of organised vehicle thefts targeting high performance cars” but obviously keep this quiet. They have not responded when asked twice why I was not informed at the time of theft so I could sort alternative travel and minimise my expenses I’m currently taking them to the small claims for the £1k I’m out of pocket! Do yourself a favour, leave your car on a public road – probably safer…
April 5, 2018

Mr Moseley

Bus service works well, but be aware the numberplate recognition system that is supposed to recognise you booking and operate the entry/exit barrier did not work in my case which can cause slight delay. Apart from that it is convenient compared to off site parking.
March 28, 2018