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"I would never use this firm again. Ever. Having set an arrival time and having rung the firm the day before and explaining that:

I am Australian
I have never ever flown from Stanstead before and as such could not be exactly certain of my arrival time.

I was told this should be ok if there was a minor delay, I rang propr to the agreed time and avised I would be about 30 mins late, the response was, "we cant do anythiug, no we dont have any kind of office at the airport at which you could leave your keys so we can collect your car (somethign not made clear in the terms and conditions) for which I get charged an extortionate 75% cancellation fee.

Having now used the Long Stay car parking facility at Stanstead, with the regular bus service toi the main terminal, I would not use Let UsPark Meet and Greet again. There is no need, and I can be guaranteed a park and not be told if you are delayed we will take your money and deliver nothing in retunr, not even the refund I rfequested that morning which is still yet to arrive."

April 4, 2010