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justin cartwright

After leaving my car with meet and greet, on arrival my car wasn�t available. They managed to get my return date incorrect, then after digging the car out it took 45 mins to arrive and to top it off they also scuffed all the bumper on my car! Why do they take photo evidence prior and post to them receiving the vehicle and then you can�t see the photos to vindicate their errors! So not only did they keep me waiting, now my car is damaged with no compensation!
July 30, 2018

Elizabeth white

Booked meet and greet Manchester through holiday extras .I arrived dead on one as arranged and was told that I didn�t have a booking .The gentleman [i call him that loosely ] didn�t even bother to get off his fat derri�re to check the booking and told me to back down the ramp I then rang holiday extras who told me that I had got a booking and to go to the meet and greet reception on the top floor so I did but by now we were getting very close to booking onto our plane and we were still the wrong side of the parking area and we were still not on the system according to meet and greet despite me being told I was and showing the clerk the confirmation and even a bar code and ringing holiday extras on my mobile and handing to the clerk well holiday extras your slogan says less hassle more holiday I say more hassle less holiday what should have been a leisurely start time in duty free and relax in excecutive lounge turned out to be a nightmare and my car was damaged too so not happy meet and greet Manchester
July 27, 2018

Paul Fitzpatrick

DO NOT USE T1 Meet and Greet By far the worst Airport Anywhere , We used the T1 Meet and Greet , went on holiday for 2 weeks , arrive back at 3 am in the Morning and very tired with a further 2.5 hr drive back to Scotland, quick inspection on our 3 week old car looked ok. My partner noticed ( a hair on the windscreen ), arriving back in Scotland it was still there , a closer look and it was an 8 inch horizontal scratch. Phone to sort it out , No chance , bounced around in calls = net result fill in a feedback form. To be brief as we had left the area and reported the damage the next day after sleeping, they are denying negligence and referring to terms and conditions. Small claims ahead it would seem , more as a matter of principal than anything else , the time period in question covers roadworks near the carpark , The T1 meet and greet actually identified this as a potential cause , add in i do believe we were not the only owners with the same problem. To be blunt they have terrible customer service , take your money but when a problem arises no effort to resolve anything. I have asked the question ( from my lawyer friend ) if anywhere in their terms and conditions they state they have an area fully lit ( at all times for nighttime flight arrivals ) for customers to inspect their cars. Terms and conditions are there for both parties to be protected , in this case T1 take a full 360 degree video of your car on arrival , but for some bizzare reason do not on exit, small claims will be very interested in this one.
July 22, 2018


We booked Manchester Car Park M & G through NEVER AGAIN! Our paperwork instructed us to ring 30 mins before arrival at airport yet I rang 50 mins before only to arrive at Terminal 1 Departures A where we were instructed to park in a bay and wait to find no-one there for us. We telephoned the mobile number again to be told someone would be with us shortly. After 20 mins still noone had approached our vehicle for collection. We had to ring 5 times and eventually a guy turned up, did apologise but did not seem very professional. Had my doubts then about leaving our vehicle but really did not have much choice. Having completed a vehicle check with us we left him the key. We learnt that the place he was taking it to was about 20 mins away. On our return I made a mistake of putting 3.30 in the afternoon when I should have put 3.30 in the morning so on arrival back at Manchester at 1.30 a.m when all you want to do it get home and get to bed I rang whilst waiting for our bags to find out that due to my mistake our car was blocked in as they did not expect it out until that afternoon. Knowing that we needed to be at a friends wedding that afternoon a waive of panic came over me. The guy on the phone was not very understandable at all and said well - Can't promise how long it will take to get it out, its blocked in, ring us back in 15 mins. Which we did, to be told ring us back in 20 mins should know how long then. 1 and 1/4 hours later we finally got word after several calls all from us that our car was on its way back and he would see us in another 20 mins. I realise it was my mistake but we were passed from person to person with no continuity and no sense of urgency. When our car finally arrived upon checking I noticed two scratches that were new, a blue one on the top of the passenger wing and another on the back passenger door quite near to a small mark I did know about, when I questioned the driver he referred to his paper and said that was already there. I ended up arguing with him and he telephoned his office, and passed me the phone. I was informed that my partner would receive an email with details of how to complain and to photo the damage for evidence. No email ever came and fortunately, we have managed to remove most of the marks with T cut although one remains slightly. I had no faith that I would be compensated and could only imagine a long drawn out battle so did not bother. I would strongly suggest you think twice about using this service. We in future will use our normal Parking where we park the car ourselves and keep the keys. Not a good experience. Too many calls chasing pick up and not professional or sympathetic to our problems.
July 18, 2018

Louise Preston

Do not use just returned from holiday and noticed my baby�s car seat was not strapped in ! When I removed the car seat there is a big cigarette burn on the seat underneath so they have removed my baby�s car seat while smoking in the back of the car ! Avoid at all costs
July 15, 2018

Danielle Johnson

DO NOT USE! Totally unprofessional, came back from a 20 hour flight to damage to my partners car to the suspension. Manager as aggressive and was insistent on it being �just wear and tear� before we questioned it. Road to where the vehicle was parked was rather bumpy and the car also was not in the original space allocated for it so our guess is someone has driven the car (bmw m3) too fast over the bumps. Have read reviews of similar damage to other cars, wish we had known before we used them, not what you need after a long flight and a journey back to Leeds. Whilst waiting for the Aa we also heard similar stories of damage to customers cars, we now use the park and ride which is very easy and stress free!
July 7, 2018

Shaun Gallagher

Just used Manchester Meet & Great to drop off and collect my car from T1. No problem dropping my car off but my car has a tracker and noticed whilst on holiday that they often used my car at 2am (11.18 miles at 2.30pm on 26th June). When they dropped my car off for me to collect, they had adjusted the air-con, radio and there were boot marks on the rear carpets and a full 1/4 tank of fuel used. When I questioned this with the staff, they said that they quite often move cars to other sites. I wont be using again!
July 4, 2018

Graham Phipps

Normally very good experience, but on recent visit they needed a passcode for leaving the car park. As a lot of people had just landed (who knew) this lead to a 20 minute delay whilst everyone had to ring from the barrier and give passcode. Pointless waste of time, would make me reconsider using in future.
June 27, 2018

Gaynor Duffy

I booked through compare parking, First choice meet and greet. I rang 20 mins before arrival only to hear answer message saying please try later. I arrived at airport and found another number which I rang only to be told by the guy who answered it that the firm had gone bust! Panicking I tried to book meet and greet which was full. The only solution was to park in the long stay which cost me �152. I have since contacted them to complain and as for a refund but have got nowhere. I must say it was undoubtedly a very stressful start to my holiday and would advise anybody to avoid them at all costs as I was told by the car park attendant that I wasn�t the only one this had happened to.
June 23, 2018

P. Roberts

There are much better and swifter car parking facilities around the area, for the airport meet and greet advertise as being close to the terminal however this is still problematic with luggage for the elderly or anyone with walking difficulties. The process took a considerable amount of time and we had to join a lengthy que of people the que was across the car park and not a pleasant experience at 4am on a chilly morning, then the staff member could not locate our booking. On our return we were initially given someone elses keys and poor directions to find our car. The car was very dirty and when the engine was switched on the radio had annoyingly been reprogrammed and some unpleasant blairing out, I wish I had checked the mileage when I left the vehicle as my fuel tank was on empty.
June 23, 2018


This was the worst experience of meet and greet parking I have ever had. Long queue to drop off car keys...on return I suspect my car had been taken out of the car park as the engine dynamic had been changed and there were extra miles on the clock. When we eventually found our car it was nowhere near the office, really poor service although staff seem friendly enough. Would not use again.
June 21, 2018

Andrew Kirkby

Looked like the car had been parked in a field. Mud plastered all over the drivers footwell, door sill and onto the door. Team manager said that it was in a totally unacceptable state. But, said he couldn't do anything and that I would need to contact customer services - beware, you cannot speak to them, only contact is via a web contact form - 10 days turnaround time. What a joke.
June 5, 2018

V Graham

Used this before and this time again quick and easy drop ur key off and go to the terminal would recommend to anyone easy no messing about
May 23, 2018

L Graham

I never made it, an unfortunate accident wrecked my plan so the service wasn�t used
May 21, 2018

Aaron Thomson

Total shambles arrived back into the UK at the time I booked for and was on the receipt only to be told my car was not there. They couldn�t care less and didn�t even apologise. After waiting for 35 minutes and chasing progress the car turned up. While sat here I witnessed multiple faults and cars and the wrong terminals.
May 17, 2018

Beverley Juniper

I always try to use this meet and greet when parking at Manchester airport, easy to book and pay online. Well signposted to car park/drop off, drop off the key at the office then not far to walk to the departures , quick to get out of the airport on arrival back to Manchester. Only downside, you have to remember to book early to ensure that there is space at busy times
April 30, 2018

John hesten

Arrived back on time and the cars were not ready. 15 people waiting for their cars. Thete aren't enough drivers. Meet and wait after a long journey
April 14, 2018

Lea chisnall

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. when my car was dropped off it was in a awful site . There was no reason for anyone but the driver to have been in my car yet the back and passenger foot wells were covered in mud also the back seat it actually looked like a dog had been in the car. 69433Customer service was terrible. Had to give 1 star to post but should have a minus option.
April 12, 2018

B Lewis

What a horrendous service. Will never use it again. Booked through a compare parkingdeals, flying from Manchester last week. Pick up was straightforward. Was told on return to go to 2nd floor. Email however said to stay on the arrivals floor. The man who picked up the car said we would have to pay parking fee which we were happy to do. On return I rang having collected our bags as instructed 22.30. We were told to go to the bus stop and wait with our bags. I repeated what the gentleman said so my husband could hear. No one turned up so I rang the number again no one answered!...for the next hour and a half no one answered the phone. My husband and I thought the car had been stolen or something. I was in tears!..I had rang the company about 25 times and was told the phone had been switched off. At 1150hrs my phone rang and a man said that he could see me standing with my bags, and I should walk outside of the car park to the petrol station, (opposite side of the road). He sped down the street at speed and came back and parked in the petrol station. He said he had lost the mobile and there was trouble at terminal 1!!...Ruined our whole holiday.
March 13, 2018

Robert Neary

Pick up my 11 day new car yesterday from M&G. 50 miles on clock. Big chunk out of tyre, alloy damaged. Expect denial. Probably cost me best part of �700 to fix. Always use M&G. Looks to me they have hit a kerb so the person moving my car knew about it.
March 11, 2018

David Monkman

It's well positioned and reasonably priced but the driver of my car left the lights on. If my flight had been delayed I could have had a flat battery and problems starting it. The radio had also been retuned, the aircon temperatures turned up to 28 degrees and the seat positioning not reset to my positioning. This all adds to many owners fears of what happens to their car when their keys are left for a car park attendant to drive their car. Added to this there was no manager available to whom this complaint could be registered and the staff only knew him as "Johnny". I did receive a phone call later that day which I was unable to take and it was suggested that I register the details of my complaint on this website. I would strongly suggest that staff are ordered not to amuse themselves in customers cars and that doing so is made a disciplinary offence.
March 7, 2018


Used T3 Manchester. Checked in a day early due to bad weather our end .. turned up and they where very accommodating. Brilliant service ..thanks Brian and the other gent on front desk!
March 2, 2018

Michael Reavley

I had a terrible experience with meet & greet car parking! Firstly is location and simplicity is excellent but there is a dark side. On picking my car up after a weeks holiday and doing the checks for and damage as You do I find a diamond cut wheel that has been curbed and the drivers footwell and door bin with muddy prints all over it, so I bring it to the attention of the duty manager who takes pictures and gives me a complaints form yippee! Obviously admitting the damage they asked for 2 quotes for the repair so they can pick the cheapest I presume, i book my car in for repair which is a two day job without a car and needing lifts it really puts me out of my way and uses my time up, i have to pay �120 out of my own pocket and receive payment from m&g 3 weeks late, this is a �110,000 bmw here and the way they looked after me and my pride and joy is not acceptable, no compensation, no good will gesture and no apology letter nothing! I will never use this car park again, hays travel & t cook are also looking into not using them as a package also. This is a warning to everybody!!
February 21, 2018

Roger shadlock

Arrived 8 pm 12th February.directions to car hopeless went Back to office 3 times staff extremely unhelpful numbers on car park spaces scarsly parked blocked by taxis and others searching for cars.this is car park 1 we used meet and greet at 2 for over 10 years brilliant
February 13, 2018

Anthony Ramsden

I have been using Terminal 3 for the last 3 years almost every month, without a problem, but my recent visit I left my car over Christmas and on my return had severe damage to my front alloys, with approx. � 1,000.00's worth of damage. I didn't spot the damage till the next day at home due to late flight and travelling, not expecting to wake up to see my alloys wheels in such a bad state. They are doing everything to avoid admitting liability by stating they have no cameras of the vehicle leaving the car park or no cameras showing the vehicle being moved around. Yet clear pictures of the vehicle entering the terminal with no damage to the alloys. Has anyone else experience this run around what they seem to be well rehearsed on?
January 30, 2018

Georgia English

DO NOT USE M & G CARPARKS AT MANCHESTER AIRPORT- I picked my car up from terminal 1, drove about 1 metre out of the bay and noticed a huge crack on my windscreen which was not there when I dropped my car off on New Years Eve. I couldn't pull over to tell the man who gave me my car back as someone drove in the bay as soon as I started driving out of it - I was at this point on a one way road with no where to pull over. I managed to pull over by the roundabout near the hotel and called the men who took my car and dropped it off and they said I had to contact the company who I booked it through and they told me that I could have caused the crack which was insulting to say the least. I checked all around my car and there was nothing so I thought everything was okay (until I saw the massive crack about a foot long on my windscreen). I got no where with the company I booked it through so my last resort was to make you all aware. I've now been left with a hefty bill to replace my windscreen as the crack is gradually growing.
January 10, 2018

P Capper

Great service. Easy to use will definitely use this again the next time I use terminal 1.
December 30, 2017

Charlotte Bamforth

Great Service. So quick and convenient. Arrived back at a different terminal. Car was on the doorstep ready to set of home. Would use again.
November 14, 2017

Julie Currie

Fantastic service as always. Used this service a few times and it�s always very well run. Only slight little issue this time car was parked so tight to another car it was difficult to get into drivers seat. Will defo use again.
October 14, 2017

Dave Grice

We've used M&G parking many times, for both business and pleasure, and to be fair, despite the odd hiccup here and there, the service levels have been good. However, God forbid should your car be damaged whilst in their "care"; they will accept no responsibility whatsoever for what has happened to your pride and joy. I can completely understand that any visual damage should be reported to them prior to exiting the car park; in light of which, I always give the car a walk around when collecting. If the damage has been caused in an area you can't see, such as under the bumper, or lower chassis, as this in not evident straight away, you're snookered. At the earliest opportunity I advised them of the damage, after dropping in to Land Rover to have the car checked, not only had they damaged the lower bumper sections, denting and scratching same, the parking sensor had been smashed, with the parts to be found hanging underneath. Images were sent in to airport parking, with a full description, and an explanation of the run of events, up to having the car checked at the earliest opportunity. I am not sure how it's possible to smash the underside of a Range Rover, unless hitting a high curb or some such. They weren't interested, we have evidence of the car being fine when dropped in, evidence of the car being damaged further to collecting; they simply refuse to accept any responsibility for their actions. Stock answer of the car has exited the car park is their attitude, notwithstanding the fact, this damage would have been impossible to spot on a visual inspection. As for their T's & C's, they are in direct contravention to several acts of Parliament, and your Consumer rights; we have now instructed our Solicitors to take legal action. We all work exceedingly hard in life to achieve what we can, and for someone whom you entrust with your vehicle, to not only damage it, but to not accept their responsibilities for this, is tantamount to criminal damage, with the added bonus that, you're paying top money for this "service". My advice would be, to feel free to avail yourself of this service for as long as you like, although please ensure you have a Mechanic and/or Body Shop Team in attendance, every time you return from your holiday or business trip. Otherwise.......once that barrier're on your own!!!!
October 7, 2017