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david j collins

recently booked with purple parking..arrived at their site..waited a few minutes...transported to airport...on return we phoned to say we needed collecting...picked up immediately...our car was waiting..ready to go....excellent service. we have used before at other airports and will definetly use them again.. we highly recommend you try this very polite and efficient company.
November 20, 2009

C Taylor

Very efficient. No wainting around for ages to tranfer to airport or on return. Have used their service twice now and would recommend.
October 29, 2009

Raymond Warwick

all went well,when we arrived back the mini bus was waiting for us at the airport,good value would use again if flying from Manchester
October 7, 2009

Eric Cassee

I would never use this car park again and in fact have told all my work colleagues, family and friends to avoid them at all costs. When we arrived at the facility we were running late due to a bad accident on the motorway on our way down. We checked in immediately and informed the driver and admin staff that we were running late and would appreciate a speedy transfer to the airport. We were told that the driver was waiting for more people to arrive before he could leave. Twenty minutes passed in which the driver was observed to be chatting to a work colleague and smoking. Then the driver got onto the mini bus and set off despite no other passengers having arrived. The journey to the airport took longer than we were told resulting in us missing our flight and having to purchase 2 new ones! On our return, we rang the number given and were told that a bus was already on its way. We had to ask where to go to meet the bus and we waited there for 35 mins. Other car park companies came and went picking other passengers up (this was 3am!!) Eventually a minibus with "Purple Parking" on it arrived and we overheard the driver telling another couple waiting that he was from Autostrong! We asked and were told that the company had been taken over by Purple Parking. We had already stood there 15 mins earlier and let a Purple Parking bus leave as we had not been told of this development! The organisation and customer relations of this company are the worst either myself or my wife have ever encountered and I would strongly urge anyone who has booked with this company to think again.
September 29, 2009

Mrs C J Mumby

It was a long way round Manchester to the car park but once we were there everything was very professional and a quick transfer to the terminal
September 29, 2009

Alan Burch

I have been a loyal user and recommender of Autostrong for more than 10 years. In the past i have received excellent service, as other reviews have noted. On arriving at Autostrong recently, I found that Purple Parking had taken the company over. We sat in the minibus for about 15 mins waiting while other travellers checked in. One family was most upset bedcause their children were not allowed to use the toilets before setting off. After about 25 minutes we set off, only for the driver to be recalled to pick up more passengers after we had travelled about a quarter of a mile. We finally reached the airport about 50 minutes after arriving at Autostrong. When we returned (after midnight), we waited about 15 minutes for the bus, but then the driver spent another 15 minutes arguing with the office over how many passenger he had to pick up, then onto the next terminal and another long wait while he phoned again. We finally arrived at Autostrong 50 minutes after calling Autostrong. I don't know whether the takeover has changed the company's attitude to their customers, but I will certainly be shopping around before I book my next parking.
September 21, 2009

Kent Parson

Good service. Very quick on demand service to the airport. Prompt collection on return.
September 19, 2009

Nigel Gastall

The car park directions need updating and local signage at the main road considering. The telephone number of the car park needs to be on the booking confirmation
August 29, 2009

Gemma Mercer

Easy to find, helpful staff, cheapest price and not too far from airport. Only downside was we were told to ring from arrivals only when we had collected luggage and gone through customs, we were then left waiting in the cold outside for about 25mins for the bus to pick us up.....we were the only people left and as it was midnight I wouldn't have felt too safe if I wasn't with my other half. Pity really as everything else was great.
August 28, 2009

martin roughsedge

excellent service, that i will definatley be using again and have already reccomended to friends.
August 11, 2009

Brian & Freda Arnold

Quick, no-probs reception of both cars when we arrived to park; immediate transfer to the airport. On return from holiday (worn out after travelling for 12 hours with 2 tired and bored children), we called and were picked up very shortly; the cars were ready and waiting, and we set off for home about 10 mins later. Very efficient - will use Autostrong again!
May 30, 2009

The Hainings

The service was very good and efficient. Dirctions to the park were good. As the park is a bit further from the airport, it did take a bit longer for the pick-up to arrive compared with other people using other car parks. However, we were going back to the M6 so when we left the parking at Altringham it was very convenient to get back onto the M6. We would not hesitate to use Autostrong again.
April 19, 2009


good security easy enough to find clean transfer buses too far from airport for frequency of buses took 40 mins from phone call to arrival driver was over assertive and argues it was a courtesy bus and I could take a taxi if I was unhappy. No apology, I obviously expected too much lesson learned, book elsewhere
April 14, 2009

zanna pupele

CAr parking is ok, and it is VERY HELPFUL staff there! We got losta bit on the way there, and we got full support in a very friendly way. Also, when arrived back to airport, we took wrong way o terminal 3, but were explained where to go to take a bus.
April 11, 2009

George Malcolm Taylor

No Problems at all , good service , easily accessible to the motorway. Will definately use again
April 8, 2009

Geoff Leech

A very good experience from Autostrong. Good directions, area is obviously well protected and a quick transfer to airport. Driver was there minutes after we called when we came back home. Would definitely use again.
April 7, 2009

david foster

we were dropped off and picked up on time and our cars were looked after while we were away. We have used Autostrong before and we will again.
April 1, 2009


Our experience was everything you would want .Upon arrival at Autostrong 7 completing the necessary paper work we were quickly delivered to our flight terminal and given a free phone number for the return journey. As it happened after customs in Manchester we had just missed a transfer bus, but were collected and taken to the depot even though we were the only passengers. The whole process was easy and uncomplicated - if only flying was the same!
March 24, 2009


We couldn't fault Autostrong. They were bang on time in both directions and our car was waiting and warmed up when we arrived back. Would certainly use them again.
March 18, 2009

Phil Pegum

Autostrong is atleast 15 minutes from the airport. when I arrived back at 00:45 on Sunday night/Monday morning they only appeared to have 1 (rather old and taty) minibus working, so if you miss a pick up, as we did, you'll be waiting half an hour in the cold at the bus stop. The driver didn't even say hello. When I phoned the person who dealt with me was indifferent to the point of rudeness and when I came to collect my keys at the portacabin reception (which is old and taty like the buses) she just said "sign here" - no eye contact, no smile. Now I know it must be tough at that time of the morning. I was tired too, but customer service makes the difference in a competative business and I for one won't be returning. There are plenty of other options, closer to the airport, better run and comparable on price.
March 17, 2009

David Russell Lawton

Very prompt despatch to airport and a very prompt pickup. A little difficult to find the right hand turn onto the road where the carpark is. Maybe it would be better with a sign as it wasn't very clear on arrival e.g. a street sign. But overall, good.
March 16, 2009

Michael Barker

Had no problems whatsoever with this airpark. Landed back in Manchester to snow, sleet and biting cold. They picked us up promptly and took us back to a very welcome running, warmed up car - very thoughtful and considerate. We will be using them again.
December 4, 2008

Arthur Rowlinson

Autostrong were axcellent, particularly at pickup from Manchester airport, which although well after midnight involved no waiting at all. On reaching their car park at Altrincham we found our car (whose battery had drained during the trip), with engine running ready for us to drive away. What more could you ask?
November 29, 2008

Hywel Davies

I have used Autostrong on 4 occasions and have never received anything less than excellent service. Easy to find with their instructions,very secure on-site storage,easy check-in and prompt delivery and pick up from the airport.
November 27, 2008

karen stephenson

we came from the north the directions could have been better. on reaching manchester ring road we were to leave at j7. is j7 east or west? we didnt know so headed for the airport signs unfortunately we had to tyrn round and head in the opposite direction to find j7. ring road east or west would have been helpful. on a56 you are to go over the canal bridge and turn down woodfield road!! is woodfield rd on the left or the right?? it doesnt say, after driving a mile over the canal bridge we had to stop and ring the office for directions. woodfield rd is actually the first turning on the right after the canal bridge. Why not stste that in the directions???
November 27, 2008

karen rizza

Excellent. Easy to follow directions. Brilliant service. Absolutely no problems. Would definately use again.
November 17, 2008

Anglea Holgate

Found the staff unfriendly and not very helpful. Will not be using this car park again.
November 12, 2008

Robin Gregory

Always a very competative price and not too distant from the airport.
November 12, 2008


Cheapest I could find But service was first class I will use again. btw they have a discount service once you have been with them. 100% A OK.
November 4, 2008

Andrew Sheldon

Found the staff helpful and did not have any delay on landing for the pick up. Would definitely use again.
November 3, 2008