Luton Short Term Parking reviews

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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Luton Short Term Parking


Came to the airport to pick up my mother in law and accidentally drove into the drop off carpark as the signage is not very well displayed to which lane you should be in and ended up paying £3.00 for being in the drop off area for less than a minute. Then got ripped off by the ridiculous prices at the short term car park. I understand that the airport is going through a renovation, but they need to be more lenient during this time. They are literally making money for not doing a single thing!
March 10, 2019

Paul D

Utter shambles. Wanted to park in the short term multi storey car park , but due to poor signage and road works I was led through the drop off area, I had to pay £3 to exit the drop off before I could enter the multi story which cost another £8. No staff to help , no communication points to ask for help. Utter Utter shambles.
February 21, 2019


Very expensive and the signage is hopeless. It is not obvious how to get to the terminal once you have parked and equally difficult to find the way out if you are on level 3 or above because you have to drive through the valet parking but that is not made clear. There is no easy access to trolleys so make sure your luggage has wheels or you may start your holiday with a back injury.
June 25, 2018

Clifford Alderman

Easy to find, easy to park and only 5 minutes to Departures. Some of this is outdoors so if raining you need a brolly or coat.
November 2, 2017

anthony gurney

When we returned from out holiday to find our car had been damaged down both sides we were told the car park is not liable even though there is NO fixed CCTV covering the parking spaces and we found there was no 24/7 security on site, both of which they advertise they have. So I have had to pay my insurance policy excess and likely have increased premiums. They would not even refund what we paid to park - never again. I've used valet parking without any problem even though you hear of scare stories, but never again it's taxis all the way now. Don't assume because you're in official parking you are covered, you might as well use the cheapo companies and save yourself a few £££££
November 1, 2017

Mr Amir Dawe

Start to finish it was a breeze, even better than meet and greet!
October 2, 2017

T Cowley

No real problems. All the construction work is a little disorientating. Found our way in and out without problems. Had to search for a space.
July 26, 2017

Mr Gary Felsted

Very easy transfer from car park to airport, only snag was finding a space was very time consuming
July 20, 2017

Ian H

A disgrace with terrible surfaces to drag your cases across. Total chaos trying to get to the terminal and whilst the new multistorey is a welcomed all be it late addition, it is exorbitantly priced.
March 11, 2017

Mr Michal Kluzinski

Very Good quick and easy, arrive 15 early tickets printed with name no extra charge, on depart put on tickets nice and smooth. Recommend for 100%
February 1, 2017

Mr Nicholas Duncan

All good until at the exit barrier I was asked for a £180 excess payment although everything had been already Prepaid. Eventually it was sorted out by the person handling the problem at Luton airport car parking. However could have done without this at 11 at night after a very tiring day.
January 29, 2017

Ray Pocock

The worst car park I have ever parked my car in. The lighting is very bad, there are very deep pot holes (filled with water when I arrived) parking slots are missing over 80% of the car park, blown down signs and debris are all over the place, there are temporary barriers and cones dotted around randomly. People are struggling around with suitcases to avoid the potholes in the roadways because there is only one walkway away from the car park down just one side mainly just leading people to payment machines. When I arrived back from my trip at 03:00am I had a deep gouge in my paint work high up on the car, there were no attendants to see so went to priority parking office they helped me take photos of damage gave me numbers to phone but intimated I would be wasting my time, they were right after contact they told me they accepted no responsibility for any damage and I had parked at my own risk apparently. They told me to claim on my insurance. Most Reviews of this car park are good but must be false including the parking industry review Park Mark. This car park is like a building site the only true reviews are on google reviews of the car park and that is slightly distorted by old reviews when the short term car park was probably acceptable.
April 14, 2016

Mr R Szulc

no prob
September 21, 2015

Mr A Khursheed

Very expensive Otherwise great
September 4, 2015

Mr R Kay

No trolleys available. When I finally found one it cost £2.00. The path is ridiculously difficult to negotiate with a lot of luggage. Luton airport as a whole is probably the worst in Europe to experience. Rather pay extra and use Heathrow.
March 3, 2015

Dr A Simay

Good location, good price if paid in advance, no charge for some hours overstay.
February 23, 2015

Mark o

Whole transaction went very smoothly - Car park is right next to the air port, literally 1 -2 mins walk. Electronic barrier recognised my car on way in & accepted the ticket on the way out - def use again
September 15, 2014

Joseph Tucker

For an early flight, say 06.30 departure, I would say that short-term car park is the best choice since it is a 2 minute walk from the terminal and you have to allow 30 minutes to get through security [no exaggeration...] plus 5 minutes to walk to your gate.
June 4, 2011

Sue Mitchell

I have not parked at Luton before. I was expecting covered car parking, that's why I went short term, never mind. The car park surface is in need of repair! The ticket machine would not give me my ticket back as a receipt, so I have had to pay it myself, very fed up as when I booked I used my own card and gave my own details and now cannot get my money back. Would save money next time by using off airport parking as it is quite a walk to and from the terminal and so did not save me time or give me the covered parking I expected for the extra cost. All in all, bit fed up. If you could get me a receipt in my companies name I would be very happy customer and forgive everything, lol Regards Sue p.s. Have already spoken to FHR, they cant help with the receipt
April 8, 2011


Very convenient. Surprised to get a bill for £564 on insertion of prepaid parking ticket on returning at 23.00hrs but quick call on intercom solved problem.
March 26, 2011