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Directions information


Follow signs for Robin Hood Airport.

At the airport please follow signs for the "Short Stay Car Park" (located opposite the Ramada Hotel) and at the entrance barriers to the car park please take an admission ticket. This ticket both on entrance and exit allows 15 minutes "free parking" to complete both pick up and drop off for the client.

On passing through the barriers please drive through the car park to the "Meet and Greet" zone which is the nearest possible parking point to the airport's main terminal within the Short Stay Car Park. There you will be met by a Platinum Parking representative.

In this secure area luggage can be conveniently and safely unloaded and immediately after the vehicle will be driven to Platinum Parking's secure, CCTV controlled, offsite compound. The drop off area is also conveniently sited directly opposite departures.

Arrival procedure information

Arrival procedure

Please call Platinum Parking on their 24 hour mobile 07926 402830 the day before your arrival the the airport to confirm your meet and greet time is still fine.

Also please call Platinum Parking 15 minutes before your arrival as they appreciate arrival times can change en route.

Return procedure information

Return procedure

On your return, simply call the Platinum Parking 24 hour mobile number 07926 402 830 when you've got your luggage back - or when you clear security if you didn't check-in hold baggage. Your car will then be brought to meet you at the airport parking pick-up point.

Security information


Your car is collected at the Short Stay Car Park by an insured driver, then parked in a secured compound with CCTV for the duration of your holiday.

Departure information

Additional information

You will be required to leave your keys.

Meet & Greet zone is the nearest possible parking point to the airport's main terminal within Short Stay Car Park.


Vehicles stored at: Platinum Meet and Greet Aucklands Farm Wroot Road Epworth DN9 1EE

Distance to airport

You'll be met in the Meet & Greet zone is in the Short Stay Car Park close to the terminal.

Transfers from airport

Transfers do not apply for this service, as you will be met at the airport.

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Platinum Meet and Greet Doncaster reviews

Our average review score for Platinum Meet and Greet Doncaster is 4.5 from 65 reviews.
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Goodbye place to find

September 3, 2018
Full starFull starFull starFull starFull star

Really easy to book and use. Friendly staff, a great service.

August 23, 2018
Full starEmpty starEmpty starEmpty starEmpty star

Nothing Platinum about this service. All the instructions are wrong - you go to long stay NOT short stay. You are told to phone 24 hours before, the lady told me not to bother but to ring 15 minutes before arrival at the airport. The lady who took the car away looked untidy and dodgy and didn't fill me with confidence. Then on returning to Doncaster at 5.30am, I phoned continually for 45 minutes, getting very stressed thinking the worst, before a sleepy voice finally answered and told me they had been driving and would be there in 5 minutes! No apologies and 20 minutes later our car appeared. After a smooth punctual flight this is the last thing you need for a tired family of four. Don't try and save a few quid - use the official airport parking, we will be doing next time. The airport don't have anything to do with Platinum Meet and Greet and couldn't help me when I was panicking.

July 23, 2018
Full starEmpty starEmpty starEmpty starEmpty star

This service was non-existent; no one answered the phone, no one turned up, no one apologised; no offer to give money back, in fact no anything. Stay away from this company.

July 18, 2018
Full starEmpty starEmpty starEmpty starEmpty star

Awful experience! Did everything I was asked. Phoned day before and then on way to airport started phoning a so called “24 hour” contact number, which just went to an answerphone. 30 minutes after our arrival at airport, and 5 or 6 still unanswered calls, with no one there to meet us, and needing to check in, we had to make the decision to park our car in the long stay car park. A female representative phoned us when we were in the airport (checking in), about 40 minutes after my 1st phone call. On top of what we paid Platinum Parking, for a service we did not receive, we then paid a further £75 on our return yesterday. We were not the only people that morning at Doncaster Sheffield Airport who were unable to contact Platinum Parking on their “24 hour” contact number!!! If you stipulate 24 hours, then it should be exactly that!!! We were left wondering if this company actually did exist, had I been scammed and, if they had actually met us, would we have still had a car on our return home. Very stressful, very upsetting and a truely awful experience. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND USING THIS COMPANY (if they exist?????). I also saw no evidence of any of their representatives/employees at the airport on our return, otherwise I would have had a conversation about our experience!!!!!!! STAY CLEAR OF BOOKING WITH THIS COMPANY (if they actually exist!!)

July 10, 2018