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Eric ONeil

Excellent price Very convenient to the airport. Easy to book in on arrival at airport, the buses are frequent abd the staff helpful.I will certainly use again
September 1, 2010


The company we booked through were very good, easy instructions, simply to get in and out of the carpark. They would get a 5*, unfortunately Manchester Airport Long Stay would get a 1* - the car park was full, cars abandoned at the sides blocking the bus path, we had to wait for ages to find a space. The bus stops 1/2 way down each lane were out of order, as busses could not get down wiht the abandoned cars, so we had to walk with 5 suitcases and 2 toddlers a long distance to where the bus could stop (this was the same on the return, apparently they do not like to tow the cars away as this gives them a bad image, so they make all people who can park suffer). If the car park is overbooked with longstay they should refuse admission, or not let so many be booked.
August 31, 2010

Kay Hurst

Excellent. First time stay at airport carpark. Very quick bus transfers both going to T2 and coming back. Would certainly use it again.
August 28, 2010

caroline norbury

The car park was well sign posted and easy to find . However once inside it was impossible to find a space . Cars were parked all over the placed and on kerb ways just any where they could get . The car park was obviously over subscribed and we became very worried about getting to check in on time . We have a brand new car and did not want to park it in a place were it could easily be damaged. After prebooking and choosing a car park that was not the cheapest option this was very disapointing. I suggest you monitor your bookings against cars going in more carefully .
August 26, 2010

Mark Robertson

Decent price and entry/exit very quick and easy as was bus to terminal 2. Only downside very busy and took a while to find car park space. Lots of cars illegally parked because of over-subscribing i guess
August 26, 2010

Sandra Craven

The car park was very easy to find and spaces were available. The bus dropped us off immediately outside the airport entrance. Return journey was just as simple. Iwould definately use it again.
August 18, 2010

Joanne Millett

very pleased with the location of car park, although when we arrived at 4am we had to search for a space - lots of cars parked all over the place outside bays, on paths etc which made it difficult for the buses to get down the rows. Courtsey bus service was very good on the way back - at the car park within minutes. Would definately use again.
August 16, 2010

Ian Wilson

Easy and smooth way to book and park at manchester will use again in the future
August 12, 2010

Kimberly Darcy

Simple to use, easy to find a parking space. Only waited 4 mins for transfer both on departure at 4.45am and return.Good value for money, will use again.
August 10, 2010

robert housley

very efficient way of parking your car at manchester, shuttle buses very frequent. would not hesitate to use again.....good value too
August 9, 2010

Dave Steele

Will not use again for several reasons: 1.Didn't seem very secure (no complete fence, no secure gate and didn't see any cameras either). 2.Spaces very tight. 3.Overgrowded: spaces hard to find and vehicles parked in unauthorised spaces (ie on bus stop pavement) 4.Difficult to get cases between cars (see 2 above) 5. Bus driver not interested about customer service: we arrived back at 2AM and he didn't organise space on his bus to maximise capacity, left half full on first trip; we had to wait 15 mins for same bus to return. I observed this attitude with drivers from other companies as well. 6. Speaking to friends; there are cheaper and better alternatives.
August 9, 2010

Martin Wilson

Excellent service and quick transfer to and from airport.
August 7, 2010

Gerry Walker

This is the quickest car park I have used in the UK. Maybe I was lucky but the bus was waiting for me on both legs of the journey and took less than 5 minutes from the airport building to my car and vice versa. Very efficient!
April 6, 2010

Ron Anderton

I found the long stay car park at Manchester Airport Terminal 2 very convenient, a good frequent shuttle bus was available, plenty of parking space was available, as you would expect some are nearer than others, but it is not a problem as the shuttle bus stops at various pick up, drop off locations within the car park. I would use this car park again.
April 1, 2010


Unfortunately ihad problems both on arriving and departure which resulted in paying twice. A seperate email gives details with request for refund
March 26, 2010

Ken Kempster

I have used the long stay car park at Terminal 2 Manchester quite a few times, I always find this trouble free. I park my car and within 5 to 10 minutes there is a bus which collects me from the car park and takes me to the flight terminal, on my return I have never had to wait above 10 minutes for a bus to take me to the car park. I can highly recommend this parking facility to everyone who is flying from Terminal 2
March 25, 2010

Denise Neville

We used this car park as we were only going for a week. Everything was fine, the instructions to get there, get in and get out was very clear and concise. My only concern was that I thought I had a flat tyre when I started to pull away from the parking space - and my first thought was if we had to get the AA, how would they get in to the car park. As it was, the tyre was OK, so no need. So I guess what I am saying is that you are on your own if your car does not start or something similar.
March 25, 2010


Using the T2 Long Stay car park was simple and easy. I pre-booked so all I ahd to do was present my debit card on arrival and when I collected my car. The bus collected us within 5 minutes at either end and dropped us at the top of the lane our car was parked in. Thanks!
February 16, 2010

Philip Gabriel

A Good service that not only reduces the cost of parking, but saves queing for a ticket and importantly, gives you piece of mind that you have a space available.
February 15, 2010

wenda humphreys

You stated that the shuttle bus runs every 15 mins but we waited 30mins at 5am on the outgoing journey. Return journey was good. Everything else was satisfactory.
December 15, 2009

susan whitford

This was my first time with the Long Stay T2 carpark. The wait for the shuttle to the airport was quick, however the driver was miserable and unhelpful. He dropped all passengers for T2 at the arrivals lounge. Obviously passengers were looking for the departure desks but were confronted with passengers coming off flights. An explanation would have been helpful especially for the ederly and unfamiliar traveller. The return shuttle was not anymore helpful. Bustop 2 was clearly marked as Airport Long Stay. However after a fifteen minute wait the first bus to arrive was not for T2. Luckily a passenger from the twenty or more people waiting asked the driver and he kept repeating 'Number 2!' Well we were all clearly stood at No 2, however he meant Bus Number 2. But again he was completely unhelpful. There was no explaination. I appreciate that driving a bus back and forth to the airport for eight hours a day cannot be the most satisfying job the world but if you are not prepared to smile and assist passengers that might only use the service perhaps once a year then may be another occupation is worth considering.
October 24, 2009