Luton Long Term Parking reviews

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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Luton Long Term Parking

Beata Godlewska

25 min wait for the bus was 'a bit' long!
September 7, 2018

Stefan Olariu

Worst service I 've been just kicked out from the bus along with another persons by a rude driver who said that another bus is coming in 10 min
August 6, 2018

Paul Thornton

Arrived back early hours of a Sunday morning, had to wait about 20 minutes for a bus to arrive, frustrated driver who had been pulled from other duties. He then had to do other drops before going to long term car park, only to find his bus did not have authorisation to enter, finally got in but on exit couldn’t get out as barriers were not working properly. Absolutely shocking. Felt sorry for the driver who was doing his best.
July 8, 2018


It is ideal when you pick up or drop off someone within two hour. But if you stay 1 minute over you have to pay £27.
June 27, 2018

G Fitzgerald

Very impressed when we arrived at the car park early on Tuesday morning. Entry was easy, plenty of spaces and the transfer to the air port was excellent. The following Tuesday it took over 30 minutes to get a bus from the airport back to the car park. The bus driver was lovely especially dealing with tired and frustrated passengers. Then when put ticket into machine to leave was told had to pay £188 parking fee. Soon sorted but after all delays could have done without the hassle.
June 14, 2018

E Przytarska

When we came to long term Luton car park we were looking for a place to leave our car in safe place . We were driving and on our way was car who blocked our way to go further . Someone left his car into middle of the road . We were thinking that maybe someone is staying and looking for a space but not. The car was definitely parked because there wasn't any driver and the automatic mirrors had been closed down. We were surprised and we turned back to looking our free safety space. After few days we came back and our car was exactly the same like we left it . Everything was ok.
June 13, 2018

Ms Barnett

There were not enough buses as the first one was full and the second was a tight squeeze. You know how many flights are scheduled and how many people you are servicing so put on more buses. Because of the traffic situation around Luton and the fact that we couldn't get on the first bus, arrival at the car park to arrival St the terminal took nearly an hour. Very stressful and not good enough.
June 8, 2018

Matthew Harper

We had to wait 25 minutes for a bus because the bus driver decided to lap the carpark until he had enough passengers. This resulted in an overload bus with no concern for safety. Lots of people were still left behind. We had a toddler and an infant with us in pushchairs and there was no safe space on the bus. Then the bus took 35 minutes to get to the airport because cars were driving in the bus lane. We ended up missing our flight. If you do use this carpark. Give yourself 3 hours before your flight and prepare for an hour journey from car park to terminal. Terrible service
June 5, 2018

Robert John Allen

Booked a week's parking. Just before setting out realised that I had put in the wrong exit time of 1700 instead of 1900 as intended. Tried to amend online only to get a message 'no availability at this site' whatever that means. E-mailed them to ask them to change the time. They didn't. Just sent an e-mail saying I had 2 hours grace so 1700 would be fine. Well it wasn't. The flight was delayed and then the Long term parking bus which travels at about walking pace and stops at bus stops on the way to the parking got stuck at the entrance because a broken down car was blocking the very narrow road into the car park. Everybody had to get out and walk to their car from the entrance, Ours was at the completely opposite end. We dragged our cases to the car and totally exhausted got out with a couple of minutes to spare. The Admin, the car park and the bus are the pits. Although I live only a 25minute drive from Luton this experience coupled with the shambolic way the whole airport is run, (worst check in experience for years) I will never use Luton again. They should send a delegation to Stansted, Gatwick and Heathrow to get some idea about how a real airport and car parking system should be run.
May 21, 2018

W Grabinski

Great service....
April 14, 2018

Christopher Hutchinson

Car park itself is great - easy to book, easy to enter and exit. However, you return from abroad in thick fog, thankful you are back on terra firma, only to have to wait 35 minutes at the terminal stand A for a bus to return you to your car - in that time along with about 200 other folk all pushing and shoving to get on the eventual vehicle. Not good enough really, spoils an otherwise good service.
April 12, 2018

C Picton

Easy to book and smooth entrance and exit. Only frustration was the wait for the transfer bus and the time to get to the terminal.
February 18, 2018

deborah halls

We came back at luton, got to bus park just before 6.30pm, we waited and waited, a bus turned up said 'not in service', told us one would be along in 15 mins!!!!!!!! We waited 30 minutes, when buses should be running every 15 min, when the bus came back at 7pm, it was the same bus that told us to wait, yes it was probably staff shift change, but then you need to have shifts that overlap, if service is to be 15 mins, this is what it should be!!!!!!!
February 15, 2018

D Mynard

Luton Long Term Car Park enjoys a good position in close proximity to the airport buildings, BUT, EVERYTIME WE GO THERE THE AUTOMATIC ENTRANCE/EXIT SYSTEM IS A DISASTER. On the last 3 out of four occasions it has either failed to let me in , or on two occasions demanded I pay over £170 (per week) to let me out. This is not acceptable for a system such as this to be totally unfit for purpose in this day and age. It is not just the automatic number recognition because this normally works OK. The problem is the booking has not been recorded on the system correctly. AS THIS PROBLEM HAS BEEN AROUND FOR AT LEAST 3 YEARS IT IS HIGH TIME IT WAS RESOLVED. WAKE UP LUTON.
September 26, 2017

Sian wells

Worst parking ever! 35 minute wait for a bus, then when it arrived it was so full we had to pack in like sardines. The people at the next bus stop could not get a space!!!! Awful!!!
September 9, 2017

M Playford

Very good service
September 1, 2017

Mrs Lesley Powell

Good value parking and efficient system once we got there. Don't use the postcode quoted on the email confirmation in your sat nav though as it sends you to the drop off point and you get stuck in a queue and have to pay to get out. Follow signs for the long stay parking instead.
August 11, 2017

John Carver

Just terrible. One of busiest flying days of the year and they had 2 long-term carpark buses in operation, with a 25 mins wait for the bus to arrive, followed by a 25 min journey time from carpark to airport. I arrived in Luton 2 hours before my flight and ended up missing it because of this. Very, very unhappy :-(
August 6, 2017

MR Gary Shepherd

July 11th 2017 we used this Luton long stay car park. We waited an Hour for a bus not 10 or 15 minutes an hour! how can you be at check in on time when the car park wont even be there to take you! i had considered walking to the entrance and calling a taxi which you shouldnt have to when you have paid for a service already,i was not happy with this service.
July 31, 2017

john humphreys

Good service generally. We managed to lose the exit ticket on returning to Luton. but the help button at the exit barrier produced an instant response and a real person. I provided our booking reference and he remotely lifted the barrier. Rated 4 overall because of small wait at car park outbound coupled with traffic delay between car park and terminal - probably fully 30 minutes after our arrival at the car park - which might be critical if you are not normally "early birds"
July 15, 2017