Manchester Car Park Travel - Meet and Greet

Book now from £ for 7 days parking.

You are required to pay the £4 entry and exit fee to access the terminal (subject to change).


From all major routes, please follow signs to the airport and then to the Terminal. When you arrive at the Terminal, make your way to the Short Stay car park where a driver will meet you to collect your vehicle.

Arrival procedure

On arrival, you are required to call Car Park Travel approximately 20 minutes prior to arriving at the airport to confirm your time of arrival. When you reach the Terminal, please enter the Short Stay car park area where a Car Park Travel will meet you to collect your vehicle.

Return procedure

On your return, please call Car Park Travel to confirm your return after you have collected your baggage from the carousel. When you exit the Terminal, please return to the short stay car park where a Car Park Travel representative will be waiting with your vehicle.


Vehicles are parked in a secure compound, featuring perimeter fencing/walls, gates, and security lighting.

Additional information

You are required to pay the £4 entry and exit fee to access the terminal.

Manchester Car Park Travel - Meet and Greet reviews

Our average review score for Manchester Car Park Travel - Meet and Greet is 2.5 from 6 reviews.
Mr William Dawson

Hi. My first experience of this service and I was pretty impressed, although I found access to the multi storey terminal 1 level 3 extremely difficult to find. I ended up going to terminal 1 level 5 and couldn't access a lower level. My own mistake, perhaps the panic of catching a flight! lol however I was met at level 5 by a very professional member of the team. Problem solved! Would use this service again and highly recommend!
July 17, 2019

Kashif Ali

Terrible Experience. I booked on 7 May and got confirmation email regarding my booking from 20 June to 25 June. I rang the given number 20 minutes before arrival at the airport as instructed only to find out that no one was available to answer my call. I left a voicemail. I got to the airport and called again. This time voicemail was full. This rang alarm bells. Now I am at the airport inside the multistorey carpark and wondering if I should just leave my car and go. Fifteen minutes later I got a call from a different company to say that 'Park and Go' has closed as of 1st June and some of their operations have been taken over by Runway Park and Fly. However, I got no email or text message from either company. Finally a driver arrived 45 minutes later and took my car. I was lucky to have arrived well in time and barely made it to the flight or I would have missed my trip. The return experience was also poor. I was given a different number to call on return. No one answered the phone when I rang after I had collected my bags. Fifteen minutes later I got a call asking details of my car and asking me to come to multi storey car park at terminal three. I was already there for the last 30 minutes or so! The driver was non professional (very casual) and was constantly on the phone while driving in the car park in a foreign language. I was lucky he dint crash my car. He was not concentrating and did not know how to turn off the engine and wipers. It was a very poor and terrible experience overall.
June 29, 2019

Chyanne Stewart

Best thing about this was that we didn't need to go into the car park the man came and picked the car up soon as we entered the terminal, he then called when checking in the clutch has gone and then on the way back they couldn't start the car and the clutch was gone when the vehicle just had its MOT working fine he didn't even call us to inform we were waiting for 2 hours with no answer then we had to pay £20 to go in a taxi to get our vehicle and then man just drove off when we go there with no help. Never again
May 29, 2019

Elizabeth Maher

I was attending the British Airways Flying with Confidence course which was being held at the Radisson Blu. We were advised to park at the hotel and that it would cost £9. When I got to the hotel there was no parking and was sent to Terminal 1Meet and Greet to park and was told that it would cost £25 for the day. When I went to pay at the end of the day, I was charged £40 for 9 hours of parking. Absolute daylight robbery!
May 13, 2019

Simon Oakley

My first use of this service, dropping off car was easier than expected and collection of car was ok and both drivers were professional. My only gripe is £4 at the airport seems excessive for 10 minutes, my wife was using crutches due to a knee injury and we felt under extreme pressure to empty and fill car rapidly with cases etc which could result in accidents happening within the car park, to allow a comfortable transition there should be at least 20 minutes allowed by those that run the car park.
April 27, 2019

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