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Karen Szczerbiuk

Excellent service. Transfer bus runs about every two minutes. Close to the airport. Very efficient service and would definitely use again.
April 30, 2012

alicia donlon

I have to say that I was impressed with the exceptional service I received when back from my holiday today, 26/4/12. I forgot where I have parked my car & called the park office & they send a guy within 5 minutes to help me find it. He was very understanding & I would like to say BIG 'thank you' to him although I do not know his name. Superb customer service. Truly appreciated.
April 27, 2012


Arrived at 5a.m. The barrier raised automatically on my approach, and as nobody seemed to be in charge, I just found a convenient parking place, locked up and went for the shuttle bus, which soon arrived and was free. My return was equally simple; the barrier raised to let me out, it must have recognised my reg no. Great place to park and not too expensive if booked well in advance.
April 23, 2012

anthony barrow

me and my family found jet3 car parks easy to find and brilliant to park .
April 19, 2012

Anthony Brown

Would have no hesitation in using Jetpark 3 again
April 12, 2012

william james coughlin

We used jet Parks 3 recently for our trip to Australia from Manchester airport. The instructions of how to get there was a little confusing at first but a telephone call sorted out the post code and with our Tom Tom we arrived directly at the car park. The entry was straight forward and we drove around the site until we found a empty parking place. The morning was very wet at the time and the ground was quite muddy and messey. We went to the nearest bus stop where we was greeted almost immediately. We was helped onto the bus from a very helpful and friendly bus driver who advised us when we arrived at the airport, as to what to do upon our return. The return journey was excellent, straight to the bus stop, picked up almost immediately and returned to the car park within ten minutes. I would definatley use this service again, the cost and service was excellent value for money. Only for the ground being so wet and muddy i would have rated the service first class, hence the "4"
April 3, 2012


Excellent. The only thing that you could improve is for there to be a directional road sign on exit.
March 27, 2012

jeanette tighe

Did not have one complaint about the car park, it was near to the airport, quick transfer and on the return journey which is usually a long wait for the bus the bus came within 10 minutes so were very happy with service and will use this park again if price is right.
March 22, 2012


Great, I lost my ticket and was let through on way home and I found it all very easy. Thanks a ton.
March 13, 2012

Kay Smith

Easy to find,easy to park. Big negative was that we had to wait 20 minutes for the bus to take us back to the car park. Two Jet Park 1&2 buses came whilst we were waiting. The driver of the Jet Park 1&2 bus was really helpful. We would not use this again owing to the wait time on the return. At the bus stop before our dpearture, we heard someone else saying they'd had this problem too.
March 12, 2012

Duncan Warburton

Found the car park from the emailed directions, the postcode for sat nav meant it kept asking us to do a u turn but the directions were spot on with plenty of clear signage so don't know what previous reviewers were complaining about! Shuttle bus arrived quite quickly and we were on our way. Only a short journey. On our return we just missed a bus but another one was there within 15 mins. We would use Jet Parks 3 again - no problem.
March 12, 2012

Asif Bahdur

Very good and cheap. Needs better signs to get to the carpark
March 10, 2012

Ian Boynton

I didnt read the instructions well enough so make sure you have your bar code ready so you can get in. Otherwise good value, good bus service and feel secure.
March 9, 2012

Paul Callan

Clear directions to car park, prompt pickup to and from airport. Would certainly use again.
March 7, 2012

joan siddron

excellent service will use again
March 7, 2012

Shiraj Vali

Excellent service. Very pleased with all aspects of the service. Sat Nav direction were not accurate as we ended up mear Jet Parks 1 and 2
March 5, 2012

Peter Thompson

Having researched online for car parking at Manchester Airport, this came out best on pricing so I went ahead and booked. On arrival, the gate entry system recognised my registration number, automatically, and the barrier opened. Having found a parking space, I walked 50 yards to the bus stop and a bus arrived within 5 minutes and took me to the terminal. On my return, I guess I was lucky as a bus was waiting outside the terminal and I was in my car and out of the car park within 15 minutes. Superb service and I will use it again, no doubt about that.
March 1, 2012

Daniel Wilkinson

Excellent safe parking facilities but really poor signage to the car park itself, be warned set off in plenty of time!
February 23, 2012

Helen Collinge

It was easy to book and to find this car park in early hours of the morning. We had a slight difficulty getting the machine to read our booking code but there was help available and we soon were in the park. The shuttle service worked well both going and on return.
February 22, 2012

Julie Howell

This was an absolutely fabulous service. It was hassle free, and only 5 mins to terminal one by bus. The bus was only 2 mins wait in either direction, with loads of space. I would definitely use this again.
February 22, 2012

David Owens

Used the car-park from 11th -18th Feb 2012..No problems accessing the parking area. The bus driver on drop off instructed to meet return pick up bus at 'the' bus No3 stop. On return journey via Terminal 1 waited at bus stop for car-park No3. Boarded the bus it entered the car-park, after it had toured the car-park (My car was parked at location T) it was about to leave the car-park and return to airport asked the driver why it never accessed area T? He informed there was no area T in the car-park! He asked which car-park I was parked up in, he informed I was on the wrong bus the Jet park was further along the road. We had to dismount the bus and walk with luggage to the gates of the Jet Park. I discovered the bus I had boarded at Terminal One was the Manchester Airport No3 car-park bus, an error but one that could have been avoided if clear instructions were made available before the dropping off at Manchester airport! (May I suggest on the original email ticket or an advice note issued by the driver be made available with clear pick up instruction regarding the (two) car-park operators!)
February 19, 2012

Jim Whitewood

Although my booking was not found in the system the operator quickly fixed this and re-made the booking with minimal fuss. Finding available space was easy. Whole site is well lit and bus service frequent.
February 19, 2012

Kath Ryan

This was the first time i used this service and i most definitely will use it again, The staff going to and returning from the airport were very helpful and friendly.
February 6, 2012

Maureen Michniewicz

When I arrived at Jet Parks 3 I was very surprised that we couldn't see anyone to tell us what to do. However, I found a parking space and then a bus stop so we managed. The return was fine as I had made a note of which area we were parked in. I think I would like to have been told that it was more or less an isolated parking experience as I was rather perturbed about how it worked.
February 2, 2012

Adrian Calder

Jet Parks 3 was a nightmare to find and I would never use it ever again. The directions I was given were incorrect and one of the roundabouts was not even there anymore. No update about this had been given. I could have missed my flight because of this lacksidaisical attitude towards informing customers about the changes. Never again will I use this car park.
January 28, 2012


It was an easy and good experience. No problems encountered and therefore a positive experience.
January 24, 2012


Everything went as expected, both on entrace and exit, but don't forget to take ticket from machine on way in, as you need it on way out. Tranfers also took little time. Would use Jet3 again.
January 6, 2012

Sheila Critchley

Everything went well didn't have to wait too long for the transfer bus. Not too far from the airport. Definitely recommend
January 4, 2012

Carol Myring

I am happy with Jetparks 3 because it's easy to find, it's not that far for me to travel to and whilst depending on trhe time of year it can be difficult to 'spot' a space, but for the most part it's bril.
January 3, 2012

Trevor Davis

Gtreat easy parking secure and easy pick up and drop off
January 2, 2012