Spa Hotel Car Park reviews

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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Spa Hotel Car Park

lorraine steel

Hello I found booking with this company very easy and by far the cheapest. The parking at the hotel was fine and they offered an immediate complimentary bus service to the airport.
June 1, 2009

marilyn davies

Very efficient
April 6, 2009

morris n

Really easy to find well signposted at the entrance to the airport. Park your car, keep your keys and a mini bus to run you to thw airport about 3 mins away. Phone up from the airport when you return and 5 mins later the same mini bus to take you back. first class service
October 31, 2008

Richard George

Really helpful people we left the car and were taken by mini bus to the airport drop off point and then told to give a call when we arrived back. I made the call and we were picked up taken back to the car. my car had a flat battery when we arrived so i asked a member of staff if he could give me a jump start, he was only to willing to help although we could no get it started he offered to let me use there phone if needed. many thanks for all your help
October 27, 2008

Tony Belmont

What you see is what you get! A weeks parking for £32. Dropped off and picked up at airport entrance in good time, bolth ways, car in good condition when we returned. Good deal.
October 17, 2008

Andy Hudson

Courteous and efficient - a pity you cant just punch a hole in the perimeter fence then customers could walk to the airport...but then I expect the bandits that run Teesside airport and its car parking would hate that. Teesside/Durham Tees Valley is certainly the worst of the 20 or so airports that I have passed through this year.
October 6, 2008

David Chalmers

I found service at Spa Hotel Car Park quick, efficient and cheap. We liked the courtesy mini coach link to airport
September 29, 2008

carol perry

On arrival I was met by a very pleasant young man who dealt with the paperwork efficiently and drove my straight to the airport.On my return, which was late at night,I had to wait a considerable for the phone to be answered and I was becoming a little concerned that I wasn't going to be picked up.There is now a considerable walk from the Spa hotel to the airport as the previous access route has been closed and I would suggest the walk could take 20 minutes at least.However the lower cost of parking makes it far more attractive than parking on the airport.
September 16, 2008

Thomas J Kinneavy

We arrived at the Spa at 04.30 to catch an early flight. The receptionist eventually appeared, indicated how to get through the fence with a four digit code that didn't work. I went back to clarify; same thing. I had to run to the airport building (which is a good 20 min walk) to get the flight. Fortunately I dropped my wife & our bags off at the terminal beforehand. On our return I learnt there was a courtesy available!! Why were we not told, why is the info' on your website so incomplete? The price is good but an overall lack of info' made for a regretable experience.
August 27, 2008

jennifer kitching

This is the worst park and ride service I have ever used. Arriving back I made the phone call to request a pick up, Spa hotel is no more than a five minute drive from the hotel yet I was still waiting to be picked up 40 minutes later, despite having been told during the phone call that the driver would be no more than 3 - 4 minutes. I phoned them 3 times during my extended wait, the staff were unapologetic and arrogant. Clearly the staff were not recruited for their commitment to customer service!
August 24, 2008

Michael Driver

The Spa Hotel park is very near the entrance to the Airport. Staff are very helpful and the parking is very good value for money.
July 30, 2008

Paul Martin

Not as well signposted as it might be but friendly and helpful staff at hotel reception. Recent additions to the security fencing mean a 15 minute walk to the terminal building but a courtesy minibus is in operation if you want to spare your legs.
July 23, 2008

phyllis demi lassey

July 13, 2008

Frank Odell

The gent at the hotel on the morning of my flight was very welcoming, polite and curteous. On my return the same day, I contacted the Spa Hotel, they were very punctual to 6pm as stated. Driver was again, polite and I was made to feel important. A service that was in my humble opinion, VERY GOOD and I would definetly be using again. The price at £5 for the whole day was fantastic.
July 10, 2008

Tom Charlton

Hotel poorly signed from airport approach road. Hard to find in middle of Industrial Estate. Cars parked in budget, dated hotel car park with no security. Staff pleasant and helpful. Unexpected extra service was prompt shuttle to and from airport drop off point as short walk to airport is not possible. NB.Car keys retained by customer.
July 9, 2008

Robert Paterson

Service was fine , no probs happy days. Directions signage are dross. Its like entering an 1940's battle of britain air base. Please get better signage saying Spa Hotel
July 4, 2008

Susan Baxter

Well worth parking at this location , transfer to airport simple & pick up all I had ot do was call when we were ready to get picked up to collect the car
June 23, 2008

Ronald Clughen

Very difficult to find as there are no directions for this hotel on the airport grounds. Good service between the hotel and the airport but had to wait for the arrival of the bus once we had landed. A great breakfast in the hotel to welcome us back!!!
June 21, 2008


Parked my car here for a couple of nights whilst having a weekend break in the states.The hotel has a transit bus to take you to the airport which is 5 minutes away but 20 minutes if you were to walk. Staff were curtious and from parking my car to arriving at the airport was 10 minutes. On arrival back at the airport, i rang them from the baggage collection point and on exit to the short stop car park the transit bus was waiting for me, saved myself a few bob, would use them again.
June 17, 2008


The car parking was really good, so close to the airport and convenient. Staff very helpful and almost within walking distance.
June 10, 2008