Luxury Chauffeur Service Manchester reviews

Here are some comments that our customers have made about Luxury Chauffeur Service Manchester

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"First class, wating when we arrived and there when we returned, had a slow puncture which was pointed out to me ...... we will be bakc !"

June 6, 2011

"Drop-off of the car was hassle free but the whole process went very, very fast. They are very busy, was the answer. On return, a 5 minute wait for our car resulting in a total wait of 50 minutes !!!

They picked the wrong car and our car was waiting at Terminal 1 instead of Terminal 2. No phone call to tell me they made a mistake or explaining what happend. I had to make a call to ask why things were taken so long. You cannot make mistakes like these when you're a service company.

Will consider using another company next time.."

June 1, 2011

"Exellent service, call answered quickly and good directions. Will definately use again."

May 30, 2011

"LCS were very good indeed. However, Park and Go need to get their act together. Basically I rang LCS at 5.30am to arrange collection only to find they had no knowledge of the booking. As you can imagine this was a little stressful but as I had the parking voucher with me LCS rose to the challenge and met me at the airport explaining that it was not unusual for them to not be notified of bookings. I find this completely unacceptable and it caused me and my party to suffer a less than great start to our holiday. On return from Egypt earlier than expected LCS were on the ball and delivered my car asap. All in all well done to LCS but in future I will find a way to contact LCS direct to make sure they know about the booking. The LCS driver said " we get quite a few of these, we call them "ghost bookings". This is just not good enough, shame on you Park and Go."

April 30, 2011

"The service was A+ and can't fault it in anyway. I will use the service next time. Thank you."

April 17, 2011

Our experience with you will be the last...left my car with you for 14 days & there was a dent in passenger door which we have phoned you to complain about, to be told it would be looked into & that was on 3rd April!!! Not happy with your company at all...we go on hols 3 times a year & use Meet/Greet & so do our friends but we wont be recommending you!"

April 11, 2011

"I must admit I was a bit unsure about using a car parking service,as this was our first time my husband decided that we would use my nissan micra and not his mazda 6 !!!!! But all I can say was that the service was excellent and we would certainly use them again."

March 27, 2011

"Does what it says on the tin. Excellent service, the driver was waiting for me when I arrived, and was arrived within 3 minutes when I got back. Friendly and courteous - well done LCS."

February 28, 2011

"Excellent- will use again"

February 28, 2011

"Very good service, prompt and friendly. had to wait a bit on return but only because 3 cars were required from same flight. the other 2 came immediately."

February 28, 2011


drivers need to be a little bit patient when picking up and delivering the car as travellers might be slightly delayed than expected due to various reasons."

January 7, 2011

"Very good efficient friendly service both on departure and on our return."

January 3, 2011

"Excellent service. The guy was waiting there when we arrived at the airport and then again when we had landed following our holiday. Just a little conflict with information as the guy told me to ring when we had landed which we did.However the woman then told us to ring again when we had collected the cases! So 2 telephone calls! Otherwise great service and would use again."

December 12, 2010

"Collection and return of car were both fine.
Sadly the annoyance is in the admin - please stop assuming that the name on the credit card paying for the parking is the name of the person making the booking or in fact in the car at all. For business travellers, administrators or PAs or secretaries could will book and pay for parking. If the booking is for guests or other clients who are not colleagues and not familiar with whos name is on a company credit card this is very embarrasing and disconcerting (especially when your member of your staff insists you supply the name on the booking without pointing out this is the name on the credit card - not yours).
Please use the name on your booking form and not the one on the credit card in future."

December 6, 2010

"Excellent service. Driver very friendly and professional. Highly recommend"

November 3, 2010

"Excellent service . Will use again and again."

October 30, 2010

"I would just like to say that we have just returned from holiday & used Luxury Chauffeur meet & greet service. On our arrival we were 1 hour early but after a brief phone-call ahead a representative was already waiting for us to arrive. Then on our return as soon as our bags had arrived we called through & again the representative was waiting outside the terminal doors.
I would not hesitate to use this service again."

October 26, 2010

"Best service and communications I've had to date. Can't praise enough. My car has tracking device fitted and I thought I would check this after recent negative press on TV about services similar to this. No issues at all. Car didn't move an inch while I was gone. Best of all was that my seat position was not adjusted either (pet hate of mine), which could have made for an uncomfortable 4 hour journey home. Will definitely use this company again and again. Thank you very much LCS."

October 25, 2010

"In the middle of booking, the whole system crashed so I had to call to see if the payment had gone through and then start all over again. Despite calling 15 minutes before arrival we still had to wait another 15 minutes for the pick up. On return, we could not get through to either number and had to wait another 15 minutes before we could leave. I would not recommend this service."

October 18, 2010

"Used the service," Painless" Very easy to book,
Car was collected within seconds of reaching the airport and delivered back just as qoickly,
(will use again)"

September 28, 2010

"Exactly as described. The driver was there to meet us when we arrived to catch our flight and again when we returned. There were no delays and everything went smoothly. Very happy indeed."

September 27, 2010

"Had a great holiday, meet & greet was fabulous will definately use again no stress parking car."

September 19, 2010

"not very good had to wait 2 hours for my car to be returned to me due to communication between park and go and chauffeur at manchester,as there was an amendment to arrival day and time. However 50% refund given."

September 15, 2010

"Initially impressed with the service despite being nearly 10 mins late on collection, this would not stop me using the service again, and I have already recommended the service to a friend.

Only other concern was that the car was full of bird droppings."

September 6, 2010

"What a fantastic service:stress free,proffesional, puntual,great value for money will definately use again - a bit dubious when booked but no need to be much better than parking up then shuttle buses hanging around in the cold bit coming home -rang when in baggage hall ,walked out door and there was my car engine running all nice and warm ready to go .

Many many thanks"

September 3, 2010

"very good system , on time and no problems .would definetly use again instead finding parking place or drop off centre ."

August 28, 2010

"when we called to have car collected, lady didnt have any bookings for us, although we had booked. she smelt like cigaretts, but was polite. when we picked up the car, the clutch was slipping, it wasnt when we dropped it off as we had an MOT done the day before."

August 26, 2010

"This was the first time using Luxury Chauffeur Service Manchester and first time using a meet and greet service. Everything went smoothly and I would use the service again."

August 24, 2010

"Over the past 30 or so years, I must have tried most of the companies offering Airport parking but have never used this form of parking.
I can honestly say that this service is the best that I have used.
We arrived at the airport and handed the keys over to the representative within minutes. On return, we had the car delivered to us, again within minutes of arrival outside the terminal.
I can say that I will certainly be using this service again and would definitely recommend it to anyone. It was the perfect start to a holiday with no stress having to cart luggage on and off transfer buses."

August 22, 2010

"Everything worked very smoothly. They seemed a little upset that we arrived about 50 mins hr earlier than planned though."

August 8, 2010