Stansted Mystery Car Park



Full directions to the car park will be provided in your confirmation.


Arrival procedure

Full instructions will be provided in your confirmation.


Return procedure

Full instructions will be provided in your confirmation.



Park Mark Safer Parking award accredited and CCTV.


Additional information

Once booked, you won't be able to amend, cancel, or refund this car park.

It is an off airport parking and you will be required to leave your keys.

Service operates between 04:00 - midnight.

Minimum stays/charges may apply.


Distance to airport

The car park is located near the airport.

Transfers from airport

Regular transfers operate between 04:00 - midnight and cost £1 each way per person.

Stansted Mystery Car Park reviews

Our average review score for Stansted Mystery Car Park is 4.2 from 11 reviews.

"The service is prompt and the staff is friendly."

June 11, 2017

"It was ok, but we did have to wait around for half an hour to be picked up from the airport!! bit of a pain"

June 3, 2017

"The car park was a little further away than I was anticipating, but once I'd located it everything was very smooth and easy. The staff were all incredibly friendly and welcoming, the paperwork was a breeze and took next to no time, and transfers to the airport were without hassle (though being a smaller operation, there was a bit of waiting around for other customers for the bus.) My car was safe and secure, and I made it to and from the airport easily."

May 4, 2017

"Good but close at 6.00pm so had to get a taxi back from airport for £17.00 my fault though didn't check properly make sure you put return flight details in but they left keys fine found them straight away."

April 23, 2017

"Personal service is an understatement. The man in charge helped to rush me through the admin as a holdup on the M11 left me with very little time - and he brought me quickly to the airport. We had a lovely chat and the ride was really enjoyable - got to know him well on the short journey. The flight back was greatly delayed - by some 5 hours, and even though they officially close at 6pm, our man obligingly made sure we got to our cars well beyond 6pm. He did it with a smile on his face and lots of chat - minimising his own inconvenience. Very good experience. Thank you"

February 27, 2017