Easy Park Gatwick Meet and Greet



Follow signs to Gatwick Airport from all major roads. On your way to the airport we ask that you call 15 minutes prior to your arrival.


Arrival procedure

On departure, call 0845 6023541 approximately 15 minutes prior to arrival at the terminal.

Drive directly to the departures level where an Easy Park Gatwick representative will be waiting for you.


Return procedure

On your return, call Easy Park Gatwick whilst you are waiting for your luggage and your car will be waiting for you outside the terminal within minutes.



Vehicles are stored in a secure undercover unit with 24 hour on site security within minutes from the airport.

Distance to airport

Easy Park Gatwick operates from the departures area outside both the North and South Terminals.

Transfers from airport

Transfers do not apply for this service, as your car is collected and delivered the the terminal.

Easy Park Gatwick Meet and Greet reviews

Our average review score for Easy Park Gatwick Meet and Greet is 2.4 from 5 reviews.

"Excellent in all respects - courteous and professional service"

October 20, 2009

"First time I'd used this company and was very happy with them. Prompt collection and delivery of my car.

No extra charges for before 6am which was great.
And not really any more expensive than leaving it a park and ride.
The only thing that concerned me was there was no check of the car before they drove it away. Had I disputed any damage when it was returned what would procedure have been"

September 19, 2009

"I have used this company before and the service was average. I recently used them for a short 4 day booking. Unfortunately my car had rubbish left in it and was absolutely filthy inside where the driver and friends had not cleaned their shoes or used some paper mats. Also the outside was dirty too. I do not recommend this company. Better to pay a little more and and have pace of mind. Contacted company about this and I got ignored."

March 21, 2016

"Terrible service. Was left for nearly 2 hours in return, thought my car had been stolen. It was very upsetting and an awful end to a holiday. Would never use this service again and would recommend nobody else does either."

March 5, 2016

"I have booked the parking and a premium car wash back in December and although I had no problem with my car being picked up and returned in a timely manner, the car was not cleaned to the specification described on the web. Let's face it it's not the cheapest service so I have asked for my money back for that part of the service. Not only I still have not had a reply, I since found rubbish in my car which clearly pointed out to the employees taking my car to McDnonalds! Who knows where else has it been driven without my permission?!
If you want your car to be taken for an unauthorised rides then go ahead and book, but wouldn't trust them again. Very dissatisfied."

January 27, 2016