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Edward Schofield

I was very satisfied with the parking arrangements Sept. 16th. - 25th 2007. It was very convenient being in the short stay car park and all arrangements ran smoothly. I would use your service again. E. Schofield.
September 28, 2007

haydn partington

fast & friendly again will us everytime we fly.
September 28, 2007

Trevor Butler

We have used Autostrong once previously. We have found them to be reliable and reasonably close to the airport. (20 minutes). We would use them again.
September 27, 2007

Alan Carr

Overall a good service. We waited around 30 mins to be picked up after telephoning but apart from that the service is good value.
September 26, 2007

Pauline Ambrose

Car park was difficult to find, the directions weren't that helpful. The parking was basic, as was the service but that is all I was expecting. Never used airport parking before, this company was good enough though. I would use them again.
September 25, 2007

Diana Arciero

Helpful, convenient and punctual. Would definitely use them again if we need to.
September 24, 2007

Gary Gregorich

It was probably the best service I have used. We waited a bit upon going, but upon our return, we were pricked up promptly on our return. Our car was waiting for us when we returned to the parking area. It was painless. I was impressed. I would happily use them again.
September 22, 2007


This parking facility was adequate for our needs. The service was quick..we departed as soon as the car keys were handed over and we were collected within 5 minutes of waiting outside the airport. I would say the only down fall was the customer toilets which were sadly very poor..leaking all over the floor and in a bad state of cleanliness. The instructions on how to find the parking facility were a little confusing as it was tucked away down a small street. This road was also very bumpy( sleeping policemen ) and very dark at night.
September 21, 2007

Kay Beardsley

Outgoing service was basically ok except a distinct lack of manners from the driver. On return, we called the office as advised once we had collected our luggage and waited at the advised bus stop. over 45 minutes later the mini bus hadn't arrived so I called to ask why, to be told that we 'weren't there' and that the driver had collected other passengers. Another mini bus would be along but couldn't say when. Another 15 minutes later an airport worker enquired why we and another couple were waiting, only to find out that the mini buses were no longer allowed to stop in this area. After calling the car park again and speaking to the lady again she informed me of the change (a little late thanks). Why weren't we informed of something so basic when they had our contact details and our phones were most definitely on. Finally after waiting for well over an hour (from 6.20 in the morning after a four hour flight)we were collected. Certainly will not be using this service again. NB the advertised 5 mins transfer time was definitely more like 20 - 25 minutes.
September 16, 2007

tony linssner

i was surprised they knew my name when i arrived at their office. the staff are really helpful, quick and smooth vans this year too.very efficient. thankyou. will use again next year.
September 15, 2007

Jim Moriarty

The service was excellent.The only problem we had was finding the place at 4.30 a.m.! The instructions could have been more precise. It also would have been much easier to have been dropped off outside Terminal 1 and picked up from there,but I assume this is for security reasons.Otherwise,first class.
September 12, 2007

Andrew rayner

I was disappointed. We chose this car park as it appeared to be one of the closest. It was about a 15 minute drive when the traffic was quiet. The most disappointing thing was that from phoning up after getting through customs, it took them 48 minutes to turn up and get us back to our car.
September 9, 2007

Mrs Sharon Price

I have used this service for about 3 years, and everytime they deliver excellent service. The drivers are very friendly ad courteous. Effecient and quick service. Wet or dry the drivers are always there waiitng to pick us up from the airport terminal. The car is always well looked after, and out ready for us to just drive away, without any delays. I would recommend this service to anyone.
September 7, 2007

Roland Thomas

Not the easiest place to find - but otherwise no complaint.
September 6, 2007

kevin wright

no problems,friendly staff,good comunications &quick pick up from airport when we arrived back in uk
September 4, 2007

Jacalyn Hughes

The service provided by Armstrong was excellent, the price was also spot on. However, we were disappointed that the journey time from parking to the airport was so long particularly as we were under the impression that it would be a much shorter journey.
September 4, 2007

Michelle Fisher

Very good service. Would definately use again.
September 3, 2007

Steve Donoghue

Everything went smoothly, although further from the airport that we expected, slight delay getting the bus back from the car park, but other that that very good.
September 3, 2007

Jeffrey Whittaker

This parking was very good and cheap, we had a good expirence with them. Taken and picked up at the Airport as arranged with no problems. It was a little further away than I expected but still it was cheap. I would use again.
September 2, 2007

John Bancroft

The service was efficient, on time and polite. A good experience.
August 31, 2007

Steffan Woodhead

Good service and value.
August 25, 2007

M Johnstone

Good service, but was not the advertised 5 minutes away - more like 15.
August 25, 2007

James Conley

Although the instructions to find the premises were not too good (spotting B&Q was not a very obvious landmark, being hidden by another building) the service was 1st class. Returning at 3am was no problem.
August 24, 2007

Mr M Nuttall

Good quick service, drivers polite and accommodating. Distance from car park to the airport is about a 15min transfer, probably more during rush hour, so allow adequate time to travel to the airport and check in. I was not happy to leave my car keys, although there were no issues with security. Issue with being dropped off at the coach park, which is a distance to walk to terminal one, especially if you have a disability or you have young children, however, apparently, this is standard for all people being taken to the airport after they have left their cars, due to the security level at Manchester airport. I would use this company again in the future and would be happy to recommend to other people to use.
August 23, 2007

Jessica Kell

Autostrong parking at Manchester was excellent. We were very pleased with everything, and will shortly be booking with them again. I have also recommended them to a friend.
August 20, 2007

Paul Kincell

Good vfm, safe carpark, friendly drivers, quick transfer thro side roads, would recommend, and use again.
August 19, 2007


Autostrong ran a very efficient operation, and at a reasonable price.
August 18, 2007

nette roberts

I only chose this carpark as it was so cheap and we had such a tight budget for our week away. I was so pleased at the service we received, on arrival at the car park we where taken within 10 mins to the airport. On our return we only had to wait 15mins from making the phone call. An excellent service and we will be using you again!!
August 16, 2007

G Mclean

We found the car park easily and by the time I had filled in the small piece of paper work the minibus was ready to leave for the airport. The driver only took about 10 mins to take us to the bus station where we had to be left for security reasons. It was clearly signposted to the terminals and we were checking in within 10 mins. Coming back was just as efficient. The car was ready to be driven away. I would use this car park again.
August 7, 2007

paul william shaw

i have already written a review, presumably this went directly to the car park. as i said in this initial review, everything was fine until we returned to manchester airport. there was some confusion regarding exactly where we were to be picked up. i know that the incident at glasgow airport has hampered your service so i took that into consideration. we were left waiting for 20 minutes, after having travelled for 8 hours, and had to make a second phone call to clarify the exact location of the pick up. this is not necessarily a critisicm just a reply to your email. thank you.
August 6, 2007