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Here are some comments that our customers have made about APH Manchester

Joyce Dippnall

Excellent service - courteous, efficient and helpful driver, Thanks to John - we mistakenly took bus provided by another company (it was a dark, rainy night and we'd been travelling all day!) who were extremely unhelpful. With good humour and efficiency - APH sorted out our problem as quickly as possible.
February 20, 2019

Trevor Guy

Brilliant service highly recommend in time, great instructions and even gave us a weather update the day before we flew.
February 5, 2019

Ken Williams

Have used APH Manchester in excess of 30 years and have encountered no problems. Service always good and would certainly recommend this company.
January 12, 2019

Ian O'gara

I used to always use these, not anymore though, got home on Wednesday evening and on Thursday morning found a cigarette burn on drivers seat, NOT HAPPY, not worth complaining as all responsibility will be denied as usual.
January 11, 2019

Timmy Sully

Very poor service, slow, staff does not care
December 14, 2018


We have used APH quite a few times and always been impressed with the service,but oh what has happened to this company; very slow taking us to the airport, then on our return we text them to say we were ready, we went to the collection point where there was a lot of other people waiting. After waiting another 25mins in the cold night a bus arrived. When we arrived back at the base it was chaos; the woman on the desk was giving people the wrong keys, and not telling anyone how to get out of the parking area, which was then making a queue. NOT GOOD
November 12, 2018

Michael Hay

I used APH Parking on 26 Oct 18 and returned on 30 Oct 18 to Manchester. From start to finish was slick, encountered no delays and waiting for bus was no more than 10 minutes each time. Will definitely use again.
October 31, 2018

Robert White

I used APH for the first time on Friday 19th October. Was very pleased with the overall experience of booking, drop off and collection of car, together with transfer to and from Manchester airport. Cannot comment on charges, as first time used, but my impression was it was reasonable for the service provided. Would I use again? 100% yes. Would I recommend to anyone unsure on booking? 100%. Each transfer too/from the airport was a maximum of 15 minutes. Very slick and organised service. I returned on a Tuesday at 3.45pm to Manchester.
October 24, 2018

John Duffy

I have been using APH for a number of years and have found the company very good until yesterday. My wife and I are in our seventies and when we boarded the shuttle at Terminal 2 at Manchester to return to Sharston, the bottom layer for storing suitcases was full so we decided to use the space opposite to put the cases as I did not think I could at 75 lift both of them over 4 foot height into the second layer of suitcases. I managed to lift one up but the second case was beyond me. The lady driver was unimpressed and said I would get help. A young fellow passenger stepped forward and raised the case onto the higher level until we arrived at Sharston. I will now have to look elsewhere as I don't fancy risking a heart attack when using APH in future.
September 8, 2018

Tony Kirmond

Dropped my car off early morning on the 13th June while i was on the bus pulling away my attention was drawn to my car speeding away to the undercover car park,it was been driven with total disrespect and way too fast,i knew this because the exhaust back pressure bangs the exhaust on hard acceleration if i had not have been on the bus i would have gone straight back into the office and kicked off big time.May i remind APH they have a duty off care when customers entrust and leave the cars with them you certainly don't expect to see it driven off like some yob has just stolen it.I have used APH for the last 7 years but after witnessing this will look at other places in the future.If you have a performance car think twice before booking it in here.Very disappointed in what i saw.
June 29, 2018

Mr Hansen

An awful experience all together. Airport Postcode is given as M90 1QX which is not the postcode for the car park described for T1/T3 long stay car park. Arrived at the wrong car park only to be given direction to a multi storey car park, then again being directed to the car park above. You obviously don't appreciate how difficult it is trying to driving a car and at the same time looking for exits to a car park and every road is redirected because of roadwork in the airport. I nearly missed the flight because I was driving around in circles because of lack of directions. Ole Hansen.
May 11, 2018

Maria Tyrer

Excellent company, will definitely use them again. The check in procedure was quick and easy and the transfer to the airport didn't take long. On our return, a quick text to them (following simple instructions we were given) and we were picked up at the stated bus stop and taken back to the car park. All the staff àre helpful and polite.
April 20, 2018

Miss Spark

Quick and easy good service
April 9, 2018

Tai Chew

Excellent service and the driver was very friendly and helpful.
April 6, 2018

Norman Glynn

The experience of this car from start to finish was 5 star will use again
March 24, 2018

J Hodges

We were very pleased with the experience , would definitely recommend A.P.H parking .
March 17, 2018

Sean Gillespie

Appalling- If you enjoy been told ‘if you don’t like it don’t come’ by the Manager when you ask if you can get on the bus that’s waiting And being called a ‘ Muppet’ then crack on . 40 mind waiting in the cold doesn’t help either. Nobody is interested.
February 25, 2018

C Cashmore

The service for both drop-off and collect were both perfect and expedient. Residing near Birmingham, I find the airport both slow and unfriendly, when it comes to passenger convenience - so I use Manchester or Heathrow. A recent trip involved off-site parking for 12 days, and having used a near-by offsite parking (Manchester) to my disaster last year, I re-found APH and was very glad to have done so. Short, regular and efficient service from Park to Terminal, and same by return. Will definitely use this 5-Star service again!
February 23, 2018

Robert Alan Dixon

We have used APH Manchester lots of times but this is the last. Unfortunately my wife was in hospital overseas and our return was delayed. I notified APH customer services who sent a reply saying that Manchester had been notified and asking me to let them know our return details as soon as we knew them. I emailed the return details and did not get a reply so I got my brother to ring Manchester direct, the morning after I had a reply from customer services confirming the details had been passed on. When we arrived at Manchester I sent the text and we went to the collection bus shelter where a bus was waiting, the man pushing the wheelchair put an extra spurt on and we got to the door. The driver told us we had to wait for another bus, his attitude was awful, I was very annoyed that a vulnerable passenger was left shivering in a windy bus shelter to wait for the next bus. On our return to the car park we were told that they had not been notified of our return. Never again will we use APH.
February 18, 2018

Mary Chipman

We have used this car park before, several times in fact. Always been very pleased with the experience that’s why we’ve returned. Generally I think you really find out what the company is like when something goes wrong for you which it did for us yesterday. Our flight landed, we collected bags, texted APH caught the bus to collect the car and were then informed that the suspension spring on our car had collapsed. We couldn’t drive so neede to arrange Collection. These things happen, so we called RAC and waited 5 hours for the transporter!! The APH chaps chatted to us, made us tea got lunch for us when they got theirs and were generally fantastic. Such a smashing bunch of lads and even the manager came and checked on us a couple of times. As I say, APH definitely don’t make a drama out of a crisis they made us as comfortable as possible. Thank you very much. Hopefully the next time we see you the process will be smoother and we won’t have to stay so long. Thanks again.
February 14, 2018

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