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I Smedley

Really efficient and courteous we mistakenly booked to leave and arrive via terminal 2 only to realise the day before we where returning via terminal 1.I contacted the team who assured me that our car would be moved to terminal 1 for our arrival back in the UK and it was no fuss, a really pleasant experience. Thank you
October 26, 2016

Mark burrows

Second time we've used this service at Manchester T2 and have to say what a brilliant service it is. The only down side was on collection of my car yesterday my sat nav had been stolen from the glove box of my car. I know it may have been a little silly to leave it there but had no such issue on our first time so assumed it would be the same on this occasion. Just want to warn people not to leave any personal affects in your car, which is a tad inconvenient as you have to take such items on your hol. Also was told to make a police report if I wanted to make a claim on my insurance which I'm not going to do. And there was nothing more they could do. Which I find hard to believe as the carmera's would show who was driving in or out of the drop off and pick up area
September 4, 2016

Steven Hodkinson

Great and easy service. Car drop off point perfectly located. Will definitely use again.
June 24, 2016

Mrs R Firth

Was really good quick and easy only have 1 negative thing really when I went to pick up my car it was in multi story bit maybe have it in the car park where the office is placed to make it easier for people on there own with babies or children Would recommend to friends
May 15, 2016

P Pickering

Drop car off, reception thirty seconds from terminal. Came back to reception on arriving back, give the man the ticket. Got the keys. Car parked 30 metres away. Was on our way within minutes. Perfect
May 5, 2016

Chrissie Burton

Very polite & efficient staff & service. Location of drop off, collection points excellent for access to T3. We had a delayed return but the staff were very helpful & our car had remained in the safe collection areas. Very happy with the service & great price as well. Will definitely use again.
April 7, 2016

Mrs A Friend

Excellent hassle free service. Will definitely use again
March 28, 2016

Mr T Colford

Excellent service
March 13, 2016

Andy Hackett

Although convenient, I would not recommend this service nor use it again. We retrieved our vehicle on 26th Dec 2015 in the pouring rain. The person who had driven it had put (and then left) the driver�s seat heating onto full, disabled the automatic headlamps, and for some reason the air blower (to clear the windscreen) was not working. We complained at the office and were given hand towels to wipe the windscreen. We had a dangerous drive back to Leeds in the pouring rain at 12:30am unable to clear the inside of the windscreen except with the hand towels. A driver in another vehicle kindly told us our headlamps were off. We have made a complaint by telephone, but the company haven�t replied and left it to us to organise and pay for the repair of our vehicle.
January 29, 2016

Mr R Holt

Great way to start and end your trip, such easy access to terminals 1 and 2 ,excellent friendly staff, this was 2nd time of use and we felt that our car was in safe hands. I would highly recommend this parking facility
January 1, 2016

Mr J Lewis

trouble free and very easy
December 12, 2015

Mr J Burns

having found the actual car parking entrance we were very pleased with everything that took place. But one comment i feel the signage giving directions to the car park off the small island is very small and not illuminated.
October 19, 2015

Dawn Murray

Fantastic service as usual
October 1, 2015

david carruthers

Excellent. Ease of drop off and collection. Friendly staff
September 5, 2015

Mrs A Latimer

Very good service. Would definitely use again, very straight forward.
July 21, 2015

Mr J Medvenics

no problems with the parking spot on again 100% i had a bit of trouble trying to get out of the air port to pick the car up,thank you once again
June 20, 2015

Keith wright

Very good service.
May 25, 2015


Sir/Madam, Recently I used your car park facilities twice and overall I have been disappointed as on the first occasion my car door was badly damaged, which I was compensated for. On the second occasion I found my car full of mud as if been parked in a field although your adverts say cars are parked on tarmac.
October 13, 2014

Angela Saunders

An excellent trustworthy service! We've used this service twice now, you get to park closer to the airport for one, you don't have to drive around trying to find a space and they have the car ready and close by to the welcome centre when you collect your keys. The last time we used this my hubby dropped his iPhone on the drivers seat, they kindly popped it in the glove box and informed us it was there on arrival back! A lots of other services similar to this may have been a different outcome....
August 13, 2014

Gavin Davies

Great service, no issues definitely use again. Thanks
August 1, 2014

steve roberts

EXCELLENT.................simple as that
July 25, 2014

Alyson Marks

What a breeze, and a great way to start and finish your holiday. Just drive up to the door, leave your keys and straight into the terminal. Thank you
January 28, 2014

Ian Sutton

Brilliant service dead easy definitely use again !!
January 27, 2014


Fantastic service, hassle free parking next door to terminal 1.
November 12, 2013

Bernard Payne

Had a difficulty finding reception,incoming signs stated meet & greet, this changed to abbreviated M&G and missed entrance Otherwise a pleasant experience
September 14, 2013

Peter John Walden

Superb service and a totally hassle free experience
September 8, 2013

Jane gawne

As the car has been damaged on the passenger side rear door whilst in the care of parking staff I am unable to rate it at anymore than a 1. We are having difficulty in speaking to someone about the damage and have been advised to write an email to a generic customer service mailbox. As we have to work hard to afford a nice car I find it hard to accept that when left in your care my car has become damaged. Whilst I accept accidents happen there should be a plan in ace to deal with these incidents. I would appreciate a response as to how this can be resolved quickly and the damage repaired at no cost to ourselves. Regards Jane Gawne
August 30, 2013

Linda Fowden

The only problem with this Terminal 1 service was finding it. Maybe our fault, but not knowing this venue we were looking out for "Meet and Greet" signs it was only after several trips round the airport we realised the signs read "M&G " it was all getting a bit fraught at the end. Lol Then when we got there our booking couldn't be found.... More stress. All ok in the end though but please be clearer about signage, when you're tired & stressed & you're told to follow "Meet and Greet signs" this is what you look for. Not M&G.
August 10, 2013

Rhonda Jacques

Excellent service all worked like clockwork. I was travelling with two elderly parents and the help I was given could not have been better.
July 31, 2013

Leslie Constantine

Easy to find and the service was very good.
July 8, 2013