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Andrew Mcdonald

Well organised and efficient, would use again.
October 24, 2017

John Mcglynn

Excellent service at a price far cheaper than most competitors. Easy to find and bus transfers happened quickly both ways. A really nice touch was the car waiting for us on our return with heating on and keys in the ignition. A first class experience.
October 23, 2017

Nathan Jones

Waited 10 mins for bus car was ready when arrived on dropping off was also quick and simple and transfer was waiting to take us to the airport will be using again ????????
October 20, 2017

Robert Sheard

Forty five minutes wait from ringing them to pick me up and unable to contact them in the mean time. This service falls well below acceptable standards and I will not be using them again.
October 18, 2017

Phillip Dunks

well the bus too and from the airport was efficient enough. car park itself not so much. got back to my car to find the engine running and had been for a while (its a 2.0ltr diesel and takes an age to warm up when stood still) the car was fully up to temperature. the outside of the car looked like it had been raced through a field and the drivers foot well was covered in white mud, along with the pedals, carpet, bottom and side of the seat, inner sill and door card. (I have taken photos). spoke to someone in the carpark who worked there and he wasn't interested and walked off. im a mechanic by trade and every truck I get into I fit a seat cover and floor mat. maybe this company should invest. a quick outside wash wouldn't hurt either to save reviews like these
October 17, 2017

Mr A Lloyd

The actual getting you to and from the airport quickly was pretty good, no wait at all on way out and only about 10 mins on way back - HOWEVER - returned to find mud all over the car and worse still when got home found scratches on near side bumper that were not there when we arrived, obviously I cannot prove it happened there but I'm 99% certain it did. All in all I would not use again as Jetparks is just next door and provides a much better service.
October 17, 2017

Bryn Rothwell

Extremely happy with the location, the service when departing. On my return I was very grateful that the car was turning over and the heater on, as the weather was awful. I will certainly be using the carpark again.
October 12, 2017

Richard Noble

We are quite happy with our experience overall, especially having no wait time at the airport... on our return we were picked up as soon as we got to the bus stop. The car was waiting right next to the drop off point when we got back AND the engine was running and it was warming up [very welcoming]. We found it easy to book on line and were impressed by the price through Toad Parking. BUT when it came to finding Toad Parking for the first time we looked for a sign for Toad Parking....we did not realise that we were looking for signs for Boundary Farm or for FSS Parking. These were much much more prominent and the instructions should have said "Look for big yellow sign saying Boundary Farm and FSS" instead of the less informative 'look for the signs at the hedgerow'. We met three members of staff: one was friendly and efficient; one was polite and efficient; one was efficient.
October 8, 2017

Mohammad Hosny

This is the first time for me to use this particular car parking facility as I travel from Manchester frequently! Good points are, it was the cheapest for 2 days of parking, easy to get to from M6 and my car was ready for me when arrived and it was nicely warm. Bad points are, the reception staff were poor in customs relation with unpleasant not welcoming attitude, the place is delapidated and in need for good serious attention and the headline cost is nearly 2 pound less than what you actually pay because of unexplained booking fees which is strange as everything done smoothly online with no human administering anything. Finally whoever drove the car to bring to the front has left his dirty shoes marks on the floor carpet and the inside of the driver door which was not nice to see in a very clean car when I dropped it. Would, I use this facility again, I will have to think again mainly because the reception staff attitude which needs urgent upgrading!
October 7, 2017

Colin Goulden

Had no problems staff great pick up to and from airport great
October 7, 2017

William Gibson

Bus pickup at airport was a bit late in coming and they have altered all settings in car for some reason
October 5, 2017

David Skillicorn

I had a really good experience with these, from the simple online booking to the friendly staff that meet you. Conditions are not exactly the Ritz but everything you need in secure parking for a really reasonable price. I will be using them again.
October 3, 2017

John Nichols

Straight forward, easy to use and cheap
September 25, 2017

Andrew Dean

Came back to find my car battery dead and the inside filthy was there for over an hour trying to get the car started with not much help from the staff rang up the next day to complain got £20 supposedly going back into my account for valeting Will not be using them again!
September 24, 2017

Karen Stanley

We have used toad parking on numerous occasions and we used it again on this last holiday we again found it excellent never have a problem booking in or picking up the car I will always use toad parking and would highly recommend it
September 23, 2017

Christine Kell

We have used Toad Park & Ride many times and have always been pleased with the service received but when we travelled on 10th Sept/18th September flying to Murcia, they went the extra mile for me. I rang them from the airport in a complete panic as I couldn't find my purse. The female person I spoke to could not have been more helpful. She immediately got someone to check our car. Having found it, it was then brought to the airport and handed to our airline reception desk who then brought it to me. I want to thank everyone at Toad Park & Ride for ALL THEY DID. Fantastic Staff.....Very Grateful Customer
September 23, 2017


Horrible place and service. Had to wait over an hour to be collected on arrival because the bus just kept going to the terminals instead of arrivals. Called 4 times asking where it was and no one thought to assist or direct the bus to another terminal. Who'd think passengers might arrive at arrivals? Rude staff just tell you it's coming soon, taxi on way, then say you've missed the bus. Cars left in an unsafe field, came back to find a recently valeted car dirty inside and out. They leave your car unlocked with keys inside for you to pick up! BMW next to my car wide open with keys in ignition. Anyone could take it!
September 21, 2017

Julie N

Collection service for return flight is often quite slow, but on this occasion on a late flight we had to wait 30 minutes to be collected when the car park is literally 5 minutes away with no explanation.
September 10, 2017

Gwen Atherton

Lovely pleasant staff, very quick and easy to drop off car and collect after return. Will definitely be using again!
September 6, 2017

Margaret Paterson

Can't begin to say how impressed we were with the courtesy and efficiency shown - from booking, checking-in and pick up at end of our holiday. All went very smoothly. Bus to take us back after the flight took only minutes to arrive, driver was very helpful and the car being ready, engine running, heater on and lights flashing for our .collection was a really welcome touch as our pick up was about midnight. Thoroughly recommend and will use again
August 21, 2017

Mr D Wood

All good as usual
August 20, 2017

Sarah davies

Kept us waiting at airport bus stop at 3 in the morning for over 30 minutes with small children. Not impresed. Used lots in past won't be booking again.
August 19, 2017

Gail Wood

Fast efficient service as always No messing about and love how your car is waiting right by the bus you get off and of its in winter your car lights are on and the heater to welcome you home Thank you Guys
August 13, 2017

Julian Morgan

Excellent service. Thanks.
August 12, 2017

Erick Cabrera

Great service I'm booking again! bus were quick and my car was ready in the bus stop for me
August 10, 2017

Arfon Griffiths

Having used Fss/toad parking in the past we were confident that everything was going to be fine with our car. The transfers to and from the airport was good. When we got back to our car the radio was not working, seemed like the battery had been disconnected as the radio required the code to reset it. When we arrived home I checked the battery and found that the plastic protector cover had been removed and was sitting on the engine, luckily it didn't fall onto the road as we travelled home. Unfortunately I won't be using this company again.
August 9, 2017

Mr J Pearson

An easy to follow service.
August 5, 2017

Mr C Parnaby

Easy to book car in on arrival. Liked the service on pick up,car awaiting for us all ready just to drive away. If flying from Manchester again will use.
July 29, 2017

Mr S Adcock

Right next to jet park Very well organised and economical. Would hesitate to use again
July 26, 2017

Gerard Hunter

Excellent,no need to search for parking spot,car ready when arrived back,good price,will use again.
July 22, 2017