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Mrs C Parry

After having parked the car we waited at the nearest bus stop waiting for the bus to pick us up, along with 3 other people.It was early in the morning and we noticed the bus over by the entrance but didn't realise that we were supposed to walk there to it.After one bus left and another arrived without coming round the car park we all set off walking to the entrance and got on the bus.When asked the driver told us that there was a notice at the entrance which we hadn't seen. On a plus side,our car was parked safely for 2 months during snow, frost and ice!!On our return the bus driver went round the car park and dropped us off at our bus stop and our car started first time!!
December 12, 2010

Paul Mohan

Excellent.........excellent........excellent; except, you need an happy and helpful person at the Security Barried Desk on entry.
December 9, 2010

Timothy casey

The card reader did not work either on entry or exit from the carpark. Luckily I had my confirmation number readliy available and was allowed to enter and exit. Regards Tim
December 8, 2010


Regular shuttle buses, close to the terminal. Happy Chappy !
December 2, 2010

Catherine Cross

Very good service. Easy barrier entry system and exit. Easy to find a space. Quick and efficient shuttle service. Two criticisms - the map indicated the park to be on Domestic approach next to the airport whereas it was actually a few roads further away so we wasted some time finding it. Also you need your credit card to enter and exit the barrier which wasn't made clear on the booking - if we hadn't taken it with us, I don't know if we would have had problems.
November 30, 2010

john mcardle

I had no problems parking at the shuttle park. I will be using airport parking when I fly anywhere in the future. yours John McArdle
November 28, 2010

Ian Simpson

Does what it says on the tin. No fuss, low cost, buses regular what more do you want!
November 26, 2010

Karen Reid

very good experience with this car park. It is takes about 5 mins to transfer to the airport. We parked our car and went to one of the 19 bus stops in the car park, a bus appeared within a couple of minutes then we were on our way. The bus dropped us at the terminal doors and on arrival back in the country the bus was at the stop by the time we arrived. Will certainly use this car park again.
November 25, 2010

Mrs Wendy Wood

We have used this park 3 times now and find it very easy to find and the shuttle buses are very frequent. The only thing I don't like is when you have pre-booked and paid for the parking, the entry gate asks you to insert the credit card you used - it then throws it back out and you still have to contact the gate man - I don't like inserting my credit card for no apparent reason! You should make a note of where you've parked the car, it's a bit park but getting out is easy as long as you have your code.
November 24, 2010

deborah kingswood-grant

good carpark close to airport. Good rates for the week. Easy to find with a sat nav.
November 24, 2010

David W Towey

Excellent location, transport to airport andvery good price. We will certainly use again.
November 23, 2010


really easy to use car park.easy booking facilities.will use again and recommend to anyone wanting low cost secure airport parking.
November 22, 2010

Amanda Murphy

Shuttle car park is close to the airport and easy to find. It also very reasonably priced. I would recommend it.
November 19, 2010

Michael Andrew Bainbridge

Very straightforward, and convenient pick up and drop off process and time frequency. Would be good to have clear directions/ address of park on web site (had to delve into actual shuttle park site to get post code). Ver good value for money (lowest cost on offer) yet park was secure and good location.
November 18, 2010

Hilary Simons

Car park was very good but a few points Directions told me from M56 were not accurate Credit card was not accepted by machine on gate so had to buzz and use quote in correspondence Same on exit - late at night Great bus service nice drivers Very good value I would use again
November 12, 2010

Richard Stevens

Overall the trip was fine. Transport to and from the airport was on time and effecient. Unfortuantely I lost my luggage from the plane on the return trip but this has nothing to do with the car park!
November 9, 2010

Jacqueline Carr

I have used the shuttle park on numerous occasions without a problem. However this time both entering and leaving we were delayed at the gate as it did not recognise the card I used to book it with. This is very frustrating when all you want is to get home.
November 2, 2010

Julie Pearson

The directions to get to the shuttle park were APPALLING. Leave the M56 at junction 5. Where does it say follow the signs for Terminal 1? It says follow the signs for Cheadle, but where does it say on the B5166? I nearly missed check in because of the far from adequate instructions. The car park was fine. It is within a good distance from the airport and the transfer buses between airport but SORT OUT YOUR INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO GET THERE! I had already made my mind up to complain because it nearly made us late.
November 1, 2010

Sumayya Ahmed

This was a nightmare to find. At the airport there are just so many carparks. Then on the way back home it was so hard to find my car. On a positive note the shuttle bus drivers were helpful and friendly. I think I'll look for an alternative next time. Apparently there's another car park where they bring your car to you. That sounds easier.
October 31, 2010

Mrs Frances Whiteley

The Shuttle park was easy to find.Secure, clean and well lit. Shuttle buses regular and clean too. Parking spaces wide and long enough to enable ease of parkiong and unloading your vehicle.Seemed to only take a few minutes to reach the terminal and the drivers were helpful and courteous.
October 29, 2010

Alan Whitehead

The Shuttle Park was a great choice for parking at Manchester Airport. Entry and parking was easy and there were plenty of bus stops conveniently sited around the park. It only took 5 minutes to Terminal 1 and coming back was just as efficient. The bus drivers were polite and cheerful
October 29, 2010

Nevine Ismail

The service was very efficient and useful with a good value for money because our stay was for only 4 days.
October 27, 2010

Doreen Saxton

An excellent car park,with clearly marked bays on a tarmac surface.ood prompt bus service to airport and the same on return, would recommend this parking facility to any one.
October 25, 2010


Easy to get to but big problem finding a parking place. Would suggest you device a system that indicates empty spaces. Bus service to and from Airport excellent.
October 25, 2010

L Robertson

excellent easy to find and no problems
October 24, 2010

Anthony Wraith

I have used this car park twice and on both occasions the number plate recognition system did not work,and I was not the only one as a cue started to form as other people had to contact the gate person and then start finding their booking number. Please get this right and then you would score a lot higher.
October 22, 2010


It was the first time we had used Airport parking, but were pleasantly surprised. The price was good, and the process easy. I would definitely park there again. The staff were all very helpful, and the buses were regular, even at 2am when we returned.
October 19, 2010

Barbara Evans

Absolutely fantastic thank you, no problems at all so easy to find parked up bus was there and the same on return bus was waiting. Brilliant would use again and would recommend thanks
October 18, 2010

Sammi Rudge

We used the Shuttle Park when we went to Egypt for a fortnight. We found the park straight away and found the facilities very simple and straightforward to use. The shuttlebus service was frequent and effecient. Would definately use the shuttle park again.
October 17, 2010

carol edgar

We used this car park two years ago and found it to be really good, very close to the airport, shuttle buses regular every ten, fifteen minutes and no problem finding a parking space. We used it again two weeks ago and found this time around it was extremely hard to find a space to park. Cars were parked on the side of the road. Obuviously they couldnt find a space either which made it difficult when turning corners as the space on the road was restricted due to parked vechiles.I think next time around we will shop around and do a little more research before we book.
October 7, 2010