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very good value when booked on-line. Buses regular, journey takes 5 mins, plus 5 mins wait for bus both directions, waiting time needs to be planned for when making travel plans. will use again though as was very easy to book and use.
August 20, 2012

Philip Pointon

Easy to find, easy to use, short bus ride to and from the terminal with no queues.
August 2, 2012

David Hull

Had no problems getting into the car park. The instructions on how to get there very good. Found a space very quickly and only had to wait a couple of minutes for bus. On our return we had to wait 7 or 8 minutes for bus. My only problem was finding my way out of the car park and airport complex due to the construction work .
July 26, 2012

veronica de stefano

very good
July 17, 2012

Douglas Buchanan

No problem.
July 13, 2012

Robert Gosnell

At entrance gate machine accepted and returned credit card but gate did not open. Pressed for ticket by mistake and gate opened. Drove in and parked. Phoned operator and was told to use ticket when we came back. On return at exit gate used ticket as told. Gate did not open. Pressed for help. Was asked for reference number and confirmed my name with the operator. Gate opened and we exited. Otherwise all OK.
July 8, 2012

Barrie Matkin

Good service but it was difficult exiting the park at 5-00am in the rain and semi darkness, there were arrows pointing to exits then leading to a fenced dead end, not helpful after a long tiring journey. Bus drivers very helpful and friendly.
July 3, 2012

Martin Shorthose

It's a car park - what more can one say? The car was where I left it and in one piece when I returned so I'm very happy. The check-in, check-out procedure was not quite as easy as anticipated - I took the paperwork with the barcode printed on it with me, but there was no facility to scan it at the barrier. A press of the "Call for Help" button suggested I insert my creditcard and this seems to have been OK. A check of my statement will reveal whether I have been charged correctly and that no charges were made other than the pre-booking fee. Note that this is an open-air car park and not the multi-storey one and is about 10 minutes walk from terminal 3 and that the pavements are not really wheeled-case friendly - there are few dropped curbs and the pavement doesn't appear to go all the way. Clearly you are meant to take the shuttle bus.
July 3, 2012


Good services. Regular bus. Good.
July 2, 2012

Terry Jones

Brilliant. Experienced a little difficulty when entering the car park - due to the very early hour and poor eyesight but otherwise I would definitely use this Car Park again. Would like to add that the staff were extremely helpful and very friendly too. Unfortunately my car's battery was flat on my return.I did try contacting the helpline but, at 10p per minute for the call and many "options", I gave up. I did however manage to flag down an Airport Coach Driver. He was extremely helpful and, in no time at all, arranged for an on-site AA Mechanic to attend my vehicle. The Mechanic arrived in around 10mins and he had it sorted in no time. Both the driver and the mechanic were fantastic - really helpful, friendly and courteous. I have rated this Car Park a 5 as the staff have excellent customer care skills.
July 1, 2012


Yes the parking was excellent we had no problems getting in to the airport. The only thing I would suggest was a trolley park within the car park then one doesn't have to walk back to the airport. Otherwise everything fine.
June 29, 2012

john mclaren

overall good experience, relatively simple and straightforward.
June 16, 2012

Mark J Bunting

Very good situated car park within a few minutes bus transfer to the terminal. Easy sign posted with clear directions. If I could suggest an improvement it would be to have pedestrian walkways through the cars to the bus stops. This would stop people trying to squeeze suitcase alonside your car and scratching them! All in all, would recommend
June 12, 2012

Paula Morgan

Great choice. No need to queue for the parking machine to pay for ticket at the end. Close to the terminal. Just stick your credit card in on the way in and way out. Perfect!
June 12, 2012

David Alan Childs

If I had completed this when I left the car park on my return from holiday last night I would have said Iwas very happy with the parking service at Manchester Airport. However, on checking the recipt I was given when I put my card in to exit the car park this morning - which I thought was a recieptfor my pre-paid reservation - I find that I have been charged a further £27 andthat my car somehow miraculously only entered the car park at 12:26 yesterday when in fact it entered at about 11:15am on 26th May and had not moved. At the time it was supposed to have entered the car park yesterday (2/06/12) both the keys and myself were sat in the sunshine of Santa Ponsa Majorca. I will be takning this up with Essential Travel who I think the actual booking was with when their phone lines are open. It has made think again about using airport parking as this has soured what was, I thought, a good effeicient way to start and end my holiday.
June 3, 2012


June 2, 2012

M Rowlands

Easy to find the car park, no problems with entry and the bus arrived after 10 minutes. Return journey just as efficient, bua arrived in 10 minutes and exit from the car park with no problems (just put in the card used to book) Will definitely use again
May 21, 2012

Hazel Lister

Very satisfactory.
May 14, 2012


Very good, so much so I will even fill in this review. The car park was within 5 mins of T1 and the entry and exit was straight forward, I will continue to use this service every time I fly out of Manchester airport in future as I was very satisfied with the car park
May 9, 2012

Andrew Manasse

It served our purpose perfectly. No problem finding a space and not long to wait for bus, with cheerful driver too.
April 30, 2012

jean dermott

Used this service a few times very easy to access buses running all the time trouble free and close to terminals
April 30, 2012

Mike Feather

No problems. Nice to have a tarmacked surface rather than parking in a field! Excellent proximity to T1 and bus service very prompt. Could do with more EXIT signs on road or posts. Will use again.
April 30, 2012

J Cieslik

I booked at the long stay carpark for T1. Good journey on departure on holiday. On return to UK, I thought the driver was unhelpful as it was dark and very wet, making it hard to see the areas and row numbers in the park. He could have called out the area colour and rows??? Some passengers, including me a woman on my own, were anxious about missing their stop. On way out, the machine wouldnt accept my credit card to confirm pre-payment. Neverthless, prompt reply from buzzer to lift barrier.
April 28, 2012

douglas buchanan

Fine. Reasonably close to the terminal and good bus service.
April 27, 2012


good service,bus very quick
April 23, 2012

Edward Stuart Armitage

Have been using comparison site for many years. We used to park off Airport as prices were so high. Now thru your service have found & used on Airport parking for only a few pounds more. Would recommend to anyone Easy to find, good bus service, reasonable price. One small complaintis I always have to buzz staff for admission as bar code does not seem to work.
April 17, 2012

Sean Crowe

Carpark was easy to find got in easy there was lots of spaces and the bus came quickly both departing and returning very good overall
April 12, 2012

Jeremy Harrison

Very good.
April 10, 2012

jason lee

hi we use this car park often and are very pleased with it in every way possible A****************
April 8, 2012

joanna mercer

I flew from Terminal 1 at Manchester airport. The car park was ideally positioned to the terminal, i had planned to get the free bus service, but i decided the walk to terminal 1, which as a 3 minute walk away...Excllent!!
March 6, 2012