Manchester Hunters Airport Parking reviews

Here are some comments that our customers have made about Manchester Hunters Airport Parking

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"Avoid parking your car with this company. While many ratings show that they are very efficient with their transfers and having your car ready to set off on your return from your holiday, I believe many of these people are not aware of any slight damage to their car or extra mileage that has been added while they have been away.
I myself was initially very pleased with their service, but was warned by a friend to take note of my mileage before I left it , which I did.
On my return I found my car already started and waiting for me. I checked the mileage and an extra 30 miles were showing, also my gear stick was covered in what I can only describe as a jam like substance. On having to stop for fuel on my way home which was not planned as i had initially had enough in to get me home until some had been used while i was away. I found that the card key that goes into the dashboard was actually jammed into the slot and when i tried to put it back in it just flopped about. It took me about 20 minutes to get the car going again which didn't make me happy as it was 5 o'clock in the morning and i had a two and a half hour journey ahead of me.
Later I called up Hunters where I was passed on to the manager who told me the extra mileage was an impossibility as the car was never moved, I apparently was free to drive back over 100 miles to view the CCTV, this I declined as I got the feeling that even if video evidence of them doing donuts in my car was found that this manager would still deny any wrong doing.The jam like substance was Ignored and the damage to my dashboard was put down to a possible accident but never admitting it was caused by an employee of his, almost making out it had just happened by itself. The fact that it was covered up and that I may of been stranded at 5 am in a motorway fuel station was ignored, as was the fact that actual damage to my vehicle was done while in their care.
In the end I ended the call with this so called manager as he was just advising me how i could may be fix it myself and that this is a common problem with these card keys.
No apology was given or even an offer to fix or even give a refund.
I know lots of people who may of used them had they been decent people including myself but in future I will advise friends to keep well away and just use the regular parking.
Take my advice and please stay away, you have been warned!"

October 7, 2017

"Excellent and efficient - only 10 mins to the airport in spite of all the road works. Very easy to find coming from the Ashbourne direction and a very good driver who got soaked transferring our luggage on to the bus on our return whilst we kept dry.
Only negative comment is the state of the car park surface which was like a river and feet got wet"

October 1, 2017

"The Hunter's team were really good. Although further away from the airport than the more expensive providers , they offered us a very human experience. Instead of queuing for a shuttle bus, they ferried just us immediately to terminal 1 and drove the minibus right up to Reception so we didn't get wet even though it was poring down.
On our return to terminal 3 they had told us exactly where to stand and when to phone them for the return pick up. We only had 5 minutes to wait and were driven back with a few other customers. On arrival another member of staff had all three of our cars ready outside reception with the boots open ready for the suitcases, the heating on in our cars, the doors open and parked facing outwards so we could all just drive away. I would give them full marks. They put the effort in, were really efficient and anticipated very well that we all just wanted to get off home quickly. We were really impressed and will use them again in October."

September 18, 2017

"car park surface not the best but the service is brilliant.i have used this car park twice and i will definitely use it again."

September 14, 2017

"Using the post code to find the carpark had me turning in to a housing development just before reaching the carpark, but after that I used the exact address and it was smooth sailing. The drive into the carpark has a number of potholes and that had me wondering about the suspension of my car, but actually in the lot, I think road surfaces are better. The people working there were friendly, relaxed lessening the stress levels of travellers, efficient. The minibus to the airport left quickly. When my flight landed on my return I did not have to walk far from the terminal and waited only a very short time before the minibus arrived to take me back to the carpark. My car was there at the reception, key in the ignition, ready for me to get away quickly."

September 12, 2017

"Very good service provided by Hunters to & from Airport. Would certainly consider using Hunters again. However journey from Shropshire to Heald Green was horrendous because of roadworks & diversions. If Hunters can send an advance text with advice to allow extra time for journey that would be helpful"

September 8, 2017

"We have now used Hunters twice and the first time was a positive experience, that is why we used this service again. On the 31/08/2017 we landed in Manchester airport at about 03.00 in the morning with our 9 year old grandson. We had been travelling from 18.00 hours the previous evening. When we had collected our luggage we attempted to ring Hunters and arrange our pick up. We rang the number(s) over a dozen times from both our mobile phones and the public phone box in the airport. Each time we rang any of the three phone numbers on the card Hunters had provided us with an automated message stated that the mobile phone number we were ringing was not available and to please to try again later. We even had this message when we tried to ring the two landline numbers provided.

In the end we had no choice but to take a cab to the car park which cost us over £16. When we arrived there I informed the personnel that we had been trying the numbers and that we couldn't get through. The first reply I got was from a person who petulantly stated that "well nobody else has had a problem, look the phones ringing now!". I informed them that it was not on to arrive at an airport at 03.00 o'clock in the morning with a nine year old child and not being able to arrange a pick up. I tried the number again whilst there and I got through that time, but far too late for it to be any use to us.

Another member of staff who was much more polite and apologetic asked if we had a receipt from the cab (which we hadn't, but they had just seen us get out of it). Unfortunately the attitude of the first man had really got our backs up as he was rudely attempting to blame us for the poor service we had had. This meant that we were in no mood to hang around and discuss the situation, we just wanting to get our grandson home.

We were told that the owner would ring us at home "tomorrow" as they had our phone number and that he would want to discuss the issue. As yet no such phone call has materialised.

I would not recommend Hunters as this type of service needs to be reliable and when problems do arise (as they sometimes do) a quick and polite resolution needs to be reached. Hunters have provided neither."

August 31, 2017

"Excellent service, highly recommended!!"

August 29, 2017

"Fabulous service from the moment we pulled into the car park to the moment we were dropped back to our car after our holiday a week later!

Friendly staff (helped with luggage), clean secure facility, simple booking in arrangements and our car was waiting as we arrived back!

Will definitely use again and recommend to family and friends!

Thank you!"

August 28, 2017

"Brilliant very helpful quick service"

August 13, 2017

"Bad and rude service, staff seemed put out when we asked to be collected after our flight and nearly missed our outbound flight as they were messing us about so much."

August 7, 2017

"Used this company for the first time last week. Would deffinately recommend and use them again. Booked and paid online, dropped car off and was taken straight to the airport on a courtesy minibus. After collecting our bags and going through customs on our return, I rang the company and within 20 minutes we were collected from the airport and taken to our car. The car was ready with engine running and lights on. Excellent service."

August 6, 2017

"our flight got in early. I called Hunters they picked us up in ten mins. Car was engine warmed ready to go. No problems. Smooth as a whistle. Straight on A34 home in 40 mins (stoke-on-Trent). Top rate very good. Will be using again and recommend to friends and family."

August 4, 2017

"brilliant service, everything went smoothly and will certainly use Hunters car parking again."

July 28, 2017

"First class service. Glad I had the Sat Nav to help me find the place! Post code was great!"

July 21, 2017

"Bit far out .. but no bother... price reflects this"

July 20, 2017

"Just want to say I would highly recommend Hunter airport parking. We have used them since they opened and before then when it was Shentons. The service is great, the staff are friendly and its so easy to book on line. The price is really good and you can rest assured your car is safe and all the stress of parking near the airport is taken away from you. You book, turn up, pay and get transported to the airport more or less straight away. Once you return you give them a ring once you have got your cases and they pick you up within 15 mins. We were delayed by 20 hrs in June and which meant the car was with them an extra night and they did not charge any more. We will definitely be using them again"

July 18, 2017

"First time I've used Hunters and it will not be the last, perfectly acceptable car park for what you need, somewhere to store your car during your holiday.
Dropped off at the terminal and picked up 10 minutes after calling, nothing wrong with this service.
Minibus driver even pointed us in the right direction to the motorway once left the compound when we picked up the wrong lane.

Great service, will deffo use them again."

July 18, 2017

"AVOID! Unaccounted for miles on our car and our car camera was subsequently unplugged (without our consent or knowledge) so were unable to check video footage. Telephoned to complain and was met with a hostile and aggressive response. Zero customer service was shown. Avoid, no intention of ever using again."

July 17, 2017

"Great service, great staff, booked again, very happy with service."

July 9, 2017

"Have used these for about 10 years.
Even when they where at the old site friendly service.
No hanging around, check in quick and easy. Pick up with in five minutes, never had any problems.

July 4, 2017

"Excellent service. On time with pick up and car was ready for me as soon as they returned me to the depo to collect it. They even had the car running ready. Great value for money. I would highly recommend."

June 30, 2017

"Having used H+P airport parking for 16 years, we were disappointed in how Hunters operated. The place looked like a junk yard and we weren't sure that we had come to the right place at all! No real order in how cars were parked and we felt quite dubious at leaving the car there for a week. Yes it was near the airport but we felt that we were kept waiting just a little too long to be picked up after our return flight. They also thought that we were travelling with a different flight firm to what we had told them. Didn't instill confidence at all. I doubt very much that we will use them again."

June 29, 2017

"Used Hunters for the 2nd time this year and will continue to use them in the future and recommend them. Polite, friendly service at all times, clear information provided. Good banter from the driver on the pickup. My car was ready and waiting near the office, facing the right way, key in ignition and the boot open for the cases! What more could you ask for? Great service"

June 28, 2017

"Absolutely fabulous service. Was dubious when we arrived but found them efficient, friendly and well organised. No waiting around, straight to the airport and the same on our return, though took longer getting back to car park due to rush-hour traffic. Car was ready on our return with boot open and had been washed. I would not hesitate to recommend Hunters and will definitely use them again."

June 27, 2017

"Used this service for the first time, to anyone wanting reasonable cost for airport parking and a good service I would highly recommend Hunters. Quick service getting to the airport. On return picked up within 5mins of getting outside the terminal at 1am in the morning. The car was out and ready for collection, The only negative I would say is, the entrance to the car park needs sighing better. I would use the service without hesitation in the future."

June 25, 2017

"Personal friendly service. Just a 10 minute ride to the airport and that was in heavy traffic. There was no waiting to get us to the airport and just a couple of minutes to wait on the return. I would fully recommend this company."

June 21, 2017

"Good service and only had to wait 5 minutes for mini bus pick-up once we got back. Will definately use again."

June 18, 2017

"Fantastic service friendly staff and loved the little touch that your car is waiting outside reception with boot open ready to go"

June 15, 2017

"Friendly staff, and everything went according to plan.
Liked the little touch of having your car boot open when arriving back at car park so you can dump your bags straight into the boot - nice!"

June 12, 2017