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Tristan Beech

The service was appalling. The M25 was shut so we missed our flight, and as such arrived at the airport much later than the predicted drop off time when booking this service. We rang 20 minutes away from Luton airport, and SWIFT said us being later than the predicted time of drop off was a problem for them to collect the car, and in the end, after many many phone calls from us to 4 different numbers, they got a driver from another company to collect our car 45 minutes after we had arrived at the drop off point, and as such we had to pay £10 for the short term ticket for him to get the car out of the car park!! When we returned, we were on the right flight, rang SWIFT when collecting our luggage, and they said 10-15 minutes. 45 minutes and several phone calls later the car finally arrived, and the mileage showed the car had done 1 mile since I dropped it off..!! All in all a bad experience that cost us an extra £10 and had us waiting over an hour in total for our car in the cold with 2 young children, long term car park and the bus would be my choice from now on (or one of the other meet and greet services that showed up regularly whilst we were waiting). I will be asking SWIFT for a refund for the parking and the extra £10 we paid for the short term car park, but will not hold my breath based on the service so far.
February 21, 2012

Kevin Isaac

Our car was collected, stored and returned safely to us when we returned. However, the driver was 20 minutes late to collect our car, which made for an anxious dash to check in and was similarly late to return it to us. Communication was also poor, as the mobile numbers that we had been given were often switched off or unanswered. Having said that, now we know what to expect, we would consider using again.
February 19, 2012

K Downey

Really good service. I was really pleased with the whole service except for the fact there is no mention that you have to pay £1 to exit the car park. The money is not an issue as I though the service as a whole was very good value but it was just unexpected and we didn't have any English money on us.
February 17, 2012

anne sime

first time used.This is going to be a musk do from now on .Well organised and close to airport .Nice pleasant and helpful staff.
February 9, 2012

Ian Barber

Printable booking needs to include mobile numbers for the guys on the ground. Nearly missed the flight 'cos the office was closed until 5am which delayed drop off. On pick up, driver demanded £10 extra in cash after flight was delayed 8 hours by snow.
February 6, 2012

Emma van der Wiele

Good service, the drop off point could be clearer marked maybe provide a map with the paperwork. The mobile numbers provided for contact didn't work so had to go through to a answering service on which difficult to understand the person the other end. Pick up worked very smoothly, would use the service again.
January 29, 2012

Philip Warner

thought that the whole expereance was very good. only complant would be your phone message is to quick
January 17, 2012

Geoffrey Berger

It was freezing when we arrived at Luton Airport. We had telephoned ahead as requested by this Company. We had to wait 15 minutes for them to arrive to collect the car while we froze, which did not make a good impression. However, this was nothing compared with when we came to collect the car. We were told to be at the collection area in 10 minutes which we were. 25 minutes later the driver turned up saying they had to defrost the car. Utter rubbish of course as it takes about 3 minutes to defrost ours normally. To add insult to injury we then had to pay anouther £1 just to exit the pick-up area, something never mentioned at any time. Just don't use this 3rd rate outfit - pay a bit more if necessary to a Company who understands customers and their needs.
January 15, 2012

Gary Coltman

Meeting point is not clear and many other meet and greet companies work from the same area, so on arrival we had to ask several people before Swift arrived.
January 7, 2012

Lucinda glover

Easy to book and use. Had to call driver a couple of times for early arrival on outward leg but he came after 5 minutes extra. On return had to wait 20 minutes - advise to call as soon as off plane and indicate you have hand luggage to avoid cold wait. Driver polite and helpful. Would use again.
January 3, 2012

Martin Cullen

Overall pretty poor although we got there in the end. Its clearly a "one man and a dog" operation - the mobile number was often not picked up, the guy who answered seemed half asleep and was very difficult to understand and they were 30 minutes late picking up the car. Will not use agin.
January 2, 2012

Joga Shoker

Booked very last minute in fact on the morning of the departure date. However the online system was very easy to use and the clerk was there to meet us at the airport allowing us to go and check without worrying about being late or finding a parking space. The return was even simpler as the car was waiting when we got back and nice thing was as its cold it was already warm absolutley bliss. Great service would highly recommend and wil use again in future
December 29, 2011


Terrible service. Called 20 mins away and still had to wait in freezing cold for the guy to turn up. On the way back he took the car to a totally different place than the one we had been told and then refused to move to meet me and my disabled daughter. Would not recommend.
December 29, 2011

ruth elizabeth harper

Good service - only slight complaint was that I had to ring all 3 numbers before I spoke to a human!
December 28, 2011

Andy Head

All went well, including a change to timings a week before that I needed and a flighrt delay of 1.5 hours coming home. Bit of a mix up where to meet the driver on drop off but otherwise perfect, hassle-free and great price
December 19, 2011

robert wilkins

spot on
December 17, 2011

Jo Kelleway

The service was average and certainly not the best I've ever experienced. The cebtral phone number given didn't work, either on departure or arrival so a second call had to made each time to the alternative number given. However, this was then answered promptly and politely. We had to wait 5 mins on arriving at Luton for the driver to make contact. He was pleasant and efficient, as was the driver who was waiting for us on our return. The car had travelled less than a mile during our absence. The meeting point has been moved since we last used Luton Airport and is now a good few minutes trundle with cases and children. This is disappointing as it almost negates the point of Meet and Greet - one used to park the car almost right next to the terminal building but now the meeting point is by the paystation in the short term carpark. Dissappointing.
December 13, 2011

Andrew FitzGerald

The people who met us were very pleasant, but the meeting place is very badly defined and the phone contact is astoundingly stupid. At a time when you are not sure whether you are in the right place and slightly on edge, the phone number you are given takes you to a soapy voice that reels off a string of numbers that you are in no position to take down. Infuriating.
October 30, 2011

Mrs Wright

Very disappointing service. 40 min wait and 5 phone calls to get my car back. Initially they brought the wrong car. Would not recommend and would not use again. Long term car parking would have been much quicker. I was freezing cold waiting for the car.
October 10, 2011

Graham Riches

On arrival we were met on time by the driver who promptly took our vehicle away. On return we phoned to get our car returned to the meet and greet, but were told that we would have to trudge over to the short stay car park to collect our vehicle. The driver who returned our vehicle gave us the car park ticket to pay to get out. It registered 16 minutes and we just about got away with the pound, any longer and it would have cost us £4.70. All in all a bit of a muddle, would think twice about using again
October 10, 2011

Anthony Stacey

Not over impressed with the service, the collection/pick up drivers were not where the paperwork said they should be, the collection contact phone numbers were not reachable so I had to use the 'office' number, in all 3 calls just to get the greet at 2pm in the morning
October 10, 2011

Vincenzo tavormina

Hi I had terrible experience with your company,as the driver burn the clutch of my car, smoke was coming out, he could not reach the pedal of the clutch. I was present at that point, then he gone,I call him and he said my car is not good get a new one. " my car as only done 36000 miles" thank you
September 30, 2011

Henry Northover

Just awful. In spite of ringing 20 mins from the airport, no one was there to meet. We rang 6 times from the car park. The guy kept promising the car was on its way. It turns he thought we were picking up. His english was not good. Don't mind if people screw up, but when you're lied to about what's happening not good. It took 40 minutes for us to get it sorted. On the return, the car was late and the driver was chatting on his mobile as he drove up. Not legal. Not good to see when they're driving your car. My advice - choose another service.
August 10, 2011

andrew loveless

It was not straightforward at either end. On arrival we were not allowed access to the place your directions told us to go to. On calling the number we were told it was a different company (something about booking agent/operator). Eventually we got someone who was correct and he took the car from us. On return we called the number on the booking confirmation to be told agin that it was a different company so we tried another number and got the right person. We then had to wait about 15 minutes for our our car to be delivered
August 6, 2011

Nigel Davis

Drop off arrangement worked ok Pick up was not so good, waiting for 20 mins longer than was told when I called from the baggage area. The car was in a very dirty state, it looked like it had been parked in a bush. On the whole a very expensive arrangement, for what is average to poor service. I will not use them again.
August 1, 2011


Had to wait almost 30 minutes for car at Luton as apparently it was blocked in
July 13, 2011

Derek Walker

polite, prompt, good value, will use these guys again
March 26, 2011

Steve Washington

I chose the 'Swift' Meet & Greet option for a hassle- free arrival following a 90min drive for an early morning flight. It was also £6 cheaper for a single day than the on-site/short-stay next to the terminal. After a great arrival/drop-off to a polite, waiting Swift M&G rep in the morning, the experience on collection later that day was very disappointing. I called the designated number at 18:40 as soon as I got into the terminal and was advised my car would be available in 10-15mins. At 19:30, after 3 further calls to the carpark, each time being told that heavy traffic was delaying the driver/courier - my car finally turned up. The driver advised they had been unable to start my car (keyless, push-button start) and had to wait for help. If this is typical Swift M&G service then I recommend the Short-Stay for another £6.
March 2, 2011