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Gemma Neale

Straight forward service, bit of a long wait for a bus after ringing to say we had landed back. However saying this I would use them again.
July 17, 2017

M Lonergan

very helpful and well-organised.
July 16, 2017

Mr C Whitaker

Once we had found the parking facility it was fine and very efficient. I'm afraid the approaching signage is confusing as it only saysBoundary farm on the entrance and we drove past it twice at first.Sadly we had to abandon our holiday .Because of a bomb scare at the airport the flight with Ryanair was cancelled so we only parked up for6hrs but couldn't get a refund on our return
July 9, 2017

Jon Owen

On arrival I pulled up at reception, as you do, only to get shouted at by a bus driver "hey up mate you can't park there". The car park was wet cement like gravel leaving marks all over my carpets. First impressions were not good. Reception was a shed. I wasn't keen on leaving my white £30000 Range Rover but had no choice as it was too late to go elsewhere. I picked my car up at 3am in the dark no lighting available?? And to my horror in the daylight I find my bonnet damaged. I rang to enquiry only to be told basically tough you've left the premises!!! Be very aware leaving your vehicle with these people also know as FFS Parking Ltd.
July 7, 2017

Kiron Cooke

Brilliant in every way :).
July 7, 2017

Mrs I Stewart

I find your company friendly fast and reliable and would definitely use you all the time thanks
July 6, 2017

John Lord

Easy to get to when following the directions received with the booking. On entering the check in desk we were quickly processed by a polite young man. The transport bus was just outside the office and we were quickly taken to the airport. On our return it was a quick telephone call to the office, where we given directions to the return bus stop, where we got on to the bus and were returned to the parking area. On our arrival our car was ready parked for us to drive away. A very satisfactory experience.
July 4, 2017

Paul Wilkinson

Easy to find. Quick and efficient service. Pleasantly surprised when car was waiting for us ready to leave when we arrived back.
July 3, 2017

Vanessa Virgo

This has got to be the worst ever car parking place I have been to. First you can barely see where this place is. You drive round a unsafe back end of a farm to get there, and then the office (which is a caravan) is not even pointed out. If you are dropping your car off at night be careful. The service was okay, especially with a old mediocre bus taking you to the airport, which didn't even wait for us and we had to wait 20 minutes until they came back. Then when we arrived home and got to our car, it was covered underneath with mud as if it had been around a farm 20 times. After asking why it wasn't clean (as it was left) they said they would jet wash it down, like they do the other. The others meaning every car is in this condition until they use something that could bring the paint off or scratch the car. If I was you I wouldn't bother going for this budget place and go to jet parks on the onsite parking at Manchester. Never again would I leave my keys with them. How this place has got excellent reviews I don't know. With looking at the car underneath and sides it looks like it's been on a rally track. Once again they clean the cars afterwards, so who knows what they do with it.
July 1, 2017

Kathryn Ralph

Parking once we found the entrance was ok, I felt that there was not enough signposting for this particular carpark making it difficult to spot while driving. Also, having to drag suitcases through hardcore in the rain proved difficult and a stone completely seized up one of my wheels. Returning to the carpark was prompt and the driver entertaining but perhaps not very professional. However, I was also not happy to find that my car was waiting for us with the engine running, the window part down and the door ajar allowing the interior to get wet from the rain and quite frankly, anyone could have driven off with it. I'm sorry but for this reason I can only score a 3.
June 29, 2017

Rachel Newport

Mixed service. I paid about £45 for a weeks parking, which was a reasonable price at the time. Booked through sky parks secure, and the staff there, and the office staff at Toad Parking were very pleasant, efficient and helpful. Found the car park without a problem, parked up fine, on a gravelled area. Shuttle bus to airport was regular and fast. No problems. Returning was no as good. I called the number as indicated after I had got my luggage and was ready to leave. Was told to go to the bus stop, driver would be 5-10 minutes. After half an hour, I called back, they apologised and told me the driver would be 5-10 minutes. I was pretty cold at this point, so said I was happy to wait, but if it was going to be longer than ten minutes, could they let me know and I'd wait inside. No, it'll be ten minutes. Cool. Another thirty minutes and I called again - profuse apologies again, and it'll be 5-10 minutes! They also told me the bus had been past my terminal at least twice. I checked I was looking for the right bus, but there wer other people waiting and they agreed that it definitely hadn't been by. After 75minutes in total, it arrived. My incoming flight was only 45 minutes! Anyway, then it picked up two of their drivers, and then I was even less impressed. They're only young guys, so I expect a bit of chat, but their language was a bit rough to say the bus had customers on it (fortunately no children). Then they started talking about an errrmmmm rather explicit video that someone had sent one of them. Not great. Finally, they were talking about cars, and guests cars, and one of them mentioned that he'd driven a really great car recently, and said "I'll never get the chance to own a car like that, so I just put it in sports mode and thrashed it." I'm sure that not what the poor guy hoped would happen when he paid for valet parking. Honestly, I kind of guessed this sort of thing would happen if you leave your keys, but to actually discuss it with customers in ear shot seemed pretty dumb really. So, if you don't mind waiting, it's cheap and cheerful. But I would be wary of the valet parking service.
June 26, 2017

Ms R Lowes

No hassles very efficient and quick
June 23, 2017

Penny Thiara

Service from staff was great. The buses were old and tatty, late arriving at stop, Dusty area my car was dirty and I can't believe you left my car unlocked and running!! I won't be using you again!
June 20, 2017


there area few things to consider if you are planning to use toad parking 1 this was our 2nd visit so we knew were they were located (can be difficult to find) 2 if it has been raining the ground might be a muddy (even thought the cars are parked on gravel) 3 there maybe a bit of a delay as they only seem to have a few bus,s on the plus side it is a budget option
June 12, 2017

George Hardie

Close enough, basic but cheap. Unfortunately had to wait 30 minutes for pick up and then a lovely driver, but wanted to chat more than drive so 50 minutes all in.
June 9, 2017

Linda Murgatroyd

Good service, car awaiting on our return - though the surroundings do not instill confidence, the service was top notch - I would use again.
June 3, 2017

Clare Byrne

Brilliant service from drop off to drop back to waiting car. Will definitely recommend and use again. Thanks
June 1, 2017

Emily Cuthbert

Brilliant!! Very cheap and were at the airport ready to collect the car and when we returned they arrived quickly to bring t back to us. It had been washed over on the outside, which we didn't expect and the drivers were very professional. Will be using again.
May 29, 2017

Kathryn Betts

Excellent and hassle free 14962
May 28, 2017

Colin Prescott

This is the third time we have used this car parking can not fault it would definitely use the again thank's.
May 21, 2017

Mr K Grainger

Quick and efficient and nice touch at the end with car parked next to where the bus stopped with hazard lights on and window open to air car before departure.
May 18, 2017


Apart from an initial admin issue, i found them excellent, the chauffeur was polite and helpful, even washed the car prior to bringing it back...brilliant
May 12, 2017

Ashley Clark

Efficient service.. arrived with car and was on the way to the airport within 5 mins. Only had to wait about 15 mins for a coach for the way back upon returning.. car was sat ready for me already started & warm. Facilities are a bit shoddy looking but good service.
May 1, 2017

Ruth Davies

Really impressed from leaving the car on the Monday morning early hours, till we returned the following Monday night. We were told where to park the car on arrival and the bus was waiting to transfer us to the Airport. On our return we were given a number to ring as we left the Terminal the bus was waiting for us when we reached the car park all the cars that belonged to people on the bus were waiting in a line with engines running so all we had to do was jump in and away we went. Impressed with the service we received. Highly recommend.
April 27, 2017

Mr Kevin Dunne

Excellent service as usual. 100% satisfied.
April 27, 2017

Robert Anderson

Brilliant, always friendly and professional staff. I love that the car was ready, lights on heaters on, good to go!
April 25, 2017

Adrian Greaves

Excellent, as always. This is the third time we have used this facility. Arrived and were greeted quickly and friendly manner. Keys taken from us, return instructions given and we were on the bus within 5 mins of arrival. Phone call made when we cleared customs on our return and we were back at our car (that was parked with engine running) in 15 mins. A fantastic service. Thanks.
April 22, 2017

Janet Campbell

Very good service, had to wait just over 15 minutes to be picked up, obviously would have liked it to a bit quicker.
April 20, 2017

Mr Steven Higgins

finding the car park was ok service to airport driver helped with our luggage, our car was ready on return to pick up and engine running so was warm I would use toad parking again
April 17, 2017

William Edwards

Great service. Very easy and efficient. Would use again.
April 15, 2017