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"Booked this for my recent 7 night holiday. Really easy to find directions were spot on. Loads of parking and on return go to the welcome desk to have your ticket validated (right next to the bridge exit on the ground floor) walked back to the car and away. Took us 5 mins after collecting bags to walking back to the car. No hanging about waiting for buses etc. Brilliant !!"

October 11, 2014

"Good car park, easy to find, good value."

January 31, 2008

"our trip went very well the parking was great,no waiting for busses sraight to car and home. thanks again"

November 23, 2007

"Carpark 1 at Prestwick Airport was most convenient and having booked the carpark over the internet we just had to insert the credit card we used to pay with on entry and exit from the carpark, it was totally hassle free."

October 26, 2007

"I used the Prestwick No 1 car park (Short Stay) last week and the experience was not without it's problems.
Firstly the Barriers refused to acknowledge my credit card which at 0430 in the morning caused a bit of a panic.
Secondly the signage for Car Park 1 points you in the wrong direction!
It was a good job that I had a good idea of the layout from previous visits."

October 13, 2007

"Car Park 1 short stay is wonderful.One minute walk to the terminal building.It is expensive but if you hate waiting for buses to get you to/from your car or have a long onward journey and the pick up delays you even more, then it could be the answer.I decided to pay the extra for the convenience living 150 miles from Prestwick and a very early flight.I found it horrible previously with the other car parks to be left standing outside in freezing cold and often wet weather for up to half an hour."

October 13, 2007

"Good park easily acessible"

September 30, 2007

"The description is a bit misleading to us old hands, as the parking is to be done in what used to be the old long term parking lot. Reference should be made to the fact that there is work being carried out at the moment by a rather lethargic group of contractors. This work has been in progress for some time now... It was very difficult to push our luggage trolley to and from the terminal building, on account of the slopes, chicanes, traffic and distances to be negotiated. This was a real challenge to me at the moment and rather defeated the purpose; having paid the higher price in exchange for minimal physical exertion. Things might get better in the future when work is finally completed, but as it stands at the moment it is quite a cumbersome environment not worthy of a modern and dynamic Scottish airport. It does NOT deserve top marks, it has yet to earn them...
And by the way, if you decide for reasons of economy to book in the long term parking in Monkton you must allow at least an extra half an hour or more to your travelling time."

September 20, 2007

"We used the Prestwick shortstay car park (12 days) and found the location and price to be value for money. It was a third more expensive than the further away car parks but well worth it given we have 2 small children so didn't have to get on/off the pick up buses."

September 14, 2007

"I have no problem at all with the car parking service, which I found easy to use and well worthwhile. However, the path leading from the car park area to the terminal building has a steep downhill camber, which makes pushing a loaded trolley extremely difficult, even for two people. In this respect,Prestwick Airport is very far from 'pure dead brilliant'."

September 13, 2007

"First class made the trip from glasgow and totally hassle free both outgoing and incoming, came back at 11.30pm picked up car and straight out car park and home to Glasgow - fantastic would do it again."

August 15, 2007

"Excellent.I arived back in the early hours and felt totally safe going back alone to my car."

August 6, 2007