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"Very poor service. Car spaces hard to find, spent just short of an hour from arriving at the car park to getting into the airport. The stated times of 10-15 minutes are way off the mark, more like 30-40 minutes. Tried to phone customer services, tells you to call back during opening hours and phone goes dead, this was 14.45 and the opening hours are between 0900 and 18.00. I wouldn't use jet parks again even if it was free"

May 20, 2018

"Worse parking ive ever used.. ridiculous!! No parking spaces.. no buses to take you to airport.. and same coming back.. flew back from spain quicker than this company could get you back to carpark.. crowds of us waiting on journey from and to airport.. RUBBISH service.."

May 19, 2018

"Really poor car park. Rabbit warren springs to mind. Cramped in struggled to find a space upon arrival. Upon return in early hours struggled to get out the place as no signs on how to exit this car park via a car just on foot which was really poor. Would not recommend parking here."

May 13, 2018

"Arrived back from Italy yesterday afternoon and stood for 40 minutes at terminal 2 waiting for the jet parks 3 bus.loads for the other jet parks came through but none for us or buses just saying drop off only.... No apology, nothing when the bus finally arrived and we then heard a person on the drivers radio say ignore all bus stops except a particular one as they have been waiting the longest. Which meant lots of other stranded travellers like us. Not what you need after travelling from 5am. Have used these before and they were ok but not anymore.... going downhill"

May 8, 2018

"The experience was very good from finding the park, parking, bus and return. However, I was disappointed with the delays due to the roadworks. I would have thought an organization as large as Manchester Airport would be able to have this managed better"

April 27, 2018

"Hi ,used this car park recently here's my findings.

Outward journey

1/ Road works all over the place severely delaying your transit.

2/ Couldn't find a parking space, cars parked illegally all over the place.

3/ Waited 45 min for courtesy bus.

Return Journey:

1/ At terminal 3 the bus lanes are poorly marked and the buses do not obey the lanes when they arrive.

2/ Some of the driver are extremely rude,what ever you do don't ask a question.

3/ Bus trails around all the terminals in and out of roadworks be quicker to walk.

Conclusion: completely and utterly useless I will never ever use these fools again."

April 23, 2018

"We were new to Manchester Aerport and found it a little tricky, parked our car in what we thought was jetparks 3 but only to return from our holiday an couldn’t find our car. Wit the help of a lovely bus driver Big Martin he went out of his way to help me ,my disabled partner an our two kids find our car an take us to the car park it was parked in, what a very lovely helpful guy, fantastic job Martin.

April 20, 2018

"Terrible. Transfer times are really long, the return trip even worse, full buses we could not get on and then a very long wait. If you do use JetParks 3, allow at least an extra hour to avoid missing your flight."

April 14, 2018

"First time I have been so angry as to write a negative review! Says buses every 10 mins but it took 40 mins to arrive and was virtually full. We were amongst the lucky few to get on board after some haggling with the surly driver. Really felt for those left behind. As for 15min transfer - it’s a lot longer due to roadworks and the large number of stops in the car park. I won’t be using this car park again. Inadequately resourced, poor service and rude driver. No thanks!"

April 11, 2018

"I've used the Jetparks a lot of times, but over the years they have become fuller. There were NO spaces last time (27th Mar18) and wasted ages driving round. In the end we found a no through way area to park out of desperation. Just missed the bus and the next one was 23 mins. I'm worried about booking this anymore due to lack of spaces and the amount of time the whole process took. It would be handy if there was a spaces indicator on the matrix board on entry."

April 9, 2018

"The truth. Booked recently for weeks holiday in Tenerife cos multi storey was full. Their web site says it's a 10 min transfer and the buses run every 15mins. Drove up to barrier, no recognition so pressed intercom for 10 mins before it was lifted. Took 15 minutes to find a space in HUGE car park. Waited 30mins in rain for shuttle bus. Bus shelter holds about 4 people. Transfer took over 30mins going all over the car park and into road works then all over the airport. Time from driving to barrier to drop off at departures - 90mins. Be warned. Number plate recognition didn't work on departure either. This is cheap but it's rubbish, spend a bit more, it's not worth the hassle."

April 4, 2018

"Shortly after purchase I tried to change the exit time on line anticipating flight delay but that part of the web site did not work.
Finding a parking space for the car was unusually difficult and time consuming in a very full car park. (Previously I have not had this problem.)
I was stopped at the barrier and an extra £15 pound charge was requested by the machine. After 5 - 10 minutes the person at the end of the barrier communicator opened the gate without charge."

April 3, 2018

"No spaces to park, 45 minutes wait for a bus on departure. Unable to get on the bus on the way back. Very harassed driver and too many people left us waiting in the cold. Terrible. Do not use!!"

April 1, 2018

"Booked through an intermediary as this receieved a discount, return flight from U.S. delayed by a day due to storm Grayson across East coast of America, having changed airports and experienced a disruptive 24 hours of not knowing whether / when we would be able to get home we finally arrived back 24 hours later than had been booked.
We were unable to get out of the car park with the pre pay token and had to pay another £15 via credit / debit card to do so.
Spoke via intercom as there is no one actually at the car park, staff member informed there was nothing he coud do and and suggested take it up with Jetparks.
Two emails sent to Jetparks, one in advance, as soon as we knew, informing them we would be delayed and requesting whether in the circumstances discretion could be allowed as a previous airport parking company had allowed.... NO REPLY TO EITHER EMAIL...
Phoned the company, complete waste of time, "nothing we can do" was the reply, just repeatedly stated that car had stayed in excess of booked time, quoted time period car booked in for, tried to explain why would anyone book additional days "just in case" but staff member not interested in listening to any rationale discussion.

As per reviews on other sites this car park is unmanned, drive around trying to find a space, when lucky enoug to find one then park your car on the uneven muddy gravel surface, drag your bags across same, get your shoes and cases muddy then wait for a bus that loops the huge car park ad could be some time, meaning you need to allow extra time to get to the airport.
Driver on return bus ignorant, both my son and I said good morning to him, this was ignored.

Terrible Customer service all ways round, this was the first and LAST time we shall use this group, we have previously and regularly used another smaller local firm who warm/ defrost the car for your return, are on site, have facilities, an office, toilets, a smile and a personal greeting, only tried Jetparks due to the offer, there is truth in the saying, "you get what you pay for".
Spend a little more and get your holiday off to a good start with personal service, a company who cares and who provide a quality place to park not a muddy, uneven, deserted place to abandon your car, for jetparks customer service seems a low priority."

January 8, 2018

"I had a bit of a problem finding it due to the road works, but overall the park was excellent would highly recommend."

December 21, 2017

"Big car park took 20 mins to find a parking space then you have to park on loose gravel so not marked out either, worse when it's been raining on gravel as car was just surrounded by big puddles. Return bus driver was useless and rude, dove off before I could get my case on rack and nearly fell over had to be helped by other passengers but driver wasn't bothered. When people got on bus at car park stayed standing at font when all back of bus was empty didn't ask them to sit down so impossible to get cases off, had to tell to get people moved out of way but didn't like suggestion and got rude comments back. What a JOKE!"

October 21, 2017

"Beware do not leave your car here . My bmw was broken into . Windows smashed and no contact from jetparks .
I returned at around 1 am and should have been driving back to Scotland but my car had been robbed. On contacting jet parks I was told there was nothing they could do . I had to book a hotel and stay over and get my car fixed the following day ."

October 19, 2017

"Got for a decent price which was why I picked it.

It was very big car park with very few spaces had to drive around for 15- 20 minutes to find one. And on the return I only spotted 2 spaces. So advise to allow extra time to get parked. Bus took 10 mins to arrive. Dropped us right outside terminal 1 bus stop A.

Takes about 15 mins on bus, there is no traffic on the route.

Bus back arrived after 5 mins (we just missed one!)

Don't use your best cases if you can't carry them as the parking alleys are loose stones/rocks.

Would use again if it was the cheapest. Didn't feel entirely safe leaving car there but it was ok. Rated 3 star as I have had better experience with another provider on my previous holiday."

October 14, 2017

"Give yourself a bit extra time as it is a massive car park and very busy. I like the sign that is lit by the entrance that tells you where the empty spots are. Have already been there a few times and have another couple booked for next year."

October 3, 2017

"I have used Jet Parks numerous times previously and been very pleased with the service. However last year I made 2 separate bookings throughout the year and when reaching one of the Jet Parks I was told I should be at another Jet Park. when I reached that one they sent me back to the original Jet Park as they had mixed the two bookings up. Also the ANPR doesn't always appear to work. When I rang the operator he said that the 0 had been mistaken for a number 0 instead of a letter O and seemed more concerned with arguing the matter than about letting me enter.
My last visit which was two weeks ago I parked on Jet Parks 3 which I spent quite a lot of time looking for a space as it is a very large car park. It is advisable to make a note of your nearest Bus stop.
Unfortunately when returning I mistakenly took the wrong bus as it had Term 3 and Long stay on the front and mistook the 3 for Jet Park 3. When asking the driver if this was going to Jet Park 3 he made a sarcastic remark about the clue being on the front of the bust. Being after midnight, in the dark and after the flight it was easy to make the mistake. Not what you need.
It appears that the car parks are getting too big now and will be looking for other means of getting to the Airport in future."

September 29, 2017

"Booked Jet Park 3 we were running late but it didn't help having to drive round and round to find a parking space no parking bays, then eventually found a space were someone was about to depart , managed to get on the shuttle bus at stop 101 but the driver decided to stop and wait at the exit to the car park whilst the next bus arrived and discuss with the other driver whether to offload us onto his bus as we were the only 2 passengers on board so he could go around again or just take us to the terminal ,after some debate it was decided to take us to the terminal total travel time 35 mins not the 10 mins that is advertised this extra time meant we missed check in by 5 mins .Contacted Jetparks 3 twice before they eventually replied saying

" It states that you should check in at least 3 hours before your flight. You did not give yourself enough time for eventualities"

as the flight we missed was an internal flight were check in closes 30mins before the flight .

My advice is unless you have lots of time on your hands to look for a parking space 30 mins or so, and shuttle bus eventualities 35 mins book an alternative car park"

September 26, 2017

"No problem. Only thing I could suggest is an emergency phone box at several points on the car park. Not everyone has a mobile or the office number handy if needed."

September 24, 2017

"Very easy to use, useful email giving directions to drive to, totally relaxed for the week knowing that my car was in very safe hands.
Thank you jet3 car parks for making my experience so faultless.
Shall use you again for my next trip."

September 17, 2017

"Great place to park up and the bus service is good efficient and you never have to wait long for one to come.
I always use a Jet parks when flying from Manchester and would recommend them"

August 28, 2017

"Very good service good connections will use again"

August 21, 2017

"On arriving back on Friday 4th August at terminal One from Crete arriving back at 17.10. can you explain why it takes a Skyparks 3 bus 45 minutes to turn up, then drive to terminal 2 where the driver gets off and we all sit there for 20 minutes to wait for another driver to replace his shift.
Do you think nearly one and a half hours is an acceptable transfer time?

I use this airport at least twice a month but have used Skyparks less due to previous poor experiences.

When I have taken my family on a 2 week holiday this is not what I expect or even on business I encounter problems getting to and from the car park.

I believe Trip Advisor to be more realistic in reviews"

August 7, 2017

"Very easy to use would do so again."

August 4, 2017

"When we arrived it took us about 30 mins to find a space, no one about to help !!!!
When we arrived back at 1.30am in the morning so very dark, it would have been helpful
If the driver could at least announce where we at each stop ... not helpful at all"

July 21, 2017

"Very easy to find very busy though and difficult to find a empty parking space. Then waited 45 minutes for a bus to take us to the airport. One bus went past full. Was late checking in. On return another long wait for the bus to take us back to the car park."

July 20, 2017

"Found it easy to use although massive in size. Buses regular and drivers courteous. Definitely would use again"

July 15, 2017