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Exit M11 at J8 and follow Stansted Airport signs for Set Down Area, unless otherwise advised when you give your 20 minute phone call.

Please note car park opening hours: 04:00 - 00.00. If booked out of work hours please contact us on 0845 803 5434 more then 48 hours from the start date to cancel your booking.

Please be aware: the car park will charge £50 for arrivals or returns out of work hours.

Arrival procedure

Call the Meet and Greet Agent 20 Minutes Before your arrival at the Airport on the number provided on your confirmation email. When you make this call, you may be directed to meet the Agent at the front of the Terminal Building in the Set Down Area (you may know it as the Drop Off Point).
Approximately half way down the front of the building there are; Two White Flag Poles one with the Union Jack Flag on it! Park up opposite these flag poles and try not to go any further than the flags! We will book you in from here.

Alternatively you may be asked to drive into the Short Stay Car Park. Once you have entered the Short Stay Area, take the very first turning on your left into the Red Car Park. Drive up to the barrier, collect a ticket at the barrier (to give to your Agent) and follow the outer perimeter of the car park around, until you come to a Covered Walkway, it is well lit and pull up and park opposite where the motorcycles are parked, generally opposite rows O and P and your Agent will book you in from here.

Please note: Car park opening hours 4.00 am to 00.00 pm. If booked outside these hours please call 0845 803 5434 to cancel your booking.

Return procedure

Do not call for your car until you have collected ALL, of your luggage and you are on your way through Customs.

On the day you were checked in you would have been given two Pieces of paper, one is the receipt for your vehicle that you will need to give the driver to collect your car! Please have this ready to hand over! Please call the Mobile Telephone number as noted on your receipt and Returns Instruction Slip.

From International Arrivals Lounge; look ahead of you, just to the right of the Taxi Kiosk, go through the sliding doors, down a ramp, half way down, turn right into a tunnel that leads you outside into the 15 Minute Pick Up Car Park (also known as the Blue short stay). Once outside in the car park, turn to your left and go to where rows F (Blue) and A (Orange) posts meet. This is where we will return your vehicle to you.
(For UK/Domestic arrivals, look to your left to see TAXI Kiosk and follow the above instructions accordingly).

From International Arrivals Lounge, stay inside the Terminal Building and turn to your right! Walk past W H Smiths and Spar on your right hand side. 100 paces ahead of you are Booking Desks D and E, just opposite these rows are sliding doors marked Short Stay Car Park. Half way down the ramp, turn left into the tunnel leading outside into the Red Car Park on your right! At the end of the canopied walkway, collect your car!
(For UK/Domestic arrivals, look to you left, opposite rows D and E and then follow the above instructions accordingly).

All customers will have to pay their own exit fee from the short stay car park, which should be 2 (exit fee is subject to change and are outside of the car park control).

Disabled facilities

The service is ideal for disabled passengers as you will be met at the terminal, no bus transfers required, but note that adapted vehicles cannot be accepted for safety reasons.

Additional information

All customers will have to pay their own exit fee from the short stay car park, which should be 2 (exit fee is subject to change and are outside of the car park control).

Please note that if you arrive before your appointed time you will incur short term car park charges as parking is limited to 5 min. However if you call 30 mins prior to your arrival the chauffer will try and help.

When making a booking enter your SCHEDULED return landing time ONLY as we only operate between the hours of 04:00 to 00.00. If your flight is delayed a member of staff will wait to give back your vehicle on your return so do not worry.

Amending & cancelling your booking: Bookings can only be cancelled and refunded up to 24 hrs before your arrival time. If you need to amend your details please inform booking agent and call us on the number supplied if within 24hrs of departure. Keep us informed so we can give you the best service.

As long arrival and return procedures are followed correctly waiting time should not be longer than 10 minutes.

Important Information

OPS Extra is a professional and reliable Meet and Greet service operated by Stansted Easy Park.

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