Manchester FSS Meet and Greet



Please see your booking confirmation for details.


Arrival procedure

Please call the car park on 07921 145602 when you are approx. 20 minutes away from the airport to let them know you are running on time. Please make your way to the terminal you are departing from and park in the departure lane where a chauffeur will meet you.


Return procedure

On your return, please call the chauffeur on the above number once you have collected your luggage and cleared customs. Your vehicle will then be returned to you for your journey home.



The car park has barrier control, CCTV and security fencing. It also has the Park Mark awarded by police for safer parking.


Additional information

You will be required to leave your keys.

If you have any questions regarding your booking or the procedure to follow, please do not hesitate to call the office on 0330 041 2966 or one of the chauffeur’s on 07921 145602.

The number for the Emergency Chauffeur Line is 07717 011321.

Please be aware there are on going roadworks around the airport that have been causing delays. Please allow enough time in case these affect you.


Distance to airport

You will be met at the airport.

Transfers from airport

Transfers are not required.

Manchester FSS Meet and Greet reviews

Our average review score for Manchester FSS Meet and Greet parking is 1.9 from 32 reviews.

"Do not use, absolute chaos when we tried to collect car from them today Sunday 8th April 2018. Been using for 12 years and until now been excellent service. They been taken over and now a complete shambles. Booked and paid online January 2018, arrived March, no booking recorded. Booked in again, bussed into airport but bus broke down.
Returned today to collect but couldn’t find car?
Searched in pitch black darkness and eventually found totally blocked in by other parked cars. Staff wandering about like headless chickens although polite and apologetic. Elected to get car out myself but found to have totally dead battery due to something left switched on!! Chased round looking for help to jumpstart but no power pack available as not been left on charge, eventually jumpstarted by staff using another customers car?!! Other arriving customers all in same situation. When home and in daylight discovered car looked like been in Paris Dakar rally! Photos to prove. Don’t know where my car had been to but covered in filth with muddy tyres whereas car park is stoned?
Seems they have been taken over and staff although trying their best, have no idea what they are doing!"

April 8, 2018

"Good service prompt. At pick up and drop of and after a long flight that's exactly what you need.good service would use again."

November 24, 2017

"I didn't find this carpark hard to find as satnav took me straight there was greeted and helped with luggage on way home flight company had gone bust had a 14 hour delay iPhone the car park which were totally fine about this and told me to phone them for the bus to pick me up as soon as I arrived they picked me up I had not waiting also helped with luggage once again the car engine was tired the heating was on I was very grateful for this as I had two small children with me that were called and it was 2 o'clock in the morning it was great I would definitely recommend this company to anybody"

October 16, 2017

"Always use fss meet and greet and always get a good service, reliable, punctual and polite"

October 11, 2017

"Excellent service. Easy to use. I was delayed in Cuba for three extra days due to Hurricane Irma and still had excellent service on my return. I highly recommend."

September 14, 2017