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Firstly this is not a meet and greet service. Arrived at 5am to join a huge queue of cars waiting to be processed. Half an hour later we finally got to the entry barrier where the guy told us that the car was having a 360 degree photo taken. We then had to park the car in a long line and got directed to a hut where we left our keys. Still no physical check made of car and no handover paperwork but assured that wasn't necessary as everything captured on camera.
Arrived back from holiday. Waited ages to collect key and trekked to far side of car park to find filthy car with damaged bumper. Member of staff nearby not interested in helping so had to trek all the way back to the office to get a manager. She took photos and gave us a claim number which needed to be quoted when we logged a claim online. Claim was rejected as they said damage was there when we dropped the car off and they provided "proof" in the form of a tag which apparently was for our car although there was nothing on it to identify our vehicle and it has damage noted that isn't on our car and actual damage that was present missing! We asked to see the 360' photo but surprise, surprise it's not available due to a system error! Of course it's not because it will show the bumper wasn't damaged when they took delivery! Not going down without a fight..."

July 18, 2018

"My car was damaged whilst in the care of Valet Parking. We advised the manager when we collected the car, he took photos of the damage & told us not to go through our insurance but to make a claim against the Valet parking. He said they would have taken countless photos of our car when it was dropped off and would easily be able to check those against the photos he took after the damage. We have now received an email stating they will not pay for the damage and they have no photos when we dropped the car off due to "system error". They say they will only pay for damage if we can prove it was caused by the negligent driving of our car by their operative, which of course we can't! If one of their drivers damages your car whilst moving another car - you're not covered. In fact unless you stay in your car for the whole of your trip & watch their drivers you stand no chance of getting a claim for damage paid. If you are unlucky enough to need to park a car at Stansted Airport then save your money & use one of the car parks where you park the car yourself. There is no point in paying extra for them to park it "securely"."

June 13, 2018

"Booked meet and greet plus which included fast track and gold valet. Arrived back to pick up car after 3 weeks on holiday only to find no valet service was done at all Not impressed to say the least and given run around when trying to phone. Just round and round in a loop."

June 12, 2018

"Appalling service, had to come back early from a trip. Took over 90 minutes to get the car after I had informed them 5 hours earlier of our arrival."

June 6, 2018

"Very efficient service - no phone calls necessary and no waiting for the car to be brought to us upon return"

May 13, 2018

"Usually been ok but last time car had massive crack in windscreen when we collected it which was not there when we left the car. Meet and greet take no responsibility for any damage when they have your car and refuse to accept they caused a problem. Just beware they will not be treating your car with any respect while they have it. The car park they take it to off site is a field full of stones and ruts......."

May 12, 2018

"My Wife used this service for a short visit to Scotland, when she returned to her car she found the convertible roof had been used and not put back up correctly, the car was filthy and someone had left a mobile phone inside, on further inspection the Sat Nav had been wiped, my wife called the police who are now investigating, the site manager said the car had been missing for over an hour when the company driver should have just been parking it!!! DONT USE THIS COMPANY they take no responsibility."

May 7, 2018

"We had to wait over 10 minutes in the freezing cold. When the car did turn up, the ignorant driver did nothing but grunt when he gave me the keys. The car was covered in the worst deluge of bird muck I had ever seen. I mean it was literally covered. The final straw was that we had to pay the £5.50 exit fee, which is buried in the small print on their contract.

Learn some customer service, and be honest with your pricing! If there is an exit fee to pay, include it on your advertised price. To make matters worse when I did bring to complain, the guy at the end of the phone, was more interested in shouting at me as I hadn't read the small print."

May 1, 2018

"Absolutely discusting most disorganised service I have ever had the misfortune to use, paid for meet & greet service went to pick my car up as paid for to find nearly ever person who was with me to collect car was waiting up to an hour at least as they were running behind, as I pointed out they shouldn’t be offering m & greet service as they obviously can’t provide the service!!! I will be looking for a refund and will never ever use again!!"

April 8, 2018

"A scene of chaos last night in the Meet and Greet reception as a result of several flights cancellations. One might say this is understandable, however three hours average wait for families with young children in the cold is unacceptable - under any circumstances. Staff were disorganised and were running around like headless chickens, the system they have currently clearly does not work when there is a cancellation in spite of messages and calls made in advance to the mobile phone provided. I had to wait yesterday between 8.30pm and 11.30pm with my wife and a very cold 7 year old at the end of a very exhausting experience at Stanstead."

March 31, 2018

"I read all the negative reviews and decided to take a chance...the service at Stansted was excellent, very efficient, no queueing, everything went exactly to plan.. and in half term week..Well done for turning it around..!"

March 7, 2018

This service deserves NO stars, i collected my car during pouring rain on a dark evening, I was in a hurry to get my young family in the car and home.
My car was strategically parked directly in front of the Exit by Meet and Greet, immediately after leaving the Exit I noticed the tyre my rear was flat and then on closer inspection I had a smashed rear light and bumper (my car had been hit from behind).
I called Meet and Greet immediately and they said they could not help me and I had to go online and report on the Stansted Feedback Form. We were left stranded and had to independently call a tow truck to get us home.
I have since reported the damage to London Stansted Airport Meet & Greet and they are taking no responsibility for the damage. I have refereed them to the website in which they claim 'We will thoroughly investigate complaints using systems which provide accurate timings and data including scanned boarding cards and CCTV footage.' I have asked them to look at the CCTV of my car to see that it arrived without damage and left after being in their care with a flat tyre and smashed light and bumper but they refuse to take any responsibility as I didn't report the damage before leaving the airport.
The company have showed no remorse, or made any effort to investigate the CCTV in the car park. If investigated thoroughly they would clearly see my car was left at the exit for a reason, and that the damage to my car must have happened whilst in their possession, whilst also leaving me with a flat tyre and stranded with my family outside the airport."

February 26, 2018

"We are regular users of this facility and have always been impressed with the service and civility we received.

On a recent visit I was greeted on my return by Colin , who, with his friendly greeting made it a pleasant experience. Later on the way home and some 50 miles from Stansted, I realised I had left my new pullover on the luggage trolley. With little hope ion seeing it again, I decided to ring the car park. With unbelievable luck the person who answered the phone was....Colin. This true gentleman agreed to post said pullover to me and it duly arrived in a couple of days at his expense.

Needless to say he was more than recompensed for his trouble.

Hope to see you again soon Colin, well done Mate."

February 18, 2018

"Excellent service, most definitely THE most convenient for Stansted airport. Park at terminal and collect at terminal, no finding of drivers or calling numbers on arrival or return. Would definitely use again."

February 6, 2018

"Excellent....will recommend meet & greet service ????"

January 18, 2018

"Going to keep this short and sweet.
I used this service 19th-23rd Dec 2017.
My car was returned damaged - a significant scratch down the passenger door.
The company (Stansted MAG Parking) are hiding behind their terms and conditions and taking absolutely no responsibility.

They could return your car a crumpled mess, and you will be on your own.

If you have to use this service, do so aware of this risk.
if you don't have to use this service - don't.
I won't be again.

To be constructive to Stansted...perhaps you will consider changing your T+Cs to actually take responsibility for damage done in your care? Until you do, I wouldn't promote your service."

January 12, 2018

"Have used other meet and greet at other airports so thought I would use it at Stansted but nobody actually meets you at any point, just a man at the ticke barrier that pulls your ticket from the machine and tells you where to leave the car and then you have to take the keys yourself to s hut where you have to give all your details again. It says it takes 4 mins on the websites more like 15. It would’ve been quicker just to park and ride. A lot cheaper too!..then although you text to say you’ve landed you then have to collect your car from a car park yourself! RIP off!!"

December 2, 2017

"Do not use this service. Firstly not a meet and greet service as our car was parked 10 minute walk away on our return with 4 young children in the rain and when we came to our car the cars are parked so close together in lanes that there was no way to actually get into the car through the drivers side and my husband had to climb across from passenger side to move the car to a place we could actually get into it. Not only that the mirror adjustment knob was broken but when we have come to get it fixed, the whole electric system is missing so someone obviously has a side business taking any parts they fancy from the cars! Avoid, Avoid, Avoid!!!"

October 27, 2017

"Don't bother,went to pick car up,it was getting dark,I didn't all the scratches until It was light,they told me I had to complain at the time,as I said to them you see scratches in the dark,but they were not interested,never again,"

October 25, 2017

"I paid £67 initially for a meet and greet service. I was met by an employee to collect my vehicle and take it to their compound. I was charged a further £5 so that they could leave the car park! I was under the impression that £67 would cover all of this!

Unfortunately I could not go on holiday and therefore needed my vehicle back. When returned there was problems with tyre pressure on my vehicle. In addition I was charged a further £20 for them to return my vehicle, which was not long after the initial drop off. I then had to pay another £5 to leave the car park.

When I called the meet and greet office I asked if it was possible to get a refund as the vehicle will not be parked in their compound for the 5 days I paid for. The service I paid for was not used in its entirety!

The person I spoke to in the office was very rude and said that I had used the service and that I had breached their terms and was entitled to no money back...

I will never use their service again and I wish I had read the reviews as I am very upset by my whole experience today."

October 23, 2017

"Appalling experience. Huge queue to drop off. Would have been easier, quicker and cheaper to use normal car parks. Would not use again."

October 21, 2017

"Absolutely shocking!!
We booked Meet& Greet parking, drop off was fine however on collection the company had put the wrong date so our car was not available!!! We had to wait at 1am with a 4 year old for an hour for our car to be returned! Not much of a meet & greet service.
The ladies accepted full responsibility and apologized for their error and told us to claim a refund by contacting customer service. However customer service have told me i am not entitled to a refund as i did park my car there, obviously if i knew it would be such a disaster i would of gone elsewhere."

October 17, 2017

"Have to be honest was worried a bit with recent national negative press reports (already paid!). Nothing can be further from truth, amazing experience, in and out in a couple of mins, lots using service as well. My mileomitor had another 9 miles on the clock (not trip) so everything they say, they do...thanks"

October 12, 2017

"Took over 2 hours to collect my keys from the meet and greet office. Staff and office disorganised. Not worth the extra money - cheaper and quicker to use mid or long stay parking."

October 3, 2017

"Awful!!! Don't bother unclear when you come in. Staff helpful if disabled when you are giving them your car. But return journey was different story! Full of fed up people complain about time to get your car keys! Turns out your car is driven somewhere else! And you have to wait for member of staff to drive off airport to collect from wherever they park your car! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY NOT WORTH IT!"

October 1, 2017

"We booked Meet & Greet because our return flight arrived at 12:15 (midnight). On our arrival at the reception following a long flight and being delayed an hour, we found that our car was not ready because the Meet & Greet staff had got confused with their 24 hour clock and we had to wait a further hour whilst our car was retrieved. We were not happy at all. We have submitted an on-line complaints form and a month later we still have not heard anything back from them. Very poor service and we would never use it again."

September 25, 2017

"I arrived home after a lovely break with the Mrs to find (and it looks like this is not a one off) my car with a destroyed clutch and flywheel from Stanstead meet and greet. My car has always passed MOT and services without issues in it's 4 year life and this company can't drive it 100 yards without breaking it. Cue me then having 2 weeks without a car and a cost of £1,000 to fix. Tried to complain, M+G are not interested at all and the t's and c's do not protect you whatsoever. I now park in short stay car park and take the hit with a 10 min bus ride as I do not trust these absolute crooks with my property. You could see (as I stood by my busted mini) the staff taking in nice Porsche boxsters/Z4's to park with big grins on their faces. They do not care and are probably doing burnouts to really give your clutch some grief. I would NEVER, ever use this company again and after seeing some local reviews of keys and cars being lost it's criminal. AVOID!!"

September 20, 2017

"Agree with other reviewer - this is NOT a meet and greet car park. You have to park your car then queue up in an office to hand your keys in. On return it was pouring with rain, we struggled to find the office in the dark, had to ask a coach driver, then our car couldn't have been further away. Stansted is a dreadful airport anyway, would never chose to travel from there again and if I did have to would pay the extra and get a cab."

September 19, 2017

"This is not a 'meet and greet' service. I travelled in August 2017 and the parking system at Stansted had changed since the last time I was there. Rather than drop off at the front of the airport and be met by someone who takes your car, you now park in the lower car park and queue to had your keys in. The queue when I got here took about half an hour. On the return journey it took about 20 minutes to pick up the keys. Save your money and park in the long term car park - won't take any longer than this rubbish!"

September 17, 2017

"Firstly I will say we have used the meet and greet service before and everything was fine. Unfortunately not on this occasion
On arrival everything was as expected and the gentlemen directing us in were all very pleasant and efficient. However on return in the early hours of the morning we joined the queue of other passengers collecting their keys. There was some very unhappy people who were being advised that it would be an hour before their cars arrived and an extremely unhappy owner being told they were unable to locate his keys
At 2am with a very tired 5 year old we were very grateful to be handed our keys and begin the trek! To the car.
With all that we had heard whilst queuing I suggested to hubby we had better check round the car and make sure everything was in order. In inspection we found the car had been hit on the front which no one had advised.
With that I returned to the office (note for reference : if you leave the car park any claim of damage is void)!!!
I won't bore you with the following 40mins but let's just say I had force the issue to get anything done and even with that you don't get a copy of the incident report, just the reference number written on a business card and a statement telling you " do not expect a quick response"
You then have to log onto an email or write to advise of the problem you experienced (they don't provide a telephone number)
This is now 2 weeks ago and you won't be surprised to read that we've heard nothing
The damage estimate that we have had done at a garage ourselves is £600 + vat"

September 13, 2017